Facebook Engagement Funnel Overview - Growing Pages & Groups.


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Apr 18, 2015
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Facebook Engagement Funnel Overview - How to grow pages, groups & use momentum to get a snowball effect on your social media pages.

I’ve been able to use the strategies below to grow many pages & groups to over 10k+ in a matter of weeks on autopilot. Many of these pages are still growing at 1-2k likes/members a week without me touching it (I probably never will, maybe I should sell them?). This is all organic by the way. I will cover how to get a momentum boost by using ads the right way (on a low budget).

The main idea behind this is to connect everything on Facebook. This means zero outbounds & linking everything to Facebook. You’ll want to do this until you get to at least 10k members/followers. Everything should link to either a Facebook page, group, an article, a tab or to Messenger. If you’re constantly linking out to your website ‘anywhere’ on your page, you’ll see slower results.


1. Make sure you fill out every detail on your Facebook page & write long descriptions. Use high-quality images all throughout.

2. CTA button - use Message Us or Visit Group. These keep people on Facebook which means more exposure for you.

3. Pinned post. Have your main CTA in the pinned post. Try and use either the Send Message post OR link directly to your group.

4. Messenger sequence- Have a sequence in place once they’ve messaged you. I use Chatfuel. Set this all up BEFORE you start promoting your inbox.

5. Complete all tabs + post video content to be eligible for Facebook Watch when it comes out. If you collect emails, connect your email service provider to a Facebook tab. For your website link, use the link of your group or your messenger bot. You might also be using other tools that connect to a tab, check them all (e.g booking an appointment)

6. You can also have Chatfuel automatically message all people who comment with a specific sequence. Most messenger tools have this option. So when someone comments, they automatically get a message :)


1. Fill out all the information, the same as your page! Also, use the same or a similar pinned post.

2. Ask questions to group members. Collect the information you want. Keep it at 1-2 questions at most. You can also use a tool to export all this information to Excel e.g if you’re collecting emails & want to enroll them in an email sequence. I’ve used this in the past to get TONS of webinar registrations.

3. Tag all group members in a VALUE introduction. Introduce every 50 members in a post. No links or asks, just value. Get them all on your messenger list. Also, don’t forget to connect your page to your group & Vice Versa.

4. Post to group & page stories! You’d be surprised at the views you can get. Do it regularly and don’t sell.

5. Giveaway & announcement posts work the best. Try giving away amazing resources & announcing something coming up. However, you should only give it to messenger subscribers :) Don’t link out yet. You can also ask for comments etc to increase engagement & your group value in Facebook’s eyes.


1. Use Existing Post to keep engagement on your ads. Use your pinned post. Most people don’t even scroll past that anyway & if your pinned post is your best post they won’t need to, especially on their initial visit.

2. Longer copy to keep people on your ads. Even if you’re doing video.

3. Run a $5/day ad to interest for your page to get initial traction. Works like magic. Page grows on autopilot. If you have a page about space, target space fans or Elon musk fans etc. Run a $5 or so ad to get the initial 50-100 likes. Then engage with the followers & move them through your funnel :)

If you follow the steps carefully, you should be able to grow your page quite rapidly as Facebook WILL favor you over every other person trying to link out to their funnel on day 1. You’ll constantly be featured as a recommended group & show up in people’s timelines as your posts get engagement.

When/where do you sell? In your messenger broadcast! Do all your selling stuff through Messenger. There are also tools to automatically collect their emails but I won’t vouch for them here, look for them on Google. You can use this strategy for anything! I’m going slower on my own personal brand as I’m planning to launch my campaigns in a more professional manner in the near future. Let me know if there are any questions.