Creating backlinks from sitemaps for spam sites?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by qwertzui11, May 8, 2017.

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    Feb 2, 2017
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    I have recently found some real distressing things. Maybe you can help me figuring out this.
    I am having a rented ecommerce store, staying on hosting full of other stores.
    Something like Shopify.

    I am using Ahrefs monthly to check my sites backlink profile.
    All good, fortunately nothing spammy, or negative seo to show.
    But now I checked with some other tool, SeoSpyglass, which I have used before Ahrefs.
    The checker shows literally a ton of backlinks from spammy sites found a month ago.
    Forums, chineese, russian blogs etc...

    Spyglass shows that the anchors are the name of the page/url, made me think thats fully automated.
    Its like someone created a lot of backlinks for pages that are appears in my sitemap, and continously sending it to 500 sites...

    I have checked other stores on the same servers. All the same.
    The new links are being made since last month

    If I check the sites manually I cant find the backlink anywhere...
    Ahrefs has nothing to show, neither search console.

    Can anyone explain whats happening here?
    - Maybe the main hosting has been hacked somehow, someone got all the stores sitemaps and blasting spam links for them?
    - Or SeoSpyglass is a real crap, trying to convince me to buy the full verison for disavow to show all the shitty backlinks...
    Just guessing... really dont know wtf, so please help me out!