app advertising

  1. isubhamjain

    How Does the Apple App Store Rankings Work?

    I've recently built and launched an app (spent almost $7.4K to get it developed) Despite building an app that's better in terms of UI, content, etc than the apps that are on the top 20 lists. I'm unable to get it boosted. I've waited for almost 4-5 months, but I'm not getting any decent...
  2. Madruga

    Best Methods in 2022 to Kickstart a New Dating App?

    When you have a new app successfully up, besides the many creative promotion and advertisement you can do for it, blackhat, gray and white hat etc, what are some of the things you would make sure to do as soon as possible to get it from 0 installs to some or plenty. Purchasing advertisement from...
  3. ColdAndDark

    [JV] My Mind Map App + Your Marketing

    Hello, I am a entrepreneur/product manager with a couple of developers working for me. Eventhough I have a good experience in SEM and SEO, I am too involved with the product side these days and don't have the time or will to do the marketing all by myself. Also, I do have a great marketing...
  4. skferdous

    Did u find ASO tool useful to help you increase Android app downloads?

    I have 2 apps in Google Play store, which are generating revenue. Every month, I'm re-investing X amount of money in Google Ads. The paid downloads increased, but that doesn't help in term of organic downloads. I plan to invest in an ASO tool. But, I was wondering, does most of ASO tools in...
  5. S

    mediation ads showing when Admob is limited?

    Hello everyone! I've just updated my app to the store, I've included Facebook ads in my app using Admob mediation. I thought at first that even my ads serving is limited on my Admob account, Facebook ads would show. But it turned out that there are many requests in my FAN account, whereas no...
  6. A

    App marketing

    What is the best way to promote app? Anyone has any experience with google and facebook CPI.? Is influencer marketing worth it?
  7. Rosalíaa

    where can i buy ios app installs?

    hey guys, i need some installs for my ios app. Where can i buy some real ios app installs? (no bots) can you recommend me some sites? :)
  8. R

    Facebook Audience Network 4.1

    From last 1 month I am getting 4.1 violation issue for every app, my all apps are very good quality very high functionality, but every time Facebook show again and again give same notice Any one here, who facing same issue and any solution
  9. Samuel Atkinson

    Willing to promote your Android & iOS Apps.

    Hi, BHW members! I am doing Android and iOS App promotional job since 2015 in several platform and now wanting to expand it here at BHW. I will do your Android or iOS App promotions and will provide you downloads,installs,signups,ratings and reviews. Work is safe for any App but I don't doing...
  10. wolfofcraigslist

    Monetize React Native Apps?

    I'm a developer anyone got a guide or can point me in the right direction of monetizing apps? Apps similar to popular apps but completely free (or free for 3 months ). Is there an ad network or any suggestions?
  11. beautifulcode

    Which paid method is best to get Google Play App Installs?

    Hello, I have recently published an app related to programming tutorials. I need initial installs and reviews so that it can start ranking in google play store. I know Google Ads is good, but do you know any other paid way to get those initial install for the app to rank? I have searched and...
  12. GunterSachs

    Is Adult Traffic Safe For Google Play Store?

    Hey, I like to promote a german dating app. So my question is if its safe to drive Traffic from Pornhub Ads (Trafficjunky) to the Google Play Store or will the owner of the App become trouble with Google because they are very strict? Maybe someone got any other Idea for paid german traffic...
  13. KJREDDY247@

    Best App install service provider on this forum...

    Did anyone use app install services here on the forum? can you guys suggest me the best one that you used from? Any suggestions for a new app, before we buy 50k-100k installs? like we need to drip feed with 1k-2k-3k----on a regular basis or go with 10k installs daily etc??
  14. C

    Promoting an app (Crypto-Related)

    We will shortly finish with building an app, and will need advertising for the app. It is within the crypto niche, if anyone has an effective way to advertise within the niche, PM me.
  15. K

    How to advertise an app without posting it on PLAY STORE?

    Hi, i wanted to know how to get traffic to my android app without posting it on play store , i want to invest money to advertise it but i dont know where and how , and i dont want it on play store because it is againts their rules. Sry for bad English
  16. S

    Having traffic on our own app v/s paid targeting on social media ?

    Hello I have been wanting to launch my own app by incentivizing them to download app and get a product worth $20 totally free. End goal is to have thousands of those people "on my own app" and eventually sell stuff. Other way is to do it like others do. Launch shopify, try ads, burn money and...
  17. Lurjoo

    Creating My GameApp / Journey (Goal: Ads Money)

    I've been working on an 8-bit game for a while now and i'm a little bit unsure about in game ads and how to use them. How should I perfect my ads? How can I market my game so people will download it? The game is not yet finished and I can't slip you guys any details for safety purposes. My...
  18. semiautomagic

    Google Play downloads and reviews

    Any service for Google Play downloads and reviews? I have comment text, really just need more 5* reviews.
  19. D


    We are going to start seeing a new trend in the .app domain space. Finding a quality name in the .com arena is getting a bit out of hand with people expecting lottery payouts for the most random string of words or characters. Names with .com I would have dismissed nearly a year ago are now...
  20. Stkr Dngr

    App Installs

    I'm looking for app installs (android), am I in the right place? The other threads I saw are blank with no replies.