1. N

    What are your moves when you want to offshore from US, CA, ..(five eyes) for legal adult content?

    Let's say Tom lives in CA, and Tom would like to host some strictly legal adult content, based on CA laws, but at the same time. Tom doesn't want his big bro (and the friends of his big bro) watching him doing that. Do you think this is good with his moves? 1. use for a .com, (yes, Tom...
  2. Cyw1z

    Unlimited WordPress sites for just $3 per month

    Hello... This thread is for all kinds of Wordpress sites, If you're looking to start a wordpress site. Then you're in the right place to push your business forward and keep it growing in the perfect way. We're in wordpress business and our main purpose is to help each and every one who is...
  3. courses_retailer

    what to do if a site got hacked

    Hello BHW I wanna ask you, guys, what if I had many websites in the same web hosting plan and for ex one of those sites got hacked is there any probable attacks on my other sites that are in the same web hosting plan
  4. J

    SMM landing page with Wordpress

    Hello, I'm a beginner so I need your help. I installed the Smartpanel script but I don't like the design of the landing page and I don't have much experience with css to change the design. That's why I have the idea to use a website builder like WordPress with Elementor. Is it possible to...
  5. O

    Best (Cheape) Web Hosting For Cracked Courses Site?

    Best (Cheape) Web Hosting For Cracked Courses Site?

    Can i whitelist ip's on namecheap shared hosting?

    Hi. I added Ezoic via cloudflare and its give "error code 520 Web server is returning an unknown error" How can I avoid that? any fix? Thanks
  7. homeriscool

    Webhosting Question: Siteground vs Cloudways (Choose 1)

    OK guys, I need your help. I have hosting with Siteground and hosting with Cloudways. I have multiple websites. 12 of my 15 websites need email. I want to put all of my websites on 1 hosting account and simply my life. Siteground renewel is expensive. But they have built in email. Cloudways...
  8. bui

    What do you think about hosting?

    I am using bluehost hosting. It's been 5 months since we met seo. I bought 15 of them at an expired domain auction. 1 IP 25 domains. 5 money sites, 15 pbn. There seems to be a problem with hosting and IP. The money site ranking is going down. It was a mistake to link from the same IP. what...
  9. E

    Same IP for all my websites

    Hey guys, I have a question involving hosting, if anyone can help me: I bought Hostinger's premium plan, where I can host up to 100 websites simultaneously. From an SEO point of view, do you think it's crap that I host all these sites on the same IP, even if I'm NOT going to use them as a PBN...
  10. creativemaster

    (WTB) RDP remote desktop connection

    Hey guys i am looking to buy a RDP Remote Desktop Connection RDP should be from Australia i need Australia Remote Desktop Connection let me know if you have maybe it would be a one yer contract or monthly plz give me your cheep price i have very specific budget thanks awaiting for your...
  11. D

    Looking for anonymous dedicated offshore hosting ( need help and reccomendations)

    I need an anonymous dedicated offshore hosting that is reliable and has good overall features with these requirements with cpanel, PHP 7.1.3 or later MySQL 5.* or later Apache web server fopen enabled OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP...
  12. Lczq

    Help Needed! 2 sites on one hosting does is somehow affect the SEO?

    Hi! Does having 2 or more sites on one hosting affect its SEO? Are there other pros and cons?
  13. Lczq

    What are Pros and Cons of one hosting for multiple sites?

    Hi! As in the title. What are the pros and cons of multiple sites on one hosting? I want to buy a hosting plan that is 20$/yr and I get 2gb of storage. From what I know 2gb of storage can be enough for a few (let's say 3-7) really simple one page sites. Tell me what can go wrong? I think it...
  14. L

    How to make this domain Clean please check the screen shot and give me some suggestions how to make this domain clean Thank You
  15. M

    Hostinger Vs Namecheap For Web Hosting ?

    Hostinger Business Web Hosting Vs Namecheap Stellar Business Shared Hosting
  16. M

    What is DMCA Ignored Domain! Not Hosting ?

    Never heard of DMCA ignored domain before! I just recently purchased a domain from namecheap with the intention of hosting DMCA ignored hosting site, What is the problems with such a purchase ? also, any recommendations for good speed and reliable DMCA ignored hosting ?
  17. wantviews

    {WTB} A wordpress web designer to JUST answer my questions.

    Hey, i'm relatively new to web design, so i thought i could use someone who has experience with Wordpress websites building, hosting, etc. What i would need of u is to just answer to my topic related questions, and make it as digestible as you can. Requrements: 1.Good communication skills...
  18. Hints404

    Wordpress hosting with reliable email service?

    I'm seeking cheap WordPress hosting for under $5 per month, and I need the email service to work properly. Please provide me with hosting suggestions for a tiny website with fewer than 100,000 visitors, especially if you send and/or receive emails every day.
  19. black_panther

    namecheap account suspend all your domains permanently

    hello sorry for my bad egnlish i want say what happen to me so maby you will think befor use namecheap with cpa i have like 15 domain and hostingplan Stellar Plus evry think look ok almost 1 year but gest what hapen i try login to my account and see this ugly message so i try contact suuport...
  20. tazarbm

    I'm confused about hosting servers and IPs

    Hey peeps! I'm struggling understanding something, and I wondered if you could help me figure it out... More specifically, I have a hosting plan with some hosting company (which I shall not name, so please don't ask, especially since it's not relevant to my question), and when I purchased that...