1. arian32

    need to crack the php code

    Hi, dear friends I need to crack this php code please <?php require_once TEMPLATEPATH . "/inc/framework/main-tabe.php"; require_once TEMPLATEPATH . "/inc/framework/city.php"; require_once TEMPLATEPATH . "/inc/framework/printme.php"; require_once TEMPLATEPATH . "/inc/framework/posttypes.php"...
  2. Round_Cube

    wp link exchange

    Hey, Do any of us have a suggestion for; A website that shows the highest free pagerank sites? Preferably without a mandatory back link ;) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Is there also a good WP link exchange plug-in for this ; - that checks if the other...
  3. sam7

    how to create backlinks for my blog ?

    how to create backlinks for my wordpress blog ?
  4. frennyme

    WordPress freelancer needed asap

    hi there, I need a great Wordpress guy who can create websites; we are using templates (huge list to choose from) + PSDs files. I have to create several websites and landing pages. Please get in touch only if you are really good. Thank you.
  5. beastkay

    Quora plus Reddit plus Instapage for Fitness Niche Wordpress blog?

    Is this combo will be good for blog and Adsense purpose?
  6. r3L4x

    [QUESTION] Woocommerce special products in page

    Hello I'm working on my woocommerce shop about 2 months. Still can't crack this up. I have few sections of special products, like sales products, new and best rated. So my plan is to bypass lot of work and make it not much automatically. I made few pages for special products and added tags...
  7. B

    Akiesmet verse official marketing

    dear world, ive been having issues with using scrapebox program which i find few topics on blackhat. which is why i stressed maybe i could find someones else opinion about when manualiny postert mode is being run, i'd encounter a nag blank white screen irritated this seems like i=might be coused...
  8. esi0411

    Need Recommendation Free WP Plugin for Optimize Images

    Hi All BHW fellow, I have a website that load heavy images, I need recommendation best Free WP plugin that compress / Optimize the images automatically. hope, I can get some suggestion from you guys
  9. L

    2 years with a blog and no money !

    :D I have been trying with a blog for over 2 years and never get more than 300usd per year. So i would like to know if is possible to live with one or with some blogs? I had seen so many courses this, that,,,but i really don't believe.....if it's so good and easy why they are selling it...
  10. mojamalatajna

    Best seo tecnique for multiple languages on a Wordpress site ?

    So I'm starting my own website for web design services and I was wondering which would be the best solution in terms of SEO (but not only seo,it has to work properly) to have English,German and one more language (Croatian for example) on my Wordpress website. Any help appreciated
  11. zivmaymon

    Help i'm having my creativity blocked by my brain!!!

    After 3 years in the industry and many courses that I'v taken,did a lot of video marketing,websites built,WH SEO,BH SEO,Cpa ,you name it! I am now facing this block in my head like not knowing which is the next niche to get into. Bought a catchy domainnam.com to build a website on it but...
  12. zivmaymon

    Guys! Is there a plugin that will show ads by country ?

    You guessed it by the title ,right? I wanna install on wordpress something that will be showing ads based on country/location.Diff ads for diff countries. Does any of you know of a plugin or other solution for that? I'm currently using the ad injestion plugin and it's a must for adsense...
  13. Bostoncab

    Dumb wp Question about links relating to SEO.

    So we all know that links coming into your blog are good. The better and more links G sees at a steady rate the higher you rank for targeted keywords. Now I never really understood outbound links from your blog to outher sites and how that hurts seo. I know too many outbound links are bad...
  14. G

    wordpress and plugins configuration

    I need someone with extensive experience with wordpress and various plugins. I have a movie site that i need to be configured correctly based on a movie site service I have subscribed to on BHW. the theme i would like to use is evid, but am open to others that will display the movies well. I can...
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