1. Devs ⚡️ High Quality RDPs / VPS ⚡️ Blazing fast CPU | +6 Locations

    Buy now: FAQ Contact Us Website: Mail: [email protected] Telegram:@hostnserver Discord: REFUND POLICY Shared Hosting: If you are dissatisfied with the shared hosting service, you may request a refund within 30 days of the initial...
  2. Hyper Hosting

    ⭐⭐⭐Hyper.Hosting⭐⭐⭐Best VPS&Servers around the world! ✅ DMCA IGNORED ✅ FREE TRIAL ✅ Starts from 4$ ✅ Payment with crypto ✅ 24/7 ✅ Fast NVMe SSD ⚡️❤️

    Our company's specialization is the provision of operational VDS and VPS servers for all types of projects, fast payments and response to user requests. The servers we offer are optimal for online trading and providing a wide variety of services. They can host any portals, online stores, gaming...
  3. D

    How can I make a anime ( episode) database

    I know how to scrap i theoretical i could scrap links for each and every episode available, but i want to have my own CDN links like mp4uploads etc etc .... Trying to download and upload each episode to alternate servers is not possible by my hardware IS WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO HERE IMPOSSIBLE...
  4. G

    Is there any Alternatives to ServerAvatar

    I'm using ServerAvatar with a DigitalOcean free student account and only paying the monthly fees for the Newbie plan, which is $9 per month. However, I tried to switch to different free managed servers, such as and Hestia Control Panel. It's complicated to use because I needed to...
  5. La Mascara

    Inquiry about the Best Provider to Host Website

    Dear forum members, I would like to ask for your valuable opinion regarding the best provider to host my website, including email and workspace services. I thank you in advance for any suggestions or experiences you can share with me. Thank you very much for your attention and collaboration...
  6. Artemisia

    Artemisia is here :-)

    I'm thrilled to become a part of this dynamic community and share insights and experiences with fellow enthusiasts in the world of digital marketing. Allow me to introduce myself and provide a glimpse into my background and aspirations. I'm a passionate SEO enthusiast with years of experience...
  7. sohom

    [Info] Shared VPS v/s Dedicated VPS v/s Dedicated Server

    The first question that would come to one's mind? To host a website/Application, why do we need a VPS or Dedicated server at all? Can't we host our website from our own personal computer(PC)? The answer is, yes, practically, it is possible to host your website on your own PC. But what about the...
  8. W

    Doubt between Ionos and Hostinger service cost-effective question

    Hello I'm looking for a high quality hosting platform. I ear good reviews about Ionos and Hostinger hosting websites but don't know which one should I choose and which one it's better to run about 10 new websites that I want to build in future. Need advice about which one is better and have a...
  9. B

    Need bulletproof Anti-red hosting

    Hello, I need a way to host a website without it going red or marked deceptive. I need a hosting provider that ignores abuse reports and DMCA stuff, as well as stop bots and crawlers from entering my site. Can anyone help me with this?
  10. E

    Is blogging worth it in 2024?

    I am a noob and thinking about starting a blog. Can I make it work? Or is it saturated? Can I use chatgpt or should I write my own content? I am gonna blog in Spanish since my English isn’t that good. Recommend me hosting please
  11. hideath

    Contabo Promo - Get their small VPS for just €4.5

    Not affiliated in any ways, They have an ongoing promo for all of their VPS plans, They reduced the RAM from 8GB to 6GB for the small VPS as well, be aware,
  12. Z

    Can you get DMCA for IPTV services ?

    Could I get my website taken down if I don't sell iptv directly on my website ? There would be no shop on website just info about the service, you'd have to fill out the contact form and then purchase the service directly from me. I got a facebook page taken down with just one report from media...
  13. T

    Seeking Advice on Setting Up Shared Hosting Services

    Hello everyone, I'm venturing into the realm of shared hosting services and find myself at the initial stages, seeking guidance from this knowledgeable community. My plan involves utilizing an Amazon server to host multiple WordPress instances, with each customer having specific service...
  14. S

    Discord mass DM bot and hosting services

    Hello, i am interested in discord or other social channel mass direct messaging. I would try get people visit my website, of course its necessary that people who receives the message are familiar with my niche. My website is completely legit no tricks or catches, and I am using currently...
  15. BestOfDeals


    Hello Everyone! We Are HosterHollywood.Com An All In One Platform Dedicated To Sell Advanced Technology Online Services. Main Providers On More Than 20+ Services! Providing Cloud VPS, Servers & Even Much More! - For More Information We Recommend You To Go Through Our Website To Take A Look At...
  16. malikmajmudar

    What script does video file hosting sites like doodstream, streamwish,streamhub and others use?

    Hello, these video hosting sites allow you to upload videos share them and earn money. mainly webmasters use them to upload videos and embed them to their site. I was wondering what is the name of the script they are using because all of their layouts front end and backend is bit similar...
  17. rickaloben

    Better hosting than namecheap

    Hello everyone At the moment I’m using stellar hosting by namecheap Comes with cpanel and 3 domains in total & 30 mails 2 domains are of restaurant, not much movement 1 is a food blog which I’ve started consistently posting All Wordpress based Im looking for some good, reliable hosting, which...
  18. BestOfDeals


    Hello Everyone! We Are HosterHollywood.Com An All In One Platform Dedicated To Sell Advanced Technology Online Services. Main Providers On More Than 20+ Services! Providing Domain, Shared Hosting, Wordpress Hosting, Reseller Hosting & Even Much More! - For More Information We Recommend You To...
  19. raynic

    Anyone using OVHcloud?

    I need to buy a VPS hosting with servers in the US. Which VPS hosting are you using and what's your experience? Please I am not interested in shared hosting.
  20. james_bond_007

    Premium Web Hosting ($1.79 per month) vs Business Web Hosting ($3.14 per month)

    Today I'm finally going to buy hosting for 4 years. My plans are not so big, just a couple of wordpress blogs and a few landing pages. Should I overpay and buy business web hosting ($3.14 per month)? Help me make the right choice. I would be very grateful
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