negative seo

  1. Davegnima

    Negative backlink to my websites, all of them ending with “-k.html”: any experience?

    I have been receiving a lot of new backlinks with URL's ending in "-k.html" recently. These links are such a spam. What should I do? Should I disavow them once in a while?
  2. 102030

    Negative SEO attack.

    Hey everyone, I manage brand and SEO campaigns for one of the biggest supermarkets in the country. We majorly do home delivery and don't take online orders. Lately, we've seen a lot of fake websites using our brand name and duping customers worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars. These websites...
  3. Mrnjaux

    Negative SEO and Disavow File

    Hi people, my site is under Negative SEO attack by negative backlinks and hotlinking and every day i get a few new negative backlinks some of which often redirect to another domain (etc. today URL is and after a few days that domain redirect to...
  4. Slangur

    Thoughts On Negative SEO? What Do You Think?

    Hello, i am just curious if any of you have ever experienced, or been the person doing negative seo? What is it exactly? Obv it hurts someones seo essentially, harmful links, etc. But has anyone ever done it, intentionally? Or have you ever had it done to you? Has anyone ever used bots to...
  5. Epicster

    Spammy 301 redirections + .php spam

    So, yesterday I brought a new domain, completely fresh, never registered before but today I am seeing lots of spammy 301 redirects being done on it. With these spammy 301s, I am seeing lots of being redirected to login and brute-force attempts. Like, >...
  6. jemzozole

    Can you use black hat seo to hurt your competitors SEO?

    Hello! Is there anyone who offers black hat SEO to affect competitors' sites negatively? Are there any case studies regarding that?
  7. laur.laurix

    [METHOD] How to prevent and fight off a Negative SEO Attack

    I see a lot of new or old members of BHW piss their pants and make desperate HELP ME threads when they get hit by a Negative SEO Attack. So I decided to share a little method that can protect your website from any negative SEO attack. G is smart enough now to detect a simple negative SEO attack...
  8. crystalwiz

    GSA Shitty Links to a Money Site [Hell]

    Hey guys, I have this question. So say I blasted 500k GSA shitty comment backlinks at a money site's blog post. Now I have deleted the blog post. Will this deletion erase the negative effect of the 500k spammy backlinks? In your experience, please let me know.
  9. J

    Is it possible to block 301 redirection done for my friend website?

    Hey Folks, Looks like someone implemented the negative SEO for one of my friend's website. Negative SEO is in the manner of 301 redirection to the original site. I have suggested reporting abuse to the hosting provider, complaining to DMCA, tried Rewrite Condition on .htaccess file but still...
  10. wirestyle

    How can you spot negative SEO for adult money site?

    I'm starting to think my site has been hit with negative SEO....Is it even possible to locate negative SEO in Google Search Console that may possibly be affecting organic traffic? if so, how?
  11. B

    How the sellers are saving their PBN domains?

    For example, PBN backlinks seller giving the report with domain list and the buyer purposely or unknowingly used toxic links for building tier2. What kind of effects will be on buyer money sites because of toxic tier 2? What kind of effects will be on PBN? Expecting answers from all kinds of...
  12. Banik_Babe

    How to stop spam backings to non-existing pages?

    My website was hacked a month ago, over a thousand spam pages were created. I restored the whole host. But thousands of spam back links are being generated with spam anchor texts linking to those pages (that are now non-exiting after I restored) My back link profile is fucked because of 15k...
  13. Banik_Babe

    Help: Autogenerating spam links

    Due to some security issues probably a bot had broke into my backend and created over a thousand webpages through URL INJECTION. My site was put on review by Google and I was notified by webmaster tool. I cleaned the entire hosting account and restored it to normal. But now there are a lot of...
  14. T

    how to tell if i am getting negative SEO'd

    I have good reason to believe that my competitor may be trying to negative SEO me. I know i need to monitor my backlinks, but can't sites block crawlers from tools like Ahrefs and Moz? Or will these tools pick up any potential negative SEO links?
  15. Starblazer

    Youtube negative SEO

    Can any competitor destroy our youtube channel using negative SEO? The spam links don't seem to affect the channel much, so I don't bother about them. Can the free views platforms, SMM panels etc give spam signals to Youtube? Most youtube channels get banned because of copyright/guidelines...
  16. K

    Negative SEO campaign against Client

    Happy Holidays Black Hatters. I have a client who's site allows for free sign up. Daily the client is having 100s of sign-ups -when signing up the bot uses real email address. I'm spending some amount of time per week deleting these users, plus when signing up they receive a transactional...
  17. shady185

    Is negative SEO still a thing?

    I have a website in the quotes niche targeting very high volume, low competition and low cpc keywords (Majority Indian traffic). It is over 6 months old and was getting over 20k visits per day(though I was earning very less). A couple of weeks back I saw a drop on few keyword positions and...
  18. RandomX

    [HELP] Spammers stole my 2 years of hard work

    Spammers stole my 2 years of hard work by building bad links from porn sites, which i am not aware of. when i checked in the morning most of my top ranking keywords (head terms) in the first page went to 6th page and also dropped my DA. when i checked in a SEMRUSH tool, my site was linked to...
  19. D

    Drop down ranking of a single page

    Hello there, I would like to hire some services as part of a strategy of negative SEO, the main objective is to drop the position in Google of a single page in Spain. Can you help me with that? Budget: 300€
  20. P

    Do you disavow spammy links?

    Hey guys, I have someone "threatening" me that he'll negative SEO my website with thousands of bad links and that he'll copy my site's content on some low quality sites, if I don't buy his "white hat" backlinking service. I didn't reply, but it got me thinking about the vulnerability of my...