1. slippery_slider

    How do I monetize/make use of titkok front page scraper?

    So, yesterday I was really bored and wrote a script to scrape videos and all the relevant information (creator, title, tags, amount of shares, amount of comments, amount of likes, video link) from tiktok's front page. I also have a script to download those videos with no watermark. So my...
  2. mirajkadam

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  3. KingyOfficial

    Twitter is working on an edit button, Elon Musk is going CRAZY!

    According to Business Insider, during the first few months of 2022, billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk quietly spent over $2.6 billion on Twitter stock. As a result, he's now the largest single shareholder of Twitter, with over 9% of the company's stock in his portfolio. When it comes to Twitter...
  4. LeftyLuke

    [CHATURBATE (+Fancentro +Fleshlight) JOURNEY CONTINUED..] Revshare to 1000 sign ups

    Some of you may have seen my previous Affiliate Noob Journey.. My previous objective was to get a 100 subscribers on the rev share model. My new objective is to get to 1000 subscribers on Chaturbate but I promote Fancentro / Fleshlight too so I will update on those platforms too. My Website...

    why snapchat ads wont run

    I tried jewelry ad few times. but they wont approve it they don't tell what is the reason either. so confused. I'm from a country that they wont support for ads. is that a reason/ thanks
  6. Nancy224

    Organic social media is a waste of time (B2B)

    We all know that organic reach on social media for a business (B2B) is a bitty bit of what it used to be, so what is the point of yelling into the void? Likewise, the only organic reach you are really going to get are the people who have gone out of their way to like/ follow your runner, are...
  7. F

    FansFast: Your One-stop Shop to Increase your Social Media Fandom - with Exclusive BHW Deal!

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  8. PLudkovski

    MIX.COM - Has anyone in here a MIX.COM Account with StumbleUpon Login credentials?

    Has anyone in here a MIX.COM Account with StumbleUpon Login credentials, which is either rarely used or isn't even needed anymore ?? As far as i know, it is no longer possible to obtain StumbleUpon Login credentials, it was only possible to migrate the StumbleUpon Login credentials over to...
  9. D

    tool to find if a username is used

    Looking for a tool that will allow me to see is a certain user name is being used on any social media trying to create my own brand and just need to see whats taken already
  10. flocksocial

    ⚡INSTAGRAM AUTOMATION ►► We target REAL followers! ◄◄ SPECIAL DEALS FOR BHW Agencies ⚡

    FIND OUT MORE Hey guys! Flock is a brand new Instagram automation service that lets you get hundreds of real and targeted followers every month. Our automation software was designed to be indistinguishable from a real user. We perform follow/unfollow automation with extreme efficiency, so...
  11. JohnJohnsonBTC

    Instagram manual mother slave / fan page method

    ISO Instagram manual mother slave / fan page method (No main account management or automation) Hi, I am looking for long term transparent & result driven individuals that can meet my needs & go beyond for manaul Instagram growth. - Must be 100% organic growth(NO bots or farming)-- Target...
  12. K

    Search for Instagram Handgrow accounts

    Is someone here who sells nichen accounts with 0.5-1k followers (the accounts should not be completely dead) for a price of about 7-10 $ per 1k follower
  13. arthuditu

    Free telephone numbers

    So another treasure that will probably help 90% of users on this forum :) Guide on how to get free phone numbers for 3 days :) You can use this for IG registration etc. You probably know what to use it for. Again, I have to apologize for my English. I hope you will appreciate it and leave more...
  14. P

    Need to grow my IG organically. From 3k to 20k.

    It has to be organic with real engaging based on my niche and audience. Best scenario would be to get to 10k by end of the year. @rickywine onTelegram Thx!
  15. Pardesi

    How to find related subreddits?

    Is there a tool or website that can help me finding all subreddits by keywords. Finding manually takes a lot of time.
  16. wapking

    Making money with tiktok

    Hey mates, need to confirm something from people with experience with social media here. Please if I use USA proxy to create an account with tiktok, is that IP tied to that account for life? Or if I use my local IP it will change? Because I need to upload videos and I can't do that on their...
  17. B

    Ranking Youtube Videos

    Hello ` Hope you all doing well ` I have youtube channel since 2009 , was posting my photography then i left for few years now i started posting videos in 2020 and got my channel monetized channel stats Subs count : 3700 Total videos : 23 Totals views : 380K My niche is photography...
  18. sohom

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  19. L

    Posting Adult Copyright Content in Social Media Groups, Risky?

    Hey guys, I didn't see this asked specifically when searching this forum, so I would appreciate some feedback from people with experience. When creating groups for sharing adult content on social media. Should I be worried sharing adult images that look professional. I'm thinking the more...
  20. C

    Spotify Growth / Bot

    Hi There - I'm brand new, and found this forum. I was wondering if anyone had a complete solution or advice to rapidly, but realistically grow spotify on all levels - plays, likes, saves, follows? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know it's a tough world out there when trying to...