facebook ads

  1. K

    question about instagram threshold

    I want to advertise for my newly released mobile game, but I exhausted my resources while developing my game.Can anyone with knowledge on this subject help?
  2. Kroniq57

    How can I earn the most with Facebook ads?

    Hello, I have a lot of threshold advertising accounts. I am currently undecided about how I should use these accounts. Cpa, affiliate vs. Which field do you think I should focus on?
  3. yShot

    Restaurant Reservations via Facebook ads

    Hello Felas, I just got a client to whom I started advertising on meta ads, the client is crazy about recieving reservations through the online advertising I'm doing for him. Does anyone here have an experience driving call/msg reservations through facebook and instagram ads, I would love to...
  4. N

    Daily Spending Limit Weird Glitch

    Hi Guys I have a weird thing happening with Meta Ads I am wondering has anyone experienced this so my daily spending limit is 50$ after 3 days it goes up to 147$ and after it reaches payment treshold and facebook gets paid the daily spending limit resets back to 50$ and then it happens again...
  5. H

    Is it normal for Facebook to make so many holds?

    I ran some engagement ads today and for some reason, Facebook has put 3 holds on my account, one for 7 one for 10, and one for 15$, while the ads were only on for a couple of hours. I understand that Facebook may put an amount on hold to make sure I have the money, but at this point, Facebook...
  6. H

    Facebook charged me 3x more than my ad spent

    Hello everyone, I am asking this question again, but providing some screenshots so everybody can understand the situation better. Basically, I am running some engagement ads on one of my FB ads accounts. I have a daily limit of 20$. Everything was running fine for a couple of days until...
  7. B

    Facebook Ads - WhatsApp Connect to ad Problem

    Hi guys! I am facing problem that, I make an ad on Facebook. Putting my WhatsApp business and authorized him with the ad, Now the problem is Facebook ask for page? .. Alright I made a page The main problem is When I publish the ad and it's running When client click the add to contact and be...
  8. W


    I'm running Casino ads on Facebook and the most recommended account right now is Individual Accounts. and as of the moment, I have 1 BM account that is still running. Both accounts have the same setup from Creatives, Caption, Audience, and budget. I wonder why these 2 have a huge difference. The...
  9. Absolute Safe Agent


    RENTAL FACEBOOK ADVERTISING ACCOUNT - (ACCEPT BH, WH, GH (GAMING, CRYPTO, RECRUITMENT, INVESTMENT,...), 24/7 SUPPORT We have 5 years of experience in the field of Marketing and advertising and have many ways to solve all difficulties when advertising accounts have problems. We operate 24/7 to...
  10. Avg our accounts' limit.

    Avg our accounts' limit.

    Imagine we have many of these available! How much can you spend a day?
  11. Hope Miner

    Please, I need your help with running good Facebook ads - Calls objectif - ACA offers

    Hey brothers, I'm stuck at very high FB ad costs whatever I do. First, let me explain my funnel and offer: I run ads for the ACA health insurance offer where people have to make a call to apply for a plan and this is my end conversion. The funnel is like this: I run either a photo or video ad...
  12. R

    questions with facebook ads

    Hello everyone, can you tell me how to test products on Facebook Ads? How can I achieve low CPM and CPA
  13. livelybrowser

    [Price: $20] Facebook Active BM with Spending History Ad Account

    Dear Friends, We had been working on Facebook since 2009, selling lots of our Facebook software and accounts. Now we would like to provide our Facebook Active BM with Spending History Ad Accounts for our members by starting this service. Looking forward to our service can help your business...
  14. BetMen365

    Facebook Ad Billing Disable Fix

    Hello world, I want to hire someone who can teach and help me to unlock the Facebook review on disabled account because of suspicious activity on billing. I have ad account that all was good, card attached instantly and also verified by code. And after 3$ spending on ads it got banned. Let me...
  15. InternetAnon300

    [Journey] to $100/day profit in Affiliate Marketing

    Started looking into Websites & SEO ~3 months ago. Since then have fell down the rabbit hole of Aff Marketing. Going down the path of using ads/paid traffic to generate revenue. Probably Push Ads as I have heard good things about them & I have no experience in any ads. What Resources Do I...
  16. Mutimedia Agency

    Rent FB/Google ad accounts with daily spending 250$, 500$, 1500$ and Nolimit. 24/7 Support

    *****FB/Google ad accounts rental service!***** *If you are having trouble with FB/Google accounts usually get banned . *If you want to spend more to grow your business. *If you need more ad accounts for mutiple products and testing. Here is the place you're looking for! ***What we provide...
  17. H

    Is selling online courses through Instagram DM a good idea?

    Basically, I have a couple of courses I have created, and I am thinking of selling them with Facebook ads. I have a great salesman on my team and we have done some affiliate marketing together, where a lead would go from the Facebook ad to Instagram DMs and there we would try and sell them a...
  18. sunny8386


    * Hello Facebook advertisers, I am a new Facebook service provider in the market. Facebook is getting more and more difficult these days, that's why I'm here to serve customers. We'll help advertisers scale quickly, delivering healthy accounts so you can focus on optimizing ad...
  19. kurosaki4d

    Facebook Reach Question

    Hello, After running a "lead campaign" with multiple Adsets for several weeks, I generated many leads, but the CTR was low as 1%. But after some time, those same adsets no longer had any reach in them. They had 0 reach. Is it possible that Facebook drops the reach of my account in purpose?
  20. 7

    Need instructions on making a new fb ad account!

    Hello there, So facebook has been giving me alot of issues with my ad account getting disabled out of nowhere. Its been 2 months now and my business has taken some pretty big hits if im honest. And as you all know facebook customer support is useless. Luckily I found this thread and now more...
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