web dev

  1. ty310

    (JV) My business, your Web Dev skills

    Hey BHW! I’m looking for someone with web dev skills to build/and or work on a cameo clone as well as an SVOD platform (preferably combined). This business aligns with my current marketing role and capitalizes on my unprecedented access to creators within a certain niche. Open to compensating...
  2. buildandbuild

    Looking for someone to make a sleek crypto tutorial and news website

    Hey guys, Looking for someone who can help me create a crypto tutorial/news/blog website. if you're interested pm me or reply here with your telegram and I'll get in touch! I can send you some examples of what I need and we can discuss. Looking for the site to be easy on the eye, fast and...
  3. J

    How to start making money as a front-end developer

    As the title suggest I know front-end development and a little bit on back-end. But the job market is really tough for me to get a job atm and freelancing is also really competitive. so I try to look into mmo. Any suggestion for a web dev? thanks in advance :D
  4. A

    Need advice on how to find clients for web development agency

    Hi, I've started a digital agency focusing on web development. I am having a hard time finding clients. So far I have tried linkedin connecting and cold emailing but they have come off as spam I think. My partner has found success with word of mouth and using local noticeboards. If you have...
  5. luthful2

    How to Image alt attribute ?

    How can I multi Image alt tag attribute in one time ?
  6. Muhatrima

    What would you study ?

    It is clear that the major job niches that AI would disrupt in the upcoming years are : Writers, Editors, Programmers. What would you study in 2023 ? Are there any good courses you would recommend in 2023 to some one ? I am currently choosing between IM nd Web Dev
  7. RichardLI

    My Lead generating method <---> your product OR service

    Hello Looking for a partner (web developer,logo designer or product owner etc) I have an unique way to contact potential clients leads from local B2B companies. If you are struggle to get clients then we can help each other My task is to send messages and deliver to the companies on your...
  8. Josh Saga

    Best CSS Template/Repository Sites?

    Hello, Here to ask your recommended CSS Template SItes or CSS Repo sites Ready made CSS that can be altered is preferred. Mostly for tables and buttons Thanks, Josh
  9. Josh Saga

    SILO Problem: Post vs Page?

    Hi all, When you SILO do you recommend to use Posts or Pages? Really having a hard time understanding this My site content is on Posts, structured by Categories URL Example: Site.com/main-category/sub-category/sub-category-reviews/post -------------- However, I also have Pages where people...
  10. Josh Saga

    What's your recommended Wordpress Theme for setting up a niche site/blog?

    Hello All, I'm on the process of my Nichesite journey, currently investing time on Keyword Research. But I also want to ask your opinions and recommendations on which blog theme to use? Thank you, Josh Saga
  11. Ankith K Shetty

    People with Woocommerce experience. I need your help!

    I have built my website with Divi theme in Wordpress and installed woocommerce and added products. But the issue I face is when I increase or decrease my quantity, the price is not changing. What should I do?
  12. JohnArn

    Looking For Dev To Customize Wp-Script Theme

    Title says it all. Looking for someone to do some non-cosmetic custom coding on a Wp-Script theme. If this is something you have experience with please send me a PM and I can give you further details and discuss your desired compensation. Budget: 50$? It really depends on how long it will...
  13. Harrrr

    Question for web devs

    Hi I'm randomly doing website hero, in the code below I put a div to cover the hero part including the header to make a full screen hero background. Not sure whether it's done that way by other people. I'd just like to know. Here is the code <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta...
  14. M

    Elementor Pro & Oxygen - Thoughts on reselling license keys?

    Hi everyone! What do you think of reselling/sharing license keys for Elementor Pro and Oxygen (WordPress)? This idea popped today in my head, and I am suprised I didn't hear of anything remotely simillar before. I always hear about non-GPL being an issue when it comes to playing with the source...
  15. O

    Journey To Self Freedom (Web Development)

    Hey guys been on this forum for years but never really did anything just browsed and watched people succeed but now its my time to be that guy! Little bit of background :- been creating websites since i was about 13 i used to run a PC repair business but as a kid only made enough money for the...
  16. A

    Web Developer for Social Media Service Website

    Basically, I am in need of a web developer for an upcoming website that'll be related to social medium (such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc) services. You must be able to make a pretty and modern looking website that'll fit for the purpose. I am already taking care of the other...
  17. D

    Invoicing Web Dev

    I am in the process of starting a new web development firm, and I'll be sending out my first few invcs later this weekend. I was curious about the methods that some of you use to collect pymt for your web svcs. With my first company, when I was young, stupid, and horrendously underpaid I would...
  18. F

    [Help Needed]Skyscraper Ad On The Side Of My site?

    hi BHW folks, im having hard time putting the skyscraper ad code in my website. googled a lot but did not find any clue, please help, im a newbie girl. how do i put the skyscraper on both sides of my site? where shoud i place the code? here is the html layout of my site and the ad codes...
  19. HealeyV3

    $100-$150: WTH Web Developer for Amazon Micro Niche Site - Wordpress

    Hi, I own www.HarryPotter7.net and I would like to sell amazon products on it. I have made multiple auto-blogs in the past on wordpress and am rather familiar with it, but would rather leave this up to a professional. If you believe you can create a professional looking Amazon Product...
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