1. SponsorGlobal

    Hello World !!

    Hello Guys , I,m New Register Here . But old of reading posts xD . The reason that i,m here cuz ii like blackhatworld and the ppl who are in this big marketplace in world . (Admin edit: Please don't promote your site in the lounge) Thank you for reading and hope the best for all here Regards...
  2. A

    Did anyone have any experience with Steem ?

    In order to boost traffic and with that to boost sales via my sites i was thinking to try Steem and get some traffic from there. First of all is it possible ? Anyone to share any kind of experience here for me to guide through. Thanks in advance
  3. Y

    Need help to prevent ban my instgram accounts

    I have two accounts need to know how to prevent ban when make follow and sending messages??
  4. anton609

    My Sneaky Way To Monetize TikTok Accounts (Phase 1.0 LMK what you guys think)

    Well did you guys know that in TikTok once you reach 1k followers you get the option to go LIVE? Once you have obtained the TikTok coins you can exchange them for different kinds of virtual gifts. These gifts are used to reward your favorite contributors (TikToker) on the platform. If you...
  5. Taylanubati

    Fake Influencer

    Hey Guys, does anyone of you run a personal account in which he basically is a fake influencer? With fake influencer, I mean someone who mostly uses panels to generate followers and likes, since recently I have the feeling that there are only fake influencers in the market. If yes, what is...
  6. ext1508

    Instagram account sale marketplace

    Hello, Is there any marketplace for safe buying/selling instagrama accounts?
  7. D

    How Do Instagram Panels Work?

    Hello, I have been using Panels for social media for the past few years but i have really never understood how the heck they work? How is it possible to send 1,000s of REAL* likes and followers almost instantly? Can someone please explain to me how panels really work and the risk you are taking...
  8. predator1988@

    Any less known social network for website traffic?

    Hi guys Does anyone use any less known social network to bring traffic to his website? Whats the best network for website traffic after facebook, pinterest, instagram and twiter? Thanks
  9. Nightguy

    Need help selling an ig account

    Hello Everyone! I've recently received a very good offer for one of my accounts to sell it for $$$$ . This is the biggest account i own so i would like everything to go well with this one. I have sold smaller accounts in the past for less via paypal. But for this one i have some...
  10. M

    New gal

    Hey there! I am new to this site and looking forward to gaining insight, suggestions, recommendations, etc., on ideas around social media and around many other facets!
  11. E

    social media for legal sites

    Hi there, Is it beneficial to use social media for legal websites? Need valuable advice
  12. T

    Buying likes to rank in hashtags?

    would buying likes from a panel help me rank in hashtags? or at least some high quality authentic looking likes allow me to rank? I've bought powerlikes and it made my hashtag reach go from like 9 impressions from hashtags to 100k but i don't think the powerlikes are necessary to help me rank...
  13. E

    social media failures

    Hi all, What are the factors that determine the failure of social media marketing? Thanks in advance
  14. Asti Smith

    How can i increase youtube views across any paid platform that have cheap prices for 1000 views

    I have tried different platforms but i want one that deliver youtube views fast , or if anybody suggest a different method feels free to share ! Thanks :)
  15. ellastien

    Importance of Social Media for SEO?

    Hey all, can you tell me Why social media is so important for SEO?
  16. M

    can someone tell me why these websites ranking so well in google?

    How to rank a website which is not getting organic traffic at all to 1000 visitors per day from google. what steps are essential to grow a website organically so that it becomes reputed in the eye of sauron (google). Please list atleast 5 steps that can be taken to rank your website on search...
  17. A

    Apple Music Bot

    Im looking for anyone that can help me with an Apple Music Bot or Apple accounts that are premium. Looking for accounts preferably in Canada, US, or Europe.
  18. Nemus

    My page is worse then ever. Why?

    Hello peps. I was just curious WHY IS MY PAGE so low right now? let me introduce my page first. It's gaming meme one, and it has 20,000 followers with well over 1,000 posts. I've been running it since 15th of april 2018, and it was doing just fucking fine till, idk, 2-3 days ago. The problem...
  19. G

    INSTAGRAM - inactive username

    Hello guys. I was searching for that on google but i did not found anything useful. Maybe anyone of you have expirience with that, the thing is, i want an username on instagram that is already taken but the point is that the username/acc is inactive. Last post was on 5.1.2016. User is not...
  20. Mirkogiovannetti


    Hi guys first of all I take this opportunity to thank all of you for the rich content and the guides you give us to grow in this computer world. I apologize in advance for the not very exact English I will use. In practice I wanted to create a site with a graphic / template that was as similar...