1. L

    Question with buying Google Ads Accounts

    I am trying to understand who to best buy a Google Ads account from. I have been writing various people and it's hard to know who to buy from. The other question that nobody can answer for me clearly is how do we add a credit card to the account to pay for ads on an ongoing basis. I keep hearing...
  2. PlusMein

    Looking for experienced Google Ads specialist (social media niche)

    Hello, We are looking for experienced Google Ads specialist (social media niche) Important to have experience with hot accounts (no limits and extra verifications) - grey niche - social media (followers, likes etc. )
  3. mmoguru

    Need Facebook/ Google ADs partner

    If you have ROAS>3 ecommerce campaigns, please contact us. We provide ads accounts and website. You just need to manage the campaigns. Please contact us if you are interested. Thanks.
  4. W

    Question about Adroll vs Google Ads - What to choose?

    Hi everyone I recently start promoting my affiliate marketing products and freelancer services through several social network with low success. Most of traffic seems useless and most people just put like, comment but don't click in my links to my websites. I notice that google ads and adroll...
  5. J

    Improve % impression share lost from search ranking

    We would like to know what criteria to follow to be able to improve the % impression share of lost search ranking, because it has been going on for some time now and it does not stop getting worse, even improving the quality of the ads, automatic bidding, exact words and there is no way to...
  6. D

    Stay Ahead: Protect Your Google Ads Account with This Cloaker! Over the years, I’ve devoted significant time and effort to perfecting my cloaker service. My extensive experience with Forex ads led me to create a personalized cloaker, especially after witnessing many other services fall short. I’ve invested substantially, sifting...
  7. P

    Earned $12600 in a month using Free Traffic Strategy promoting Affiliate products

    Previously in another thread I posted here my journey using 2800 websites with high traffic which they accept affiliate products l, to make free traffic campaigns posting that kind of products. I earned so far $5636 after I posted manually during 13 days in the whole list with 2800 websites...
  8. C

    PMAX campaign started great, now is going to hell

    Hi all, ive been trying to figure this one out for a while, i created a PMAX campaign for a real estate website, which performed great, a lot of conversions on the website but Around May i started to notice fake registrations, particularly for people searching Mansions, im talking 80 million in...
  9. Harnur

    How to hide text inside the image from Google?

    I am making some banner ads. The text inside the image is not passing moderation. Google can read the text inside the image. Is there a way to hide it(from Google) or trick Google into thinking something else? any help wud be appreciated, thanks.
  10. H

    How do I get low CPV (cost per view) for In-Stream YouTube Video Ad in Ad-words?

    I am able to create and run a successful In-Stream Video ad campaign for YouTube, Targeting India only but my CPV is not going lower 0.07–0.08₹. There are some advertisers who are providing skip ad views at cheap rates. I want to know what is the secrete of lowering the CPV for In-Stream Video...
  11. Panther28

    Have to thank google for giving up the digits!

    I had a list of 97 niches in my spreadsheet that all had estimates of the lower end of the google rating 10k-100k for example. I'm not sure how long they changed it, but the numbers are accurate again! Anyone noticed, or has this been something for a while? Having fun recalculating my niche...
  12. A

    Bypass Circumventing Systems?

    I am running black hat ads, after running ad on first account succesfully, the same ad gets suspended instantly on new ads account. Any solution for it?
  13. Mukis

    ✅✅✅ ADWISE: GOOGLE ADS for rent. Traffic for Gambling, crypto, nutra etc. ❤️❤️❤️

  14. harrymalay229

    ★★★Looking for Google Ads and Tiktok Ads EXPERT★★★

    I want to work with you who are able to run Google Ads and Tiktok Ads with the niche: Gambling, Country: Indonesia If interested please contact the contact below Telegram: Skype: live:.cid.b620197c62ded17b
  15. kubel

    Adwords Threshold Plus+ . SuperCharged Adwords Accounts. *$500+ Spend for Under $50*

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- █▓▒░░ CONTACT DETAILS ░░▒▓█ Skype ...
  16. taylorsheridanking

    [Method] Google Adwords how to do Auto-reactived (re-enable) without fill appelation.

    Step 1. It work only for accounts which get suspicious payments in range of 24-29 day each months. Step 2. You need create search campaign then after it approved and you get suspicious payments ban, do 301 redirect from domain to get ad disapproved. Step 3. After 30 days ban will lift...
  17. R

    Your GoogleAds Account - My KW's and Content

    We are having massive issues with getting our KYC details verified with Google - We cannot wait any longer and need our search ads running now !! TO BE CLEAR - ALL KW/TARGETTING/AD'S ARE TOTALLY WHITEHAT We would like to setup a google ads search campaign using YOUR googleads account. As I...
  18. L

    I need Help in Affiliate

    Hello affiliate experts can anyone please tell me best websites for affiliate other then CLICKBANK AND MAXBOUNTY Because click did not accept new accounts now and maxbounty i am not recieving a call so is there any other good company Thank You
  19. PSTNET

    Ask Me Anything about Google Ads (AdWords) 2023

    Let’s try to find out what’s going on with Google Ads lately? We hope this thread would help to find relevant answers for 2023 Please feel free to ask any question you concern about Google Ads here
  20. FarmCloud

    ✅ Google Accounts for Ads❗️See for yourself first❗️

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