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  1. Peter Turner

    ***Codesamour*** Hire Top Developers I Designers I Architects I VAs

    Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/yJWMNroi1fb5 Telegram : https://t.me/codesamoursales
  2. Neotransition

    How to get more customers as a web designer ?

    Hey guys, i've been on fiverr for like 8 months now, and i only made 1600 dollars in total, it's really hard to get more customers these days. sometimes i could wait the whole month without a single customer.. my question is, how can i get more customers for web design outside fiverr platform...
  3. RoofingProTX

    GMB Listings

    Looking for help with GMB listings in USA Texas for a small roofing company. Looking for seo and placement as well. I can be reached by email at miahoutx (a) G mail fr
  4. Jono987

    Website development for crypto asset manager site (no WordPress)

    I need a website (NONE WORDPRESS) for a client that's starting a crypto asset management program where people are able to invest from 1 week up to 1 year +. The site design needs to be similar to these https://vilari.io https://asebit.com bullwise.pro Clean and modern, even better if we add...
  5. ck1tg

    Unlimited Everything - Unlimited Websites + Content Creation + Design + Revisions - All of it - am i crazy?

    I know it seems kind of over the top, but I'm tired of having to constantly give out bespoke prices to people. Writing up quotes and plans is a bore and time consuming. It takes away from the building and coding. I'm thinking of just offering unlimited everything for a price that, allows me to...

    *****Professional Goal Oriented Web Designer - Highly reviewed - Web design, Landing page design, Niche sites & More

    --- WHAT I NEED FROM YOU Website domain + Cpanel or server access A completed Questionnaire --- WORK EXAMPLES WEBSITES https://digicrest.com/CLIENTS/COOLFLUENCE/MOCKUP/ https://digicrest.com/CLIENTS/OUTERESCAPE/MOCKUP/ https://digicrest.com/CLIENTS/NORTHMAN/WEB/MOCKUP/...
  7. theduke60


    Our email: [email protected] Want a top quality website that attracts and converts? Well you don't need to look any further - we're the right team for the job. From simple personal portfolios and brand websites all the way up to e-commerce shops and large company platforms, we've got you...
  8. B

    Need help with product bundling.

    Hey! I am a dropshipper selling on Shopify and I want to implement product bundling the way this website does: https://us.purifair.com/. On this website, you can choose a bundle option between 1-3-5 and when you click on them a window pops up where you can choose colors. I am not asking about...
  9. I

    Want a Website to work with smspva api

    I want a simple website to work with smspva api i dont care if the front end ui is just like smspva.com i just want a website on which i can resell numbers on my price and a my local deposit method, my budget is very low! drop your rates
  10. andykym

    Combining Web Design Inspirations

    I know a lot of web designs are the combination of various other web design inspiration. Does anyone know how exactly to combine various web design inspirations , in a way that the web design looks catcy and gives better experience to the user. Why I am asking is that , I tried combining some...
  11. R

    Looking for a website designer/web maker!

    As I said in the topic, I am looking for a man who is rellevant to making Web Sites on the internet. Payment is not imporant to me, whatever it takes! I am looking for a man that has experience in this job! Contact: Private message, details will be discussed on my bussines mail! Have a nice evening.
  12. andykym

    Struggling for Web Design Project

    Hey community , As I have told in one of my previous post. I know Web Design(HTML , CSS , JS and Wordpress). Currently I am struggling with getting started to make money out of it. I don't know anyone , I don't have any portfolio or anything, except my skills. I am really frustrated :(. PLEASE...
  13. Arastu

    [Journey] Nothing to something ecommerce development agency.

    Hello guys, I recently joined BHW, but I am not new. I have been learning from this forum for a long time. Now I've decided to start my own journey to keep myself accountable and reach to a new height in my career. I am working as an ecommerce developer since 2018 as a freelancer. I never did...
  14. crystalwiz

    My web design service+ your real paying customers

    I am looking for a partner who can get real customers to my website design service. You will drive traffic and help us make sales, I will do all the web design work. We split the profit 50/50
  15. D

    Web Design Idea

    Hey community , I am web designer. I've been looking out projects for my portfolio.Till now , I have wasted lot of time. If any experienced Web designers available , Please give some Project idea.
  16. andykym

    Project Suggestion

    Hey community , Can anyone suggest me a webdesign project idea for my portfolio with Html , Css ,Vuejs . If you are have some idea, please provide details below. 1. Website Type(Material , Minimalist like that) 2. Website Category(Blog , Ecom ....) 3. Niche 4. What to achieve with website. If...
  17. Mwanza


    Hi everyone, I am a complete newbie to this forum. Thought I'd introduce myself. I am Mbili Mwanza, a web developer with the goal to offer web and software solutions that make an impact in my clients life. Looking to network and even find some opportunities here.
  18. andykym

    Web Design with Figma

    I have some skills on creating web design in Figma. Is Web design only with Figma , worth it? If yes , how much i can charge for a web design project? and need some suggestions guys.
  19. jonnyp19

    Affordable WordPress Web Development Services by CubeRoot

    Our Service’s Specifications Website Development Web Designing Responsive Designs Frequently Asked Questions Ques - How long will you take to design & develop my website? Ans - At CubeRoot, we believe in delivering quality work. A minimum of 1 or 2 weeks will be needed to develop a...
  20. Aparnathumu

    Not Just a Website, You Get Everything Else For Free Free Free!! Pro Web Design Service, Huge Discount

    As an Introductory offer, We are giving a flat 30% off for all BHW users. Message us for the discount. For Orders and Queries, [email protected] Please post in the thread once your order is confirmed. Skype: WordPress Dragon For Ecommerce websites Enquiries; Reach us on skype...