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  1. I

    Why I Can't Get Web Design Clients At $69/Website

    I’ve been posting Facebook groups for some time and I haven't yet landed any client. I thought it was the best offer @ $69 for a WordPress site, but no response and I mentioned to provide a free mock up. Is the web design market saturated? I normally post in marketplaces or buy and sell FB...
  2. I

    Hello & Hi Everyone!

    I am new to BHW awesome community, studying masters in Computer Science & Information Technology. I like to learn and provide freelancing service what i am expert in: Programming. Ethical Hacking Web Development & Graphic Designing. Software & App Development. Digital Marketing i.e. SEO, SEM...
  3. P

    Looking for a Web Developer or company who can help us clone a website

    Hi All, We want to build an app and website, but almost similar website (90% match) is already available. So, we'd like to get it cloned first (to save all time and effort) and then add our custom features to it. So, we are looking for someone who can clone the product and add required custom...
  4. Aulig

    [JV] My Leads + Your Website Development Agency/Services

    Hi, I do app development and occasionally my customers are looking for someone that can help them with web development too. For example at the moment I have someone in need of a Shopify app/plugin developer. But I'm not specifically looking for someone who can take care of this one deal, but a...
  5. L

    Is microverse a good choice

    I am currently looking for some web development classes, I have a bit of knowledge however it's not a lot. My friend sent me an ad about microverse, so I'm wondering if you guys have any experience with this site or if you have any advice for starting with web dev. Thanks :)
  6. ayonchy

    Website Design With Default Page Builder ✌️

    Simple site design and speed issue. 1. My first choice is GP theme premium. 2. Install and active. 3. Go to appearance > site library > find demo template name "tasty". Import that. 4. Your site and menu section design will look so simple but fresh. 5. Go to layout > body > front (Amiri) for...
  7. Vagr

    Looking for a web designer

    I'm looking for a web designer/dev that can create a clean, cute, playful look. Already have content prepared and a rough layout in a PSD file. Just looking for someone to make it into an actual website and make the design look nice. It's a simple one-page website with 6 sections. Looking to...
  8. BlackStar81

    Premium WordPress Web Development Service✅Ecommerce Website Design✅Professional Look✅Customer Support

  9. abdullah al masud

    What do we need basically to create a startup web design agency?

    I already am a web designer. What do i need to create a startup web design agency besides having a website. Can any one suggest?
  10. prey24

    ⭐Ready to Boost eCommerce Stores @99 USD⭐Responsive and Unique Design ⭐Researched Products ⭐ Optimized For Conversions ⭐

    Ecomtancyweb offers you Ready to Boost eCommerce Stores starting from just $99 No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned Dropshipper, Ecomtancyweb is going to help you from Niche and Product selection to getting your store online at a jaw-dropping price. We are in the dropshipping business...
  11. nazmulfeni4

    ✅ Migrating to Gutenberg ✅ Boost WP Speed [2X Guaranteed] - ✅ Improve LCP, FCP, CLS (50% Off - Limited)✨

    ✅ Migrating to Gutenberg ✅ Improve LCP, FCP, CLS ✅ Boost WP Speed [2X Guaranteed] ✨ 50% Discount For 1st 10 Order Just Replay "BHW Coupon" I Will Inbox You. 50% Discount For 1st 10 Order Just Replay "BHW Coupon" I Will Inbox You. ✔ For an instant communication please contact us: Skype...
  12. Alonfill

    [NEED HELP] How to Use this Envato Premium theme [Free]

    Hi Smart BHW members thanks a lot Always given me right path Right now i need your help Could you please give me clue how i can use this theme for free actually i am new in IM i will try to success i know BHW members you are my inspiration i need it please help me this is the link...
  13. Rufai

    [Help] E-commerce Platform Help

    I want to create an ecommerce website (Like Amazon, AliExpress etc.) that will allow other sellers to register and sell their products. I want to create a simple site so am considering Woo Commerce but i I don't know whether it can be used to create this type of platform. Please suggest me...
  14. I

    Looking For A Web Developer/Designer to Help Optimize My Porn Tube Site

    Greetings, I run a porn tube site that uses the retrotube theme from wp-script. I'm looking for a web developer/designer that can optimize my site even further, especially for mobile since that's where most of my traffic is from. My budget is $100, but we can discuss quotes or even hourly...
  15. C

    Some good lead magnet ideas for a web development service to draw potential clients into list?

    I run a small web and software development company in Nigeria. All these while my means of getting clients has been through word of the mouth and a little cold callings. I want to try using contents to promote my service and at the same time advertising on social media platforms, getting...
  16. P

    I need help with my php/mysqli project

    I think at this point I will have to cry out for help. I'm kinda intermediate in programming and I am designing a web marketing website in php with database system in mysqli but I am moving very slowly in this project. Please, will anyone be available to assist me complete this project? I...
  17. MehtaM

    How can I fetch and show Instagram profile picture on my website like this?

    I want to display Instagram profile name and profile picture after the user inputs username in text form. Example 1: Username input 2: Animated Loading.... text after clicking the button 3: Result: Username-Followers-Profile Picture How can I implement that in Wordpress or HTML...
  18. jacksubbi

    Amazing Ecommerce WordPress Website Design at Affordable Price

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  19. zainh332

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  20. G

    I want to start my carrier full time in online

    i want to learn WordPress website completely .where to learn ?