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Jan 9, 2019
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Common Mistakes in Shopify/Dropshipping Business!

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Your Shopify store will never break above 10k-15k per month if you’re not following these 3 fundamental rules:


You let your purchasers forget about you. Your purchasers are 55% more like to buy from you again than a cold audience.

Build out a WELL-WRITTEN email/messenger campaign and give them an offer they can’t refuse. If your product is valuable, you’ll be able to double your revenue you spending just an hour or two on a proper follow-up campaign.


You have 156 different products on your store and no one knows why the hell they came there in the first place... and they also don’t know why every item is 60% off for some strange reason. Fishy, right?

From winter jackets to home goods, your store has no direction. You not going to be the next Amazon just because you’ve figured out how to drop-ship products from China to the US by running a Facebook ad.

Niche down to 1-5 VALUABLE products, and focus on these key items.


You’re not running paid traffic. And if you are, the messaging isn’t relevant to your store.

Keep your sales high and your ad costs low by running relevant ads that speak DIRECTLY to your ideal customer.

Fix it all and you'd ideally surpass the valley of death mark for any dropshipping business.

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