Facebook + Adwords UA (App) - Expert advice needed

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    Hi there,

    I'm improving my skills in this field and, as there are some experience marketers here, I would like to know your thoughts about this in order to optimize my research, study and practices.

    Let's say we are the owners of a new App like...Uber (for example) and we need to increase the number of DAUs and rides (we don't have any metrics or statistics about the performance of previous campaigns but the target group would be similar to the competitors). As almost everyone in the beginning we might start with Adwords and Facebook. That said

    1) What would be a good strategy to commence?
    2) What segmentation? (Only mobile? Only display? People in the big cities +18-50 y/o?
    3) To determine the success what metrics would be the reference? ROAS? LTV?
    4) If we want to increase the number of rides of the existing users...re-engagement marketing like Criteo? Push notifications?

    Happy to discuss about this and hear your opinions!

    Best regards!