1. A

    Are 60 YT subscribers in 3 months good?

    I created a YT channel 3 months ago and only have 60 subscribers so far. How can I optimise videos to gain subscribers faster? What is the average growth rate? By which point should you pack it in? TIA! :)
  2. S

    Insane clicks after just a few months

    Hello guys I saw several YouTube channels during the last weeks that simply post cooking videos and are getting extremely high views. Here is an example: The first video was uploaded 8 months ago. They...
  3. underscore_

    Sudden likes spike - how to convert to followers?

    Hello dear freaks, I recently set up an IG account for my company. Music related, B2B niche, selling small numbers of products with high quality and value (average ~5-15K EUR / product). The account was set up 2 months ago and in average I post a pic every second day. As for now I have about...
  4. R

    New Member, Nice to meet you all :-)

    Hi there! I'm Hugo :) I come from France and I recently working for Agence Copernic as Growth Hacker. Copernic is the second Hubspot partner in France in terms of Sales and customer care. I'm working on a lead gen process that aims at give leads continuously for the Copernic's sales : Input ...
  5. The Undefined

    Looking for OnlyFans growth service.

    I'm looking for someone who can promote a handful of OnlyFans creators. As everyone looks for results, please kindly send your rates for subs(free/trial/paid) and the number of accounts you can handle simultaneously. If possible, provide a general overview of your advertisement plan, as I'm not...
  6. justmeseo

    [Killing Dreams] The Reality of YouTube Growth

    Hi and welcome to my brief post, Four weeks ago I have started a small journey (me-background = 5+ years as social media manager), a journey that I have decided to take by myself (without rush nor pressure). I have to say that I have invested at least 10 hours a day every day to learn as much...
  7. I

    Looking for Instragram Growth Service (M/S only)

    I am looking for a trustworthy instragram follower growth agent/professional growing my personal account through M/S method only with good engaging/similar niche people. Kindly DM me with our service/pricing/expected monthly growth rate/guarantees/etc. My information: Personal active IG...
  8. AussieEarner

    [Journey] My trek to earn $100 USD a day stable

    Hello everyone, I am AussieEarner. My goal is to reach $100 USD a day net revenue (profit from any expenses), stable for at least 30 days (i.e. $3000 USD in a month). I have had days where I've made over $100 USD, most was about $160-180 USD in a day (which most was made in the space of a few...
  9. F

    Small Instagram account - how to monetize? + How to get rid of shadowban?

    I have a small IG account in the memes niche, with just over 1.2k followers. How do I monetize this? I've also been shadowbanned for almost a week now, and it's affecting my engagement - how do I get rid of it? My current engagement is around 10-13%
  10. P

    Need to grow my IG organically. From 3k to 20k.

    It has to be organic with real engaging based on my niche and audience. Best scenario would be to get to 10k by end of the year. @rickywine onTelegram Thx!
  11. Lenny247

    Hello everybody

    Hello, a while back I filled out the form on this site but I've been kind of busy doing other marketing. I am one guy and I do online marketing and real estate investing so it gets tough on me. However I just wanted to reach out and Talk more about this site, I still have to redo a lot of the...
  12. anotherjarveeuser

    Instagram -» Youtube Subscriber Convertion

    Well I've this side hustle on youtube for the past 30 days, I create all content, upload every day. My stats are doing good 9.7% ctr, youtube recommending 6.2%, reached 6000 views 2 days ago, 60% of traffic comes from youtube research (from my seo I and video quality, I guess). The course "Tube...
  13. Belasana

    IG Journey (27k-500k+ By 2021) HAPPY NEW YEARS COMING EARLY!!!

    Hello BHW peeps, I have decided in starting this business venture and Instagram growth with all of you. Right now I have two IG accounts in different niches with a combined following of 27k Followers... Both accounts will be used for business purposes in the future, but for the time being, I...
  14. F

    Started account 3 days ago, gained 400+ followers using F/UF method. Is this good? How can I increase this (without spending money)?

    Hey guys! I started an Instagram account in the gaming/entertainment field, and have steadily been gaining 100+ followers/day, through F/UF method. Is this good so far? I've been engaging with my followers with polls, replying to DMs, suggestions, etc. My engagement is around 10-15% per post...
  15. A

    How I Gained 100K Followers in 3 Months

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd share a quick tip on how I managed to go from 0-100,000 followers in under 90 days. Two words: comment. bot. I've came to the point of realising that mass follow and unfollowing does not work as it used to, due to the recent stricter action blocks. I've then...
  16. Lemvar

    How to get ORGANIC growth on instagram?

    Hey. I have been trying to grow different niche instagram accounts for a while now, but I still have not gotten over 1000 followers. I have been slacking some days, but the posting has been pretty frequently. I have not made any money by doing instagram niche accounts, so I am seeking tips &...
  17. anotherjarveeuser

    Youtube Impressions Question

    So I made this side hustle on Youtube, its a lo-fi channel I make all the music production myself. I was getting 30-90 views a day, not much but its honest growth right :) Note: I was using vidiq ext. to help me understand what SEO I needed to make for that niche and evaluate daily growth...
  18. Nw_Work

    TIK TOK Tools you use?(Free)

    Hi can you guys recommend some good TIK TOK automation tools which are free?
  19. Nw_Work

    Which tool are you using for autoposting videos on your TIK TOK account?

    So I am now making it a goal to grab some market share on TIK TOK before it either dies off or before it becomes stronger clearly it's engagement rates are higher than FB & Reddit atm. I would like your recommendation on tools for auto repost or scheduling video's and tool for follow/unfollow...
  20. R

    what can a $500 budget get me for ig growth?

    So i’ve posted something similar to this before but im still have a little bit of trouble, im trying to grow a personal account organically, i spent about 200 dollars on shoutouts and promos but only ended up with 200 followers. Is this how it should be or could i be doing things more...