1. S

    Lots of visits, but 0 leads. What to do?

    Hi guys! I have a particular website where I collected 168 visits on an adult dating smartlink campaign promoted in Scandinavia, but I have 0 leads. What can I do about it? Thanks in advance for your answer :)
  2. K

    Looking for help to make a substantially better Facebook campaign

    My field is in finance and product offers private equity in big companies. I am running a facebook campaign but it's not really showing traction. I would like someone to help modify my campaign to perform much better. DM me or respond in thread with a quote and capabilities.
  3. Z

    Page like campaign for sensitive themed page?

    I would like to collect more page likes for my herbal stick (heets without nicotine and tobacoo, only with tea grass) themed facebook page. What do you think guys, is it possible to run a campaign for this? I don't want to risk to get ban. I know Facebook don't let running ads with...
  4. Sicknigajay

    How to temporary pause campaign without affecting the optimizations?

    Don't know if anyone can help but I would appreciate anything. Does pausing a campaign every day affects the performance in any way? Because I put my campaign on pause every end of the day and I have noticed a drastic change in my traffic compared to last month's traffic and quality. What do you...
  5. Sweetrevenge

    Question about dummy campaign in Google Ads

    Hello everyone, I'd like to know a few things about dummy campaign in Google Adwords : - Does the dummy campaign need to be in the same domain name as the real campaign? - Is it safe to use the same domain name for each dummy campaign of each account? - Can I use my freelance website as a the...
  6. S


  7. Facebook_Master

    How to find more donors to my (sincere) GoFindMe campaign

    Hello, Well just to give you part of the picture, I am a middle eastern girl who left to Paris to prepare her PhD and hopefully settle there. Last year, few months after my arrival, I had a serious health crisis so I started a GoFundMe campaign to help me continue my studies while paying for...
  8. Media Nomads

    Run High Quality Campaigns with Facebook & Google (accounts for sale)

    Start making money through advertising with Facebook and Google accounts. We've been working for a while now with local clients but are looking to expand our horizons and provide accounts to everyone who needs one. Policies: If accounts get banned before launching, they will get replaced. If...
  9. Z

    Need Help!! Affiliate marketing

    Hello guys i have good adult smart links and campaign links on profitsocial clickdealer vortexads but i don't have the traffic for them. I also have a website with a redirect. I really need some help with traffic in the Adult niche
  10. Prenjak

    Best paid traffic?

    Want to know what ads you use when running dating offers
  11. testlogin

    Need someone who can send email campaign with high delivery rate

    I need a professional who can do email campaign with * *high delivery rate* *. I will provide email list, subject and body of mail. Email list are not opt-in, i have a database, for testing i will provide you a list of 10k or 20k. I need all reply's and report of delivery rate, Unsubscribe...
  12. I

    Looking for someone to run blackhat google ads campaign

    Hello, recently attempted to run a blackhat campaign on google ads. Got banned for suspicious payments, my info is tied to that now and cannot run ads myself. Willing to pay 80-100 a day for someone who can successfully run a campaign for me. PM me thanks.
  13. Shel

    If I create 100 ProtonMail or Gmail accounts, can I send 1000 emails/day?

    Hi, I'm going to create 100 Protonmail accounts in the purpose of creating 100 instagram accounts For my project I will need to do cold emailing. So I thought that I could use my 100 mail accounts to send my cold emails. So if I have 100 accounts, I can say 100 emails a day (1 per account) or...
  14. beastkay

    Avengers Endgame is a good keyword can we use it for our business (Leverage Tactic)?

    Hey Guys, I hope lot of you will be a Marvel Fan and I was just thinking that can we get leverage by these big names and hypes and transfer a little to our brand? Can we run a campaign which is going to be relatable here taking example of "Avengers Endgame" and try to create hype for our niche...
  15. J

    Campaigns that wont expire? (CPA)

    I plan on sending a large amount of traffic to several CPA offers from Maxbounty and Peerfly. It is very important that the offers I am sending traffic to do not expire, as I would lose out on a lot of conversions if they did. Are there any campaigns that I can ensure won't expire? I can't find...
  16. T

    campaigns stopped working after 2,3 days

    My google ads campaign was working fine but then stopped working then again worked for few hours and then stopped working, I have 4 campaign and its the same case for all of them. any suggestions
  17. A

    Adwords Specialist

    Hi, everyone! I'm looking for an adwords professional to optimize my gambling related cloaked campaign. If everything will go right, I'm going to hire for a long term.
  18. N

    Bing campaign mystery: no success anymore - reason?

    Hi there This is my very first post here - I am very excited ;-) I set up (my very first) Bing campaign two weeks ago and after a week of optimizing the campaign and my landing page the campaign went quite well. I am promoting an affiliate product on my landing page. The campaign has a...
  19. Gravitylab

    [JV] Your adwords accounts-my lander,campaign and idea.

    Need someone who can deliver some like 7-8 adwords accounts everyday. i have white hat offer which generates good $$$ daily. So you generate accounts with threshold $350 and ill run camps and we split 50-50. For proofs,i can show live on remote what i am doing. pm for more info.
  20. Gravitylab

    help me setup my $ campign

    hi fellas, i want to setup my campaign with someones help who is running ads on yeshhh network. thanks in advance and ill give 2, $75-100 adwords coupon for you! as return gift.
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