1. S

    Can anyone build a bot/bots for Instagram dm’ing random people to follow a certain account?

    I’ve gotten messages before from bot accounts saying to go follow “so and so’s account” and I realized it’s a very good strategy for some accounts. Can anyone make this possible?
  2. Lczq

    How would I start account selling side hustle?

    Hi, Is there software made to make accounts so I could just list it on markets? How expensive is the software to do that and what do I need to start? Which accounts are worth making? Like a good effort-to-price ratio. Where should I find information about that? Any interesting topics here?
  3. appcowz

    "Flip" bots, why has no one done this yet?

    There's a new shopping app called "Flip" that has been experiencing astronomic growth in the US thanks to its extremely generous referral policy. For referring a user, you can get paid between $50-$200 dollars. It's not real cash, you need to use it in the app. But it could be used to buy...
  4. A

    Any good IG mass story viewer bots?

    Online I have found solutions for story viewing such as phantombuster, suparise but after looking at the reviews they don't seem like the best solutions. Any good ones?
  5. INauCkeL

    What happens if access content locker or link shortener with bots?

    Hello all! I'm wondering what would happen if I access my content locker or any form of CPA revenue with bots. Would my account get banned easily? And what would happen if a user wants to troll me and access my content locker with bots? I know that's very unlikely, but please consider that as...
  6. T2xor

    Twitter spaces listeners bot

    Hey, I noticed some people offer Twitter spaces listeners, but pricing per single event is $50-$70 up to 200 users. Wondering if somebody know the method or know somebody who can do it cheaper.
  7. edsonjose


    I'm looking for someone who has or makes a bot to follow and like posts on tiktok. I intend to use many accounts, so I needed a bot that could run with as many accounts as possible, but of course with the right limit so that there is no unfollow. the bot can be for mobile, emulator or web, if...
  8. kinkx


    Does anyone have any experience using the socialpire TikTok bot from BH BOTs? Link: If so please share your thoughts, does it enable you to post on US TikToks?
  9. S

    how to reduce proxy cost? | plus looking for a partnership

    I develop bots for myself. I can almost develop any bot and already have few projects going on but my mean issue is always Proxy is too God Damn expensive for me I wanna know what do you guys do to reduce the cost? is there anyone who has a lot of experience with proxys? I know fair bit about...
  10. FreakOut50

    Twitter Bot Technique

    Hey guys, wanted to ask if anyone is using twitter for marketing (Crpyto, Adult,anything) and what are the best ways to promote something? Is it the mass dms? Or mentions? How can some people here grow their accounts by 300-500followers daily? Please would be grateful for any insider tips.
  11. tazarbm

    ex-google employee warns about the dangers or AI

    Just stumbled upon this videoclip of an ex-google employee who talks about the state of AI and the dangers it poses (if those dangers still needed to be mentioned). I don't believe 100% of what he's saying and I also hope that not too much of what he's saying is true (and I also don't like how...
  12. strafe_

    Where to Buy? | WhatsApp Group Members

    Hello, I wanted to know where I can buy members for WhatsApp groups. It doesn't matter where the phone numbers are from. Thank you so much! :^)
  13. treelancer

    My coding skill + your idea

    I am good in coding. If you have an idea and need a coder to code it, I'd love to hear from you and turn it into a joint venture. I am a full stack developer and I have already coded some of the following bots in past: Youtube Views: not worker since 1 year. TikTok: Created this long back. I...
  14. S

    Are there any working DM bots?

    I am looking to get out 35-50 DMs per day from each account. Are there any working bots out there that can automate this process? Comments would be good too.
  15. E

    YouTube bot developer required

    Seeking an undetectable youtube bot. Handles fingerprints and that has full human emulation and randomization. Mutithreaded, like and subscribe options. Needs to run efficiently and handle errors and exceptions elegantly. Seeking a completed and well tested solution. Will consider feature adds...
  16. justmeus

    Looking for someone help me set-up a Telegram crypto group (verification and bots)

    Hi guys! I'm looking for someone who can help me set-up a Telegram group for a project i'm doing. Here are some of the needs: 1. Verification 2. Raid protection 3. Commands set-up (/chart, /contract) It needs to be a server comparable to other projects their Telegram servers. Comment + DM...
  17. C


    Hi, Folks! I'm really new to things like that, and I've been reading the forum for hours to find a clear answer, but I couldn't find anything definitive. Such automated views and bot visits as offered (or preferably sold, lol) by Diabolic, what do you use them for? Is it to rank an Amazon...
  18. Kostas83

    NFT Project Sell Out Deal with %

    Hello, I have a team and we have created an NFT Project with 10k supply on ETH. We have created the collection, we have posted it on OpenSea and we have created all socials (Twitter, Discord). The creative is awesome and very professional work. We have also created an ERC Token that is awarded...
  19. L

    Guy Makes ~$75k/month From Spotify Streaming Bots

    Anyone seen the vid in the link below yet? If not, go to time marker 25:30 to cut to the chase. But, he (Chad Focus) claims to STILL make $50k-75k off of his 200 song catalog from Spotify. It’s an extremely high value interview, but what are some of y’all’s thoughts on that part? You think...
  20. D

    Discord Bot

    Hello, if there is a legit service or person that can build a mass message discord bot to promote my discord server. I would like it to be all done if possible with tokens and proxies etc the whole package. Am willing to pay to have this all in one service done, and want it to be as easy and...
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