black hat

  1. M

    I want to copy/paste a dropshipping SEO site

    Hello Black Hat World, I have a dropshipping site but I have a big problem, I can't find products with beautiful visuals on Aliexpress and it's a pain to retouch them because the sellers haven't made any effort. The niche is Muslim prayer rugs. One of my dropshipper competitors has succeeded...
  2. ciphercipher1

    Using web 2.0 as tier 1 links?

    Hey there I am getting started with GSA SER and I was wondering if i can use web 2.0 as tier 1 links and blast them? Also should the web 2.0 be always do-follow? Will it pass link juice if it is no-follow? Because i feel like google bots will crawl the links regardless of what rel they have...
  3. joyroft

    What Black Hat method is this?

    Hello guys, may i know who know what methods they use ? Is that a black hat seo method?
  4. highsoftware99

    Looking SEO with Cloak

    Looking for a person can do cloak for SEO ( AMP Page only ) you provide the domain, for gambling sites. Will pay from register winloss up to 5%/member. Only pm if u have experienced about this works thanks.
  5. borgosh

    Site being attacked - solution needed

    Hi everybody, In the past few weeks I noticed someone is attacking my site through my in-site search. They search with Chinese characters. - the search result pages did not get indexed because they were tagged as no-index but they were using my crawl index. Changed many things to avoid this...
  6. A

    Seeking Guidance on Starting a Dropshipping Business with a Limited Budget (counterfeit, payment processor, black hat advertising technique)

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I've been observing this group for a while and reading your advice and experiences in your various businesses, and it's very inspiring. I've hesitated to post here for a while, fearing that I wouldn't receive any responses, but I have nothing to...
  7. N

    Tier 1 link?

    I'm broke right now but want to try a tier link-building strategy so I want to know which are Web 2.0 links that give do follow link and get index fast which I can use for my tier 1 links

    Help with some tools

    Hey can i get some help of with those tools or where to get some of them.. Help a newbie on his journey Cpanel Checker Cpanel Grabber WHM Checker WHM Grabber Webmail Checker (Grabb SMTP)
  9. J

    Restaurant Expired Domain with AI

    Hi, I bought not long time ago an expired domain with good authority. It turn out that it was an old restaurant that close so I recovered the old pages with link and traffic, and thats IT. Now I am ranking really well with just 10 pages, lots of click, but the problem, here is that is...

    Hi i need a media buyer for tiktok (and facebook could be good) to run replica Black hat ads. ready to spend

    Hi i need a media buyer for tiktok (and facebook could be good) to run replica Black hat ads. ready to spend. and you take a % of it. I had some issues in the past and i cant suceed to do any tiktok, i need help


    Hi guys, i run ads grey hat, its replica but doesnt seem like it, i runned ads for 40 days without any issues then ban and now i tried everything, new account with new domain new ads new Ip and still same shit, sometimes ban straight away sometimes after 3-4 days. The business was working, how...
  12. S

    Poker RTA Hype or Reality?

    Hi guys! I've been playing online poker for a while now, holding up pretty well on my deposited money, so my poker skills aren't necessarily bad but not great either. I saw a video of RTA (Real Time Assistance) some time ago and was immediately interested. However, many questions were not...
  13. saibaaaaa

    Facebook Gambling Unoptimized.

    On the First New Traffic Ad Set got 1,4k clicks and on the third New Traffic Ad Set got 2k clicks. But from both ads, Barely any registered members on client's gambling website. Ads lead to Whatsapp Messages (Most used chatting platform on the country) and Landing Pages. Any suggestion on how...
  14. B

    Best course for Black Hat Facebook Ads?

    Hi there, Looking to learn to run BlackHat affiliate offers on Facebook Ads. Can anyone recommend a good course or ebook that has the most updated tried and true methods? Willing to invest for a good source to learn from $$$ Thank you
  15. ItachiDLuffy

    Looking to Hire a BlackHat SEO Specialist

    Hi there, I'm looking to hire an experienced Blackhat SEO Specialist. (Full-time). The ideal candidate should be able: 1. Work independently 2. Devise strategies & execute them 3. Experience in the Sports Betting & Casino Industry If you feel you are the right candidate for the role, feel...
  16. Amazonreseller

    Notube io reverse engineering

    Hello, I would need someone able to reverse engineering a website and replicate backlinks, guest posts, overall seo strategy plus of course genuine ideas on how to reach such results. Thanks
  17. Wrath Of God

    A website has emerged targeting BHW keywords in India ( Search Ads )

    Recently, a new website has made its appearance on Google for BHW keywords ( Sponsored ads) in India ;) :) :) Keyword 2 Keyword 3
  18. BlackScaleMedia


    * Disclaimer: The word 'Safe Site' refers to one of the core features of our platform. Our system can generate 'Safe Sites' automatically. We only used the word 'Safe' with 'Safe Site', and for no other purpose.
  19. L

    Is my competitor using PBN? A mysterious SEO strategy

    Hi guys, I found out the other day that my competitor is using a strange SEO strategy, which is getting him great results. Did he use a PBN or some other strategy? Two days ago, when I analyzed my competitors' external links, I suddenly found that my competitors had gained hundreds of links...
  20. PantherCorp

    What minimum amount of money/knowledge you suggest to start Google/FB black/gray hat media buying?

    Hello guys, I was recently interested in black/gray hat media buying with Google/FB With what amount of money and knowledge you would start Google/FB black/gray hat media buying (I think that I would aim to gambling niche) By knowledge, I mean, do I need first gain knowledge in "easier"...
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