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  1. therp


    Hello, Good Day Everyone. In morning i got email from stripe asking for additional verification. Everything was going smooth, none of my customers appealed for refunds etc. still they're doing these additional check and stopped my payout. What i need to do? Has anybody else confronted this? I've...
  2. J

    Dropshipping digital products ( Windows & Antiviruses)

    Hey guys, so I came across a lot of suppliers for Microsft products mainly office and windows and few antiviruses ( Norton, Kaspersky etc) the price is incredible and the products already work, few have been sold on platforms like Rakuten and everyone is happy ( I personally tried few and no...
  3. K

    How to invest 2000 $

    So i live in the Balkans and working two jobs i saved 2000 $, i am thinking of opening and ecom story , probably dropshipping from an USA supplier. finished the Beast of Ecommerce course , and it gave me a lot of insight. You think it is a good idea ecommerce in general and dropshipping from the...
  4. loukeyzee

    ✅✅ Start Making $$$$ with Your Own Game Key & CD Key Website │ Fully Automated with Wholesale Integration ✅✅

  5. alurosu

    Is buying / selling redbubble shops a thing?

    Recently I could change my redbubble account email, but only through contacting support. So that makes me think: do you guys buy/sell redbubble shops? Is that a thing? I'm not interested in your offers at the moment. I just want to know if this is a market.
  6. NProductions

    Setup a Dropshipping Website.

    HI , I wanted to work with a drop shipping expert - Developer. please send me the sites u have made which is doing good at the moment. i have a domain ready.. I need complete support - technically.
  7. R

    (Method)Targeted audiences

    Drop ship sport and fitness equipments what to target? How to target?
  8. HenryObi

    Which Of You Dropshippers Own These?

    US Customs and Border Protection says it seized almost $4,000 worth counterfeit Apple AirPods. The fake ear pods were discovered in a Chinese shipment at a DHL facility on June 1, CBP said Thursday. While checking the package for its lithium-ion batteries, CBP officers said the "quality of the...
  9. Tall_Mike

    Product Research Tools - Ebay and Amazon

    Hey BHW community, I am going to begin selling on eBay and Amazon and I wanted to see if there were any product research tools you guys would recommend that would be good for both platforms. I had 2 ideas in mind - 1. Get JungleScount and use it specifically for the Amazon marketplace, and...
  10. D

    Advice needed: Selling journals on Shopify vs Amazon

    Hi BlackHatters! It's a crazy world out there right now with all the virus shenanigans and all, so I hope everyone is safe and well. I'm new around here and I'm just in complete awe of the amount of content and community spirit here - it's nice to have such a supportive bunch of folks from all...
  11. W

    Help me to answers some haunted doubts on EBay drop shipping

    As a newbie for the past few days I was trying to understand more about Ebay dropshipping. Even though I got many good informations from this forum , few doubts are still haunting me. I hope this post will help me to find answers those. How long should I wait to post my first product incase...
  12. D

    My chrome extension for dropshippers

    Hi , i recently developed chrome extension that helps dropshippers to easy download and edit AliExpress product images and videos. I currently have 100 users, I am willing to pay you per download if you can promote my extension to fb groups about dropshipping or promote that on...
  13. 2richtospeak

    How do i get to create and verify an account on 1688?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to start a dropshipping business since last month, having read an article that items on 1688 are cheaper compared to Aliexpress. I am actually building a large but kinda specific niche, i am yet to complete it. So far i have gotten my first 3 orders even before...
  14. HappyCompany

    Starting my first dropshipping site

    Hi guys, I inquired about dropshipping and how it works. The operation of dropshipping impressed me a lot and I decided to start my first dropshipping site together with a friend of mine. And now the problem comes. Do you know any updated getting started guides? Advice on how to get started...
  15. gummel

    Help Dropshipping in the car accessories niche?

    guys please can someone give me a list of portable car accessories that are good for dropshipping<?
  16. Shubhankar Paranjape

    How to increase conversion rates and become a master in ecommerce/Dropshipping?

    How to increase conversion rates and become a master in ecommerce/Dropshipping? Source:Unknown ------------- Here's my earlier posts related to ecom/dropshipping just incase you need more help! Post 1- https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/shopify-based-dropshipping-with-fb-ads.1147476/ Post 2-...
  17. gummel


    TLDR: It appears that moving over €2,500 internationally is a big risk with PayPal... + Other potential reasons for bans & holds I don't want to be a drama queen here & this is just my opinion based on very recent bans & very credible press sources + dozens of legitimate businesses being shut...
  18. S H E E T

    (WTA)Step after you got your own dropship web

    Hi, 1. So what is the best way to start promote your dropship web? Any step that've been written here? 2. Own instagram with small followers and make some money (little money) and how do you make use of your web on Instagram? Just a newbie questions. I'm looking a proper way to start before i...
  19. E

    Morning all

    Me, setting up a series of e-commerce sites, and are initially interested in finding some regular contributors regarding SEO, I have knowledge and experience myself, but cannot do everything (unless I get that famed cloning machine). Articles, PR & DA are what I would need. And, well have...
  20. Caloriies

    Dropshipping sex toys?

    First of all, I apologize in advance if this topic isn’t allowed here, I’m new to this website. Anyway, I have a following of some pretty horny dudes all over the world, would it be a wise idea to start stop dropshipping male sex toys? Or would I just be stupid