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  1. B

    [Journey] Deep Dive Into Social Media!

    Hello, welcome to my journey! After reading so many inspiring journey about Social Media (IG/Facebook/Reddit/Twitter) peform CPA Marketing i decided to make my own journey. Strategy My strategy is grow as much a targeted friend/follower to selling CPA product. Plan Make 5 Account on IG...
  2. R

    lead generation for home improvment and solar quotes??

    Any one having success generating Leads for Home improvement and Solar? to be specific leads of roofing, windows, flooring quotes etc and solar installation or repairing quotes. If anyone is having succes on this leads generation for the niche, contact me, or just leave a reply here i would like...
  3. Rodrigo's Outlier

    Why is my CPA so high?

    Hello BHW family! :) Just yesterday I activated a campaign on facebook ads, the metrics are great! But my CPA is too high! :( My commission is R$100 and my CPA is R$96! I would like to know what might be causing this to happen and how to resolve it! Thanks!
  4. R

    Affiliate offer + Facebook ads

    Hello, Which offers works best for Facebook ads? Let it be CPL or CPA, I'm looking for a niche and after selecting one, I'll go all the way into that particularl niche, so first question is should i go for CPL or CPA offers? And which offers are the best in any of them? I was thinking to try...
  5. C

    i need cpa methods please

    hi i need cpa methods please to get some money I am a university student and I need money to complete my studies. And the inability of my parents to help me please help me
  6. Tariq Lanre

    I Made The Design For CPAGrip - Tips & Advices Welcome

    I was browsing the internet and I see people still going strong with movies streaming with cpagrip or cpalead. So, I took the challenge to make a simple movie streaming website using WordPress. I need advice and tips to make it different from what's out there and last longer...
  7. R

    Best CPL offers?

    What are the best and successful offers for CPL, in terms of payout and leads getting accepted, because networks are not working accepting leads so all my money gets wasted, so what are the easiest accepting and high paying cpl offers? And good for email marketing. Exception for Adult and...
  8. E

    Hi, am new here, from Ghana

    Hi, Am Emmanuel smith but friends calls me Emmy smith. from Ghana , and am new here , and also in the field of CPA Marketing, i hope am welcome here Thank u.
  9. Kekeli

    CPAgrip: Clicks not converting

    Hello mates, Kekeli here. anyone here with experience with CPAgrip offers? i'm a newbie, trying some offers on CPArip and i'm getting some clicks but no conversion. I'm running FB ad using Giveaways. It's been over 3 days now but not a single conversion. My stats says 70 views and 54 clicks...
  10. Dolphin Team

    ✅ Dolphin{anty} - a modern antidetect browser! -❗️10 free profiles for everyone❗️

    We present to your attention a modern antidetect browser - Dolphin{anty}⚡ ❗Reliability and convenience are the main postulates of the developers. That's why we won the market leadership in less than a year after the release. The user survey clearly demonstrates this! ️ Reliability - continuous...
  11. spamco

    Why Is This Network everywhere ??

    hey guys when i spy i found this network with this smartlink : onmarshtompor~com please guys what network that Owens this domain onmarshtompor thanks
  12. K

    Real FB Accounts of Real People available for your advertising!

    PRICING: 250 euro per month per account. With multiple accounts we can offer you discounts. REFUND POLICY: Free unlimited replacements (only for white hat business). You can always cancel, so no forced recurring pricing Please go to Contact us on skype: Real...
  13. Sjeshon

    What is the best method for free dating lead generate?

    Hi blackhat friends,I want to learn,how to start CPA marketing.So please tell me What is the best method for free dating lead generate!
  14. R

    I have a Facebook Group with 80k follower but i don't know how to monetize it with cpa

    Hello. I registered at CPABUILD recently and I haven't earned any dollars yet. I have a domain name connected to my hosting account and I can post on Facebook directly thanks to deployment package my Facebook group Niche is movies and series I also have a page with 30k likes with the Same...
  15. Chuchitas_009

    New in CPABuild.

    Hello friends, how are you, I just registered in CPABuild and they already approved me, what happens is that I do not see that there are offers for adults, Dating, Webcam, etc. I would like to be able to earn money with this CPA network, I have already worked in some such as Toro Adversiting...
  16. fxkool

    [JV] My Facebook + IG pages = Your CPA offer (bitcoin/trading/finance niche)

    Hey, I am looking up some nice CPA offer preferably in the cryptocurrency niche (could also be finance/forex/etc). The marketing is via Facebook and IG pages (the followers base keeps growing up each day). Profit split 50/50 Thanks, M
  17. htoolas

    Ogads or cpabuild?

    Hi, I registered an account on both sites, but I don't know which is the best By working with content lock, ogads has a good CPI offers and cpabuild has good pin submit offers. What you suggested? If you worked on them before.
  18. Chuchitas_009

    Please help, I can't convert to CPA.

    Well guys, I signed up for the Adthorized CPA network and well, I don't know what happens, I don't get to get any conversion, just clicks and host but no conversion, I receive 50 or more messages a day, my niche is for adults, please help.
  19. Chuchitas_009

    Where do I get photos and videos of hot girls?

    Hello, how are you friends, where could I get content of hot girls, naked type, semi naked. Good is to be able to make pages of adult content, Thanks
  20. Chuchitas_009

    How can I monetize my content?

    Hello, how are you friends, I am about to start my journey and I will tell you briefly. I recently created facebook pages, instagram accounts and also some snapchat and they are all adult content, I publish hot girls, bikini, beautiful girls, etc, and I already have a few thousand likes. What...