Dec 30, 2018
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Hi everyone!

What do you think of reselling/sharing license keys for Elementor Pro and Oxygen (WordPress)? This idea popped today in my head, and I am suprised I didn't hear of anything remotely simillar before. I always hear about non-GPL being an issue when it comes to playing with the source code and stuff, but never about reselling.

I think that if I were to even consider it more seriously, I would simply want to offer both of my license keys (got both Elementor-Pro and Oxygen) to a handful of designers/devs for a very small price in order to simply help cover my costs for these plug-ins. Especially for Elementor Pro... That thing costs 200$ the first year and 150$ every year after that.

I am not saying I am going to do this. Just asking for your opinions on this possible method's risks.

Thanks in advance for your comments!
I think this is a great idea; especially if you have people you trust that you can sell it too. Me and some friends did this. Which means I got to have elementor pro for 50 instead of the ridiculous 200 for the first year :smirk:
Just keep it quiet and be careful to whom you give it to. I guess if they catch you they will just suspend you.
The thread is a bit old and I'm new to the community but if someone is willing to group buy that thing let's organize in PMs..
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