white hat

  1. O

    What BH methods do this guy use

    Hello, i've been been trying to grow youtube channels for few years now, but unfortunately haven't seen the growth this guy talking about even tho i tried the techniques he mentionned in the video and i've also tried many smm panels / microworkers views and the only thing that worked was...
  2. H

    SEO Gambling Sites in Indonesia ( White Hat and Black Hat )

    Hello, I am looking for SEO to rank my domains into Page 1 Rank 1 on search engine We can do Organic SEO first, if result are good we can do Black seo and long-term project Chat me on tg @velo88
  3. M

    Some blog page has no impression after a certain point.

    Hello everyone, I have a question Today. I reviewed some blog data today and found that about twenty of my articles had the situation shown in the picture. The article gained a certain amount of impression within a month or two after it went online, but suddenly there was no impression after a...
  4. gabasiq

    Blog posts to saturate negative PR

    I have a client that has been blasted on a popular website. They talked a lot of shit about them that wasn't really true ( I know the people involved, it was a smear campaign from an ex employee ). Now I'd like to sponsor blog posts so when people look for their company they won't see the bad...
  5. K

    Should I purchase this 25 years domain

    I have found an expired domain that is 25 years old. I checked it on SEMrush and there is no valuable information. I also checked the historical content of the website on Wayback Machine, and everything appears to be normal. I am hesitating whether to purchase this domain for a blog website...
  6. K

    My keywords ranking shows question marks

    These keywords of my website were ranked when I searched on semrush before, but now the search shows question marks and the ranking of the entire website has dropped drastically. What happened? Is it related to Google’s update?
  7. K

    Please recommend a group buying website to buy Buzzsumo

    Hi everyone. I want to buy buzzsumo, is there any recommended group-buying website? I bought the Combo Seo Tools Basic package at https://groupbuyseotools.org/, which includes buzzsumo, but many functions are missing, and the website states that if I change One computer to log in to the...
  8. O

    Hello Everyone

    I'm Solomon, I want to find some whitehat SEO for my game service website. If you guys know reliable whitehat SEO, please recommend to me, thank you very much.
  9. ensky

    Could anyone recommend me some "outreach experts"?

    Could anyone recommend me some "outreach experts"? I do not need PBNs and want a website with real traffic: high authority and low outbound links.
  10. BlackScaleMedia


    * Disclaimer: The word 'Safe Site' refers to one of the core features of our platform. Our system can generate 'Safe Sites' automatically. We only used the word 'Safe' with 'Safe Site', and for no other purpose.
  11. D

    Image Submission Site

    Please tell me best image submission site other than Pinterest and Flickr and ofcourse Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Twitter.
  12. jeanfrank

    Write different articles for different PBN websites?

    Hi guys, One: I was confused if we should submit the same article for different guest blog websites or different articles? Two: For a new website, can we have a chance to leave a link on big websites? Such as bhg.com. I mean, I don't know if they give a chance to work with new websites. Thanks...
  13. BlackScaleMedia


    We are giving away ONLY 1 review access of our Enterprise package for the approval of our BST. We would pick who we work with (not the Mods). Mods will monitor the DM. Requirements - 1. You have at least 300 posts on the forum 2. Has extensive Facebook ads knowledge including Black Hat, and over...
  14. D

    Best off-page SEO for Real Estate website.

    If you have any idea please suggest. One of my website name as Maulshree Heights have not ranked on main keywords. Any special tactics you want to share with me. BTW i just joined the BHW forum and it is amazing to see how everyone is helping each others.
  15. uhq

    [METHOD] ⬤ 6 QUICK Tricks that will IMPROVE your SEO ranking right away ⬤

    Not getting the results you were hoping for in Google? With these quick and easy tricks you will get it in record time. Often when we talk about SEO, we tend to talk about deadlines that are too long in time to obtain results, and it is true. In organic SEO, that is to say, in SEO, the...
  16. 7

    A new type of sitelink?

    Anyone seen this kind of sitelink before?
  17. 7

    A News sitelinks buttom on SERP Feature?

    I never seen this kind of sitelinks before, could anyone explain a bit?
  18. K

    Achieve organic traffic 550k in two years

    I found a website that was started in 2021. I checked on semrush today that its organic traffic has reached 550K, and the number of backlinks is also an astonishing number. How did it do it? The website is https://thesportsgrail.com/
  19. K

    High KD, I don’t know if this niche is worth doing

    I want to start a blog, and I searched for the keywords of my niche. Many of them are high KD. Now I don’t know if this niche is worth doing. It looks hard.
  20. K

    Could I copy some articles from other websites to enrich my content during the initial stage?

    Hi, I would like to create a blog website, and I'm wondering whether I should copy some articles from other websites to enrich my content during the initial stage. Later on, I will start to write original articles. Will this approach make my website look more substantial? Or should I start with...
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