web builder

  1. LeviAckkerman

    Webflow or WordPress for tourism websites BUSINESS?

    Hey, I will be quick. I am moving to a foreign country and just finished my bachelor's in a second-world country east EU. I studied Computer Science. I know how to code (basic) level, never liked that much or tried that much. BTW I'm in my early 20's. So where I will move I'll work some...
  2. M

    Elementor Pro & Oxygen - Thoughts on reselling license keys?

    Hi everyone! What do you think of reselling/sharing license keys for Elementor Pro and Oxygen (WordPress)? This idea popped today in my head, and I am suprised I didn't hear of anything remotely simillar before. I always hear about non-GPL being an issue when it comes to playing with the source...
  3. padmashali10

    looking for business website design and developer

    Hi Guys I need the following 1) Build a Business website 2) Need content for it 3) SEO For the website 4) Linked In/ Facebook Page along with likes 5) Brochure for the company please send me your quotations I also need reference site along with the quotes addme skype: **************
  4. X

    Hi All Need help choosing a WebHost/Builder, suggestions please

    I need a webhost/web builder that allows porn, or anything goes. I am confusing myself looking at all of the different ones and am afraid I'll choose the wrong one. I need to get my domain and want to do it all in one place if possible. I am not familiar with WordPress but I know it's...
  5. F

    Software/Bot Website.

    Welcome, Its Frank here, I was wondering if anyone knew any (semi) easy and very cheap if not free website designer? I want to make sure it gives me the end code in HTML code, not some crappy file that's only compatible with like 1 hosting company. By the way, I have heard of webs, and...
  6. J

    I need website builders

    how much would it cost to copy/paste info from this website www.equitiesfirst dot com into a pre fab template from hostgator ? (i have the template) all text body and pics are provided, just put the pieces together so i can upload to hostgator server. The new site does not have to look...
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