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Jan 9, 2019
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How to increase conversion rates and become a master in ecommerce/Dropshipping?
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People no longer trust scammy looking sites that look like they've been created in one hour by a pre-schooler.

- You need to create a sophisticated, branded website that assures your customer, that you are a legitimate brand that has been around for a while. (even though you might just be starting) They need to perceive you as an expert in your niche.

- Countdown timers and huge, scammy "trust" badges are dead. Period. Only thing that is beneficial for your conversions are payment logos and guarantees during checkout. (Visa, Mastercard, American express and PayPal logos at the bottom of your page).

- Always use high quality images no matter what. There's nothing worse than seeing a good website with blurry images. (secret tip: Use shopify apps for optimising your website images, because high-quality images usually mean a large file size, which causes speed issues with your website. Those apps compress your images without the loss of quality, which improves your website speed.

- Hire a copywriter for product descriptions, if you don't possess this skill. It's always worth it to pay 50-100$ per product description, because highly talented copywriter will express every single detail and benefit of your product in the product description and spark emotions, ultimately making the buying decision easier for your customers.

- If your store is a niche store, theme it around that particular niche, and don't forget to add images and text that spark emotion In your potential customers. Also use that space to display as many products as possible, so when your customers reach the home page, they have lots of choices.

- Don't forget about a complex FAQ, about us and tracking page. Those really make a difference in your conversion rate, since admittedly, some customers never leave the product page and jump straight to purchase, however, a percentage of customers will go through your store thoroughly and in detail, before making that purchase. They are just careful, and want to make sure, that they are dealing with the best. So don't underestimate those pages.

- Use a sticky ATC button, and let people choose. Some people say, use add to cart button because it feels more credible, some people say, use buy now button that takes customers straight to purchase, because it makes the process shorter. I say, use both. Some people wanna go through the cart page, and some people are eager to buy and want to jump straight to purchase. Why would you lose sales by turning one or another customer kind away?

- Use white background images as your main product image, always. This makes your store look more consistent and professional. Make sure to erase any logos or text in the background.

Advertising costs are getting higher and higher, and that's why you can't no longer rely on the profit margins you get from the advertised product

- You HAVE to use upsells to increase your average order value

- This allows you to earn way more money on your sales, since you sell more without extra advertising cost.

- Post-purchase upsells are the best, since they only get presented to your customer after they have purchased something, and therefore aren't going to affect your conversion rate in any way. You can only gain from using them.

- My favorite post-purchase upsell is OCU by Zipify. It's quite costly, but if you already have orders coming in, it will definitely help you with increasing your bottom line.

- I also use bundles in form of "frequently bought together" next to my product. This is not as effective, but also works. Make sure, that the items you offer in a bundle are highly relevant. For example, teeth whitening kit + toothpaste.

AliExpress is lengthy, pricey and makes you lose money. Let me explain why

- Fulfillment with Oberlo is very lengthy. Fulfilling orders one by one takes tons of time and is very counterproductive.

- Ever noticed, how long does it take to get your order processed on AliExpress? Usually 3-5 days until you get your tracking numbers, which in most cases don't even work yet.

- Shipping times are just terrible, there's no argument about that. Why would customers wait for 20-30 days to receive their order, when your manufacturers are offering way better shipping times.

- I use a private fulfillment agency in India (My Homeland) and China, which takes care of all my sourcing and fulfillment needs, allowing me to have control over my product supply, warehousing, better quality, better prices than AliExpress, quality control, and most importantly, products delivered in 4-9 days on average + processing and tracking numbers done on the same day.

- Use branded packaging and include something little extra inside, such as thank you card with a discount code for their next purchase.

Top-tier customer support is the key for keeping customers happy

- If you are not on a level to have dedicated people for customer support yet, simply hire a VA. Virtual assistant can help you with a variety of tasks, such as the customer support, pasting tracking numbers into shopify, searching for products and audiences on Facebook and many many more, allowing you to save time to focus on more important parts of your business, such as scaling.

- Make sure your customer support emails are answered within 24 hours of your customers sending them to you. This increases open-rate, as well as the chance of your company solving the problem before your customers get angry. (secret tip: Always include "RE:" at the beginning of your email subject. This increases open rate tremendously)

- Make sure your customer support speaks fluent and grammatically correct English. That's why it's exactly not a good idea to hire a cheap VA from the Philippines

- Make it clear on your website, that you have a prime customer support, and that your customers don't have to worry.

Healthy and responsive email list results in a healthy revenue outside of your ad spending

- Build, nurture and engage with your email list.

- The best way to capture one's email is, to exchange something valuable for it. Either a discount, valuable article that fits your niche, or a small gift. Exchanging something with an AliExpress price of 0.5$ for someone's real email address? Totally worth it.

- When capturing the email, use verification, to make sure it's their active email address, and not some junk.

- Actively send your customers emails. You can hire a copywriter to prepare emails for one or two weeks in advance, so you can automate the process. You shouldn't try to sell something in every email. Keep it informational and playful. Once they have the trust and are engaged with your brand, you can sell them through emails.

- Only send people relevant stuff, and the things that they want to see. (Don't spam them with some irrelevant junk, or they will unsubscribe, quickly.)
Always share value with your list, so they are excited for your next email.

That's it for this set of tips. Hope you gained some value that you can implement, and see an increase in your conversion rate and customer retention!

Good luck, champion!


Nov 26, 2017
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How can I deal with the delivery time if I am located in Europe,Netherlands?

Shubhankar Paranjape

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Jan 9, 2019
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How can I deal with the delivery time if I am located in Europe,Netherlands?
Opt for private manufacturers/sellers. If you are using something like aliexpress or such, you can directly text your vendor to use him privately and let them know that you're a dropshipper, or opt for someone local. If you can't find any, get in touch with me, I've multiple in contact who can help with lower delivery times.