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May 6, 2018

What is up BHW! I will talk about the screenshot in a moment, however I would just like to say after playing around with botting for roughly 45ish days for 12-17 hours a day I have come up with some juicy stuff I would LOVE to share with you guys! Why am I sharing it? Uhhh because I am still new enough to remember those painful encounters of asking around on what to do and not getting an answer in various places. So I am making this guide to help some newer people out and people who still have some questions!

The Screenshot
So the screenshot, well as you can see it is a daily update on how many followers that specific bot's entire Instagram network has grown. This is a bot I just added a few days back and filled it up with some new accounts. In fact that spike of 15,000 followers was me adding accounts. The first 3 columns were from me actually editing the accounts. When I edit accounts I actually add separate logos, bios, real brand names, etc. So it is very very time consuming to say the least, good thing I spend a lot of time doing this haha.

Aside from all that you may notice a spike of 20,000 followers gained in one day! This was the first day I turned ALL the accounts on working together, and they collectively gained 20,000 followers. Now you may also notice the next day and today(7/13/2018) being a bit lower, this is because I saw a spike in people getting banned and such and to be frankly honest I did not want anything to do with that so I turned all the accounts off so I would not fall prey to the ban wave.

My New Batch Of Accounts
So as you already know that screenshot features my newest accounts. These accounts consist of 125 running ones and about 75 turned off ones for maintenance as we speak. From the 20k day to now all the accounts are following roughly 648 on average with a follow back ratio of 24%, all rough calculations but still accurate to some extent. Considering I normally get 40%+ follow backs and follow 1,.000+ a day, my results here are not that great compared to my personal methods.

What this means, keeping the normal account exchange value in mind, that I am in fact making an average of $200+ a day($1 per 10k organic followers). Especially once I get these accounts following 1,000 people a day I should be getting 30,000 followers a day on average, not counting the accounts I am adding now ;).

So lets not waste anymore time and dig into EVERYTHING!

-------------The Guide-------------
The Tools
Using tools will be essential for the process of botting. I understand that picking the tools may seem hard and confusing, so I will try to explain it all in a beginner way so its easier to understand what tools you need any why.

The tools you will need are Jarvee, a VPS, and Proxies. We are going to pretend we are doing 150 accounts for this setup.

The first thing you need to decide on is how you are going to acquire your accounts. There are many ways you can about doing this, I will label them:

    Buying an aged account is essentially finding an account vendor that sells old accounts. Finding these vendors can be hard and malicious due to a lot of them actually stealing accounts back and/or scamming you. Conveniently for you, BHW has many of these vendors and its easy to see what the public thinks about these providers. Simply go to "Marketplace > Social Media" and then look for "Aged accounts" in the thread titles. You should be able to find some providers immediately. Aged accounts tend to not come with a large following, and if they do then the following tends to not be in the niche you are in. These accounts also tend to have an inactive following. Buying aged accounts is good because it is thought that age has an impact on how Instagram security treats your account. In my opinion age simply does not matter, accounts I have made myself and accounts I have bought that are 5+ years old have been treated the same under my controlled tests.
    This process is like buying aged accounts, however these accounts are grown with a large niche specific following. This can be useful for multiple reasons, one of which can be shouting out your newer accounts in the same niche for more following. Now, I never buy accounts that are grown because it is so easy to fake real followers and engagement, so to dodge getting scammed I simply do not purchase grown accounts and grow my own. I will say that there are some trusted sellers on here, but always beware buying anything.
    This is simple, make and email, make an account with the email. This is useful if you want to run very few accounts and are a little more skeptical about buying accounts online. It is very time consuming and very very tedious if you are making a lot of accounts. I suggest doing this only if you decide to run minimal accounts.
    Buying accounts from other people can always go south, and making your own can be way too time consuming. Luckily for you people have developed bots that automatically make accounts for you. These bots do require emails and proxies to operate. What it does is essentially log in on a proxy(more on proxies later) and create the accounts with the emails you gave it. The emails can be made manually, or also be made by a bot. You would only really want to go this route if you are wanting to have thousands of accounts, since it will save you thousands of dollars in account expenses.

I would suggest buying aged accounts for this setup. It will take too long to make accounts manually, there isnt a strong need for a bot right now, and of course you will not have enough money to buy 150 grown accounts unless you are a baller.

When you or your bot connects to the internet, it is connecting through an IP address. An IP address is "a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.". So essentially Instagram will see your bot connecting through a series of numbers that tells Instagram details about where you are, your browsing device, and more. What this means that Instagram can see how many Instagram accounts you are botting with through your IP address, so if you are running over 3 Instagram accounts on your IP address Instagram will flag your accounts and more than likely start using security measures to block you from potentially harming their site. That is where proxies come into play:

"A proxy is best described as an intermediary for your PC and the internet at large. When you connect to a proxy, your activity will appear as if it's coming from the proxy's IP address rather than your own."

This essentially means your bot will connect to a proxy server through a proxy, then connect with Instagram.com. This makes the connection masked and Instagram will not be able to detect you are botting with large numbers. Here is an illustration to understand a bit better.


As you can see, your PC will send info to the proxy server via the proxy IP then the Proxy server will act as a middle man and send it to Instagram. So instead of Instagram seeing your IP address, it sees the Proxy Servers address. This helps us prevent bans, blocks, and stay on Instagram's good side.

Different Proxies
You will more than likely see many different types of proxies, and what you are doing will decide what type you should use. We are just going to talk about ipv4 as of now since it is more accepted than ipv6.

When deciding to choose a proxy, I suggest choosing ipv4 proxies because those are the ones I have been using without issue. I have not tried ipv6 but someone in my mastermind group is running a test as we speak and I refuse to throw out misleading or incomplete information. When selecting your proxies to purchase, you must select dedicated and private ipv4 proxies. Dedicated private proxies are essentially proxies that do not rotate, essentially change proxy servers, and are not shared. Shared proxies are proxies other people have used/can use and are cheaper, however they can end up hurting your account so it is not recommended to take the risk.

There are also two different ipv4 proxies you should consider when buying proxies, residential and datacenter. These two are the mainstream ones. Some of you may be confused by now so I will make it as simple as possible.

Datacenter are proxies that are created in bulk and hosted in bulk on servers. They tend to not have any connection with ISPs(Internet Service Providers, comcast for example).

-Bulk proxies for a discount
-Easier to replace when damaged
-Easier to manage overall

-Nearly every single person who uses Instagram for malicious ways use Datacenter proxies, and since they are not owned by a ISP(Comcast for example) isntagram can detect people using them and essentially immediately be suspicious of your account. There are some real users who use datacenter proxies such as corporations, however there is just such a bulk amount of users using them for site spam that they fall into a bad category with site security.

Residential proxies are assigned to homeowners by an ISP(Comcast for example). Instagram can detect whether or not your IP has a ISP, and this in theory makes your account look more legit to Instagram since people tend to be sitting at home while using Instagram or connected to some sort of IP with an ISP.

-Looks more like a real person's connections
-Some allow you to have up to 5 accounts per proxy if you are not breaking the terms of service other than by using a bot.

-Since these are harder to obtain, they come off as more expensive
-A lot of providers will try to lie about having real Residential Proxies for cheaper than normal since they can get more money out of you, so beware.
I recommend you using ipv4 private dedicated datacenter proxies since they are cheaper, and good for beginners.

A bot for Instagram automation is essentially a program that will perform account actions automatically for you. The reason why you need one is because you cannot manually like, follow, and post everyday on 150 accounts. The next step in getting setup is deciding what bot you will decide to use. There are 2 bots I personally recommend for growing accounts. These two are Jarvee, and GMT2. Let me go over some pros and cons:


-Friendlier interface
-Cheaper ($10 a month)
-Better for spamming/mass accounts
-Uses less RAM(making it cheaper again)
-You can talk with Admin first hand on his discord and its SUPER easy to throw out suggestions
-A community

-Interface a bit harder to use for bulk actions
-Does not at the moment have EVERYTHING you would need to easily manage MASS accounts
-Posting content isnt AS easy
-Importing is kind of a pain, for POP3 and stuff


-A lot of features including FBE
-Easier for bulk accounts
-Allows you to use MULTIPLE social media platforms
-Great for posting/schedules
-Can steal viral content
-More features(Engagement group, contact, etc)
-Fast support
-Savages for taking shots at instagram lol

-No community
-harder to understand
-expensive for mass accounts

These pros/cons are from my experiences and facts. I run both of them for different reasons, however you can use them for the same goal: Growing Accounts. I personally would suggest using Jarvee due to its amazing interface and options, however if you are on a budget use GMT2.

The Setup
Once you get a general idea of what tools you need and why you need them its time to understand what we will be doing and how we will be growing accounts.

Account Limits
When using Instagram as a person you obviously will not be able to follow 1,000's of people an hour. This will inturn set off a red flag in Instagram, so to avoid this we can use common sense. When performing account actions(liking,commenting,DMing,Follow,Unfollow,etc) we can take a educated guess at what it possible and what is not possible for a human to do and make our settings based on those conclusions. I do not know what the limits are nor does anyone else, and i highly doubt there are actually set limits. I believe its more so like a fencing that we use is in a dark cave blocking a drop off. We cannot see where the drop off is, but we can take an educated guess and set down some limits so we do not get near it.

It is also important to know that every account can have its own limits. This is solely dependent on what proxy provider you use, and what account provider you acquire accounts from. The best way to find out what your limits are is by using safe settings and gradually increasing them until Instagram starts putting in subtle security measures against your account(s).

Growth Method/Settings
For the growth method we will be using the simple Follow/Unfollow tactic. This is all I use on cold targeting accounts (interacting with accounts I have not interacted with), and it works like a charm. The idea is to follow people in your niche, them see you followed and follow back once they notice they like your account, then you unfollow a day or two later. There are many other baseline techniques, however I have found best success with this one.

To set up your new bot to follow/unfollow you will need to understand that every account's "limits" are based on proxy provider quality and Instgram account provider quality. Some will have a better ability for aggressive settings(a lot of actions in one hour), and some will have to be handled with safer settings(less actions in one hour). The way we determine how our accounts will perform is by applying warmup settings(settings that gradually increase in actions over time) until the desired settings are reached.

Safe Warm-up Settings
These settings are courtesy of a friend of mine, deadz. They are the safest settings that should not get your account banned. It is important to know these settings may be a little outdated when you read this however the idea is the same. These settings do not feature the liking tool or the commenting tool. Truly you can have those as an add on, but are not required. I do suggest liking though, and when liking you can actually like a bit more than you can follow, however I only like 200 pictures a day and still have good results. Do not comment or DM unless you know how to spintext(Randomizing comments/DM's). Commenting/Dming is the fastest way to get your account banned.


(Keep it off, the bot will turn it on automatically)
My Personal Aggressive Settings
It is important to know that these settings worked for me, however may not work with you because of the different accounts and proxies you will have compared to mine. These settings are more of a way to show that you can safely Follow/Unfollow at the same time while doing a lot of both.





Like Comments

It is also important to target the right users when following/unfollowing. Since you can only do so many follows a day it is important to make every single one of them count. Here is a quick guide on how I target users for a 40%-60% follow back(FB) ratio, the amount of people who followed back divided by the amount of people followed. (By the way you target users through Jarvee's Sources. Tools > A profile > Follow > Sources)

Quick disclaimer, every niche will result in a different amount of follow back ratios. Some will be harder to increase.

On 80% of my accounts I get 40-60% follow back ratios, and I get these numbers because of my targeting and a special bot I have had made. However the targeting should be 80% of the follow backs anyways.

So Id suggest targeting accounts with 10k-100k followers. When you do this also target atleast 100 sources if you can and set your bot to where it stops following that source after 20-50 follows without a 10% follow back ratio (Or 30% if you KNOW your niche has higher) then allow it to do its magic for a few days. Come back to it and review your best sources then load the sources up with suggested users from your top 3 sources and repeat process. Why 10k-100k? There isnt a solid answer, however I believe it to be because there are 3 L's in a niche


You either like, love, or live for a niche. More casual people who are in a nice who 'like' it will be following bigger more mainstream accounts for it such as 1mil accounts. And the passionate ones tend to follow the smaller ones with more niche content. Also its important I mention engagement doesnt matter, one of my best source accs had 3% engagement at 30k followers. Now i do suggest following a few bigger account on the side however, because a lot of small accounts will eventually run out of followers to follow. Also be aware of what your average followers stats look like and plug it in, meaning how many posts, followers, and followings they have for example. I would suggest waiting until you have 5,000-10,000 real followers to take an average.

It is important to post good engaging content when you want to gain a mass amount of followers. Reposting viral content is the best way to do so and here is how:
When I go to do my monthly tasks, I want them to be as easy as possible. The most tedious task is indeed scheduling the right content. Now, I know that some may know you can repost other's content. However, I want to present you the idea of only reposting based on engagement. Now what do I mean? I will use Jarvee as my example.

When you head to the "repost" tool many of you will repost content based on how many likes, just as many of you will also repost content based on comments. While this can be useful in content scheduling, it is infact harmful to your accounts overall growth. How so? Well think of it like this. If you set your tool to repost only posts that are over 10,000 likes and 100 comments, you are not scheduling posts based on post popularity, but rather the popularity of the accounts who posted it. Allow me to explain. Accounts with 1,000,000 followers are sure to match this criteria, even on the most ghastly of posts. This in turn puts horrid content in your campaigns for you to spend extra time removing. You must also know that a "viral" post does not have set likes and comments it must achieve, but infact an overall increased engagement compared to other posts and the engagement rate on the individual post. This is where we are able to locate viral posts.

Luckily for you, you are using a tool that allows you to "Repost only if engagement is greater than", or perhaps not. If you are using Jarvee, you have access to this wonderful setting, however I cannot say the same for most bots so now is the time to spam the emails of your service support teams. What this means is if an account has say... 10% engagement average on their posts and you set the tool to "Repost only if engagement is greater than 10% than average", said tool will extract posts with 20% engagement. Ultimately ensuring your content is indeed in some way viral. It must also be noted that all accounts, no matter the size, can have viral posts. Meaning you can target any type of account size now with the insurance of the repost tool reposting only content with a high chance of being viral, thus making your life a lot easier the next time you have to schedule some content :) .


Here are the costs if we use a 150 account plan with jarvee.

$69.95 - (Monthly) Jarvee 150 Account Plan
$65.95 - (Monthly) 16 GB RAM Windows Dedicated Server
$250 - (Once)Instagram Aged Accounts, average market price is respectively $1.67 per acc
+$100 - (Monthly) ipv4 datacenter proxies, average market price is respectively $2 per proxy
MONTHLY: $235.90

These prices can vary, however I took into account almost all the potential costs and averaged it out. It can be cheaper!

Since I do not want to mislead you, I will take my own venture as an example of profits. I am gaining 20,000 followers daily with accounts just warming up in my newest batch made for selling and other monetizing methods. This means that if the engagement rate stays at 10%, I am making $10 per 1k which equals out to about $200 a day with accounts that arent even complete yet! So, by the end of the month I should have about 750,000 followers with JUST those accounts. This equals to about $7,500 in account value and $7,014 profit in the month according to the costs.

With just those new 125 accounts I have made, I essentially am making $86,918 a year in profits. Of course I only sell some accounts as I tend to use them for other reasons before I sell them, however think about big picture! A nearly passive income adding $86,918 a year to your net-worth or bank account(if you can sell them).

This information is what I have learned/used along the way and I hope it helps some people out. I understand that some parts, like the tools section, may not explain everything in a expert sense but that is the point. I am trying to make it as beginner friendly as possible to assist everyone! I want to end with this.

"When One Teaches, Two Learn."
- Robert Heinlein

The reason why I want everyone to know this quote is because no matter how much you study idependently, no matter how much research you do, you will always learn more and even faster by teaching what you know. Even if you are not an expert, if you know the answer to something help someone else out. Personally I learned ecommerce in a month and proceeded to generate $1,000 days in that same month because I was helping 40 other businesses out in a day. I learned code because I joined a forum and began to help people with coding, even though I did not know much at the time I still helped where I could. Other people's issues lead to me having creative ideas and solutions which in turn lead to my knowledge increasing exponentially faster than the average person learning what I was learning.

"There is not one teaching day that I don’t have to stretch my creativity trying to find new ways to transmit something to my students. Sometimes I even surprise myself – something comes seemingly out of nowhere, something I didn’t know I knew (and perhaps I really didn’t) and then becomes a permanent part of my teaching repertoire. It boggles my mind to think how much more I know now than when I first started teaching and that most of this knowledge has come from actually teaching rather than from further private study or courses."

Good luck to everyone!
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------EDIT - SERVERS------
I left out servers by mistake. In a nutshell, servers are computers running 24/7 that you can access via remote control. These are needed for mass botting because bots tend to use a lot of RAM and you do not want your PC to slow down or run 24/7. I would suggest looking for dedicated servers to use and not cloud servers. Also, I have had best success with buying servers meeting the criteria 10 IG accounts per 1 GB RAM. Meaning a server with 8 GB RAM should be able to safely run 80 accounts on a bot.
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So much value here! Great job ;)
I have some questions, how many accounts you suggest to create in the same niche (average)? And how do you monetize those accounts? I know that there are several methods, but what’s your main focus?

Which opsion are you using on source:

Follow followers or follow likers?

And what percentage of engagment return?

Best regards
Thanks for this awesome information, I'm planning to get into IG very soon, as soon as I will have money for that.

I have one question, can you please explain how to make own proxies for Instagram?
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