1. A

    DM Blocks Instagram / Direct Message Blocks Instagram

    Hi, Since last week I have noticed that DM dont work in Jarvee. You only can send 1-2 messages every day without blocks. (@Stiletto ) Anyone have a solution for this? I have 7 licenses x 250 accs only for send messages. I have read that old bots are working for DM. Anyone know a solution? Thanks
  2. DunderMannen

    0 to 500€ / mo with Instagram Automation

    Hey, This is my second journey thread on here. First one is doing SEO blogging, but this one is completely different. As the title suggests I'm going to bot Instagram. I'm kind of nervous about how this will turn out due to Instagrams now VERY aggressive banning system. However, since I have...
  3. D

    Instagram Automatization - Which Software?

    To get that out of the way, I don't think that Jarvee nor GMT2 would be a good choice for my kind of automation problem. ... but what's the problem? To keep it plain and simple: - I'd like to add 5-10 accounts into the software. - Each of these accounts monitor a certain account 24/7 and are...
  4. R

    Bought a bot now what?

    I've just purchased gmt2 and now I need the best advice on what to do next. I've got an account at over 4k followers and I'd like to grow this account using the bot. Please list your process. How many bot accounts should I create in order to feed followers to the main account? Thanks in advance
  5. DeathClaws

    My observations after the ig update

    Hi guys ! I'm very disapointing after Instagram algorithm major update like all of you, and I have lost a lot of account in the battle ^^ but I keep running test since weeks to resolve this. And I want to share with you something that I find really weird about this. To begin I did a lot of...
  6. DeathClaws

    Gmt2 on Raspberry instead of VPS

    Hi guys ! I'm doing Instagram botting for a few month now, and I finally find the solution to the new instagram changes, it's work great now ! :D I use gmt2 for 3 accounts on a EC2 Amazon vps, but I want to increase the number of accounts I manage and my vps can't handle them with his 1go of RAM...
  7. D

    Instagram Follow Block

    Hey guys, I'm facing follow block from Instagram days now, also I decided to follow from browser but sadly I have the same issue even I have a banned account "the bigs one" do you know which problem that causes me this action? i need assistant please ! if u have a solution post it here...
  8. instahut

    Journey to $100K with Instagram Automation [First post @3 months in]

    Today I will share my setup and my results after 3 months of Instagram automation. Setup 3 Month Total Cost: $30 - GMT2 (3 months) $70 - 2nd Hand laptop (4gb, dell latitude, intel i5) from Ebay $60 - 30 4-year-old PVA Accounts from BHW seller (Bulk discount applied) $0 - 70 Datacenter Proxies...
  9. Bartolini24

    GMT2 Problem

    Hello, I have been using GMT2 for a long time, I hardly had any problems with it, everything worked as it should. Of course, at the beginning of June, most of the accounts appeared to be blockades, I paused a number of accounts, as of today most accounts are unlocked. When I go through embedded...
  10. FBM

    GMT2 403 Error on VPS (Windows Azure)

    Hey guys, Hope you're all well. I just set up GMT2 on the Windows Azure VPS (AWS is laggy as hell with just a few accounts added Zzz) and for some reason no actions will work and when I try to access the in built browser I get "403 Forbidden. Request forbidden by administrative rules." I...
  11. kommaihag

    Instagram Email verification

    I created an IG account months ago on an open wifi at a station from a android, today I bought a proxy (from another country) and put it on Jarvee, but immediately got email verification. I cant log in to my email account to verify, since i try to log in from my home IP. Is it normal that...
  12. ThatBritishGuy

    PVA Mageddon

    I noticed within the last couple weeks with Instagram it has been a sea of action blocks and pva...I get pva and they get it again daily...I've been a bit absent from the forum as of late so I'm sure this has been addressed but would be interested to know who else is having a hard time and what...
  13. kommaihag

    Suspended on twitter, on my home proxy.

    Hi, Anyone knows how to get around being suspended on twitter? My jarvee settings: following 45-75 /day, liking 18-45/day. So its not agressive at all. Static residential IP (my home IP) and have never done botting from home before. and what do you do when you get suspended?
  14. P


    Hi there, recently i started to use GMT2 only to like post of my more active and interactive followers. I used also panel to grow my page with followers but very slowly, like 30 followers/day but stopped this some weeks ago. I continue to use panel to improve my impression and like in my posts...
  15. monkey38

    Great Results With Child Account Method (Tips + Issues)

    It took me a while to get everything set up and all the accounts running but now that some of them are finally warmed up properly sending DMs I am getting some great organic growth with more followers than I could have ever imagined for this few child accounts ( never done f/u on personal...
  16. D

    Instagram Bot problem

    well as the title say , i have a problem in my GMT2 Bot , i don't knw why he didn't perfome actions 2 hours ago !! like i let it run yesterday but today it stopped and tell me that i have reached the limite of hour/day/week guys do you have any solution about this ?
  17. T

    IG tool

    Hello BHatters , Well I have a question about Instagram , I want to know if there is a tool can collecting to me similar accounts with a filter , Number of followers and ER !?
  18. D

    Instagram question

    Hey guys , i'm wondering if i can open 8 accounts in my local Ip could they ban my accounts ?
  19. Andrewbar

    Some GMT2 questions

    I recently switched from Jarvee to GMT2 to scale, and have been having some problems. The follow tool doesn't stop following after reaching the daily max, anyone had this problem? Also, is there no option to randomize night mode as in jarvee? One other odd thing is I don't get EV when adding...
  20. saadoff

    Migrate from Jarvee to GMT2

    Hello guys, I'm gonna start using the child method and I wanna move from Jarvee to GMT2 but the thing is I don't know how to export all my data( accounts,cookies,proxies,settings) and Import them to GMT2. Thanks in advance.