1. litemere

    [Giveaway] Elementor VIP Teams 24/7 Support | One Month - and - Elementor Pro | One Year

    Greetings, Fellow BlackHatWorld Members, This giveaway is for Elementor VIP Teams Support | One Month - and - Elementor Pro | One Year. This giveaway is particularly for someone who uses Elementor and needs immediate support while learning to use features. With the Elementor VIP Team Support...
  2. Cro7

    Best builder + theme for speed on WordPress?

    Hello, I have a website built on elementor, and it's not the fastest one. I read a lot about Gutenberg and many recommend it. Experts, I am asking you ---- What theme + builder is the best for woocommerce website that will be fast? Thank you in advance!!
  3. Neotransition

    How to get more customers as a web designer ?

    Hey guys, i've been on fiverr for like 8 months now, and i only made 1600 dollars in total, it's really hard to get more customers these days. sometimes i could wait the whole month without a single customer.. my question is, how can i get more customers for web design outside fiverr platform...
  4. L

    any one here have yukapo subscription

    Any one here have yukapo subscription i need nuss wordpress theme if you can please download it for me Thank You
  5. hercai

    How can I earn money in line with these skills?

    Hello, I'm Kagan. I'm an Elementor/Elementor Pro developer. I personally create templates using Elementor and Elementor Pro for a long time. Sometimes I create landing pages, sometimes I create comprehensive themes. Thanks to this talent, I want to make money now, but I don't know how to move...
  6. insom

    Woo commerce product page

    Can any body suggest or have template for product price on product page like below. The site seems to be using elementor and woo subscription https://youtube.com/shorts/rZzJscXeJKM?feature=share
  7. L

    wordpress elementor issue how to solve this problem

    When I click anywhere in my elementor wordpress website a black screen appears with white close icon How to fix this I enabled disabled all plugins still same issue
  8. T

    Elementor Survey YES/No Question

    Does someone know how I can build a YES or No Button Survey Form with Elementor? I'm building an affiliate Website and I want to ask simple YES or NO questions and after that redirect to the Affiliate Offer. I tried it with the Elementor Form Builder the only option is to have "Bullet points"...
  9. T

    How do you make these common Affiliate Landingpage in the Adult Industrie

    Hey, I'm just getting into Affiliate Programs in the Dating/Porn niche. Most common Advertisers are having a landing page before the offer where they just ask these questions like "Are you Male/femal" or "You might see your neighbor naked is this okay for you YES/No". When there are so many...
  10. R

    Looking for prebuilt theme for WordPress

    Hey all I am looking for the prebuilt theme called "Renovation" it's by ThemeMove. If anyone has it, can you please share the installation file? And if anyone know any similar template like this one for free please share the link, I'd be really thankful.
  11. R

    Building website using elementor or any other builder?

    I'm using an Astra Theme, and what is better to build a website, elementor? Or any other? I just want a simple website. Purpose of website : blog and affiliated products. Any advice is appreciated.
  12. insom

    Hover effect question

    Hello Do anyone know any plugin for having following hover effect. I am using elementor builder.
  13. puneetas3

    [Need Advice] Best WP Theme for Elementor to create variety of Client sites

    Hi, I need some suggestions regarding the best WP theme to use with elementor. People who take on web dev clients, please do advise. A little background- I am a coder. I develop WP plugins from scratch for clients mostly for woocommerce, buddypress etc, but I want to take on the web dev clients...
  14. chris19

    Elementor issue

    Just done designing a website and its looks okay on PC but looks distorted on mobile. Please how i make it align well on mobile. i used elementor for the designing.
  15. digi robot

    [HELP] Elementor Giving Me An Error

    I downloaded Elementor Pro from here and after installing it my home page is giving me this error. I can set the blog page as the home page without getting this error. but I can't set my category 'home' page as the main page. how can I solve this problem?
  16. KartikJha

    Elementor Pro expert for doing on-spot changes

    READ THIS FIRST: 1. You should be Indian 2. Website is qlready built in Elementor, we only need some fixes like animation and beautification. Add some more widgets, add some more pages, add widgets there etc 3. You need to do all that on-spot. Which means that you need to share your screen while...
  17. rodrigo della rovere

    Wordpress + Elementor = Bad webvitals metrics

    Hello how are you? My site was developed with Wordpress + Elementor , but the element makes it very difficult to get good webvitals metrics on the site, does anyone have a tutorial or step by step how to improve webvitals metrics? Thanks
  18. David719

    Could you help me with core vitals in Elementor?

    Hello everyone. Could you help me with web core vitals in Elementor? I tried delete elementor, however I have got a lot´s of article there. So it is impossible for me. Could you help me? My CLS is pretty bad....probably turn off some elements, which ones please? Do you have any...
  19. L

    Wordpress Question from experts

    How to add a page from which user will come and upload there images with some detaisl or upload there products Thank You
  20. Rank Panda

    Build Any Types of Complete Website with Custom Designs and Responsive - Service by Sentosh

    Hi there! Are you looking for a complete website for your business or personal blog? If you are, we are here to help you. You won’t have to learn any design or programming for the website. We got your back. Just let us know what do you need and we will do the rest for you. We are a team of...