Help i'm having my creativity blocked by my brain!!!


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Apr 2, 2010
After 3 years in the industry and many courses that I'v taken,did a lot of video marketing,websites built,WH SEO,BH SEO,Cpa ,you name it!

I am now facing this block in my head like not knowing which is the next niche to get into.

Bought a catchy to build a website on it but realy don't feel like something is thrilling enough to start promoting it.

I have several website which I'm maintaining regularly and make money with those site.

Am I reaching my cap? Am I tired? Still motivated and LOVE my work but this blcok is driving me mad! makes me too worried!!

Your input on that?
team up with someone that has something you can make money off of, forget affiliate you wont get rich off that shit.
Doing it for living dude- for a very long time and it works- thanks for the inspiring input!

Anyway what I did is to try something new [for me]:

1.Went on NEVERBLUE and picked a CPA offer
2.Then, bought a domain with brand name and redirected it to the offer [cpa]
3.Promoting it on YouTube & Facebook

I always try new things but keep what works working

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