1. L

    moving from shopify to wordpress

    I have a website in shopify i want to be saved from the cost of shopify and its apps and want to move to wordpress so is it a good idea or not ?
  2. MgicalaEarner

    My First Try With Shopify And Here are the results

    It's 1 Am here(sleepy:oops:) and i just came here to post my results with Shopify, this was my first try and i got good results.(Did lots of researched from last some months tho :D) i launch ad yesterday and here are the results. I always thought to try shopify from last 3 years but never took...
  3. Vinny3001


    LAUNCH YOUR NEW SHOPIFY E-COMMERCE DROPSHIPPING BUSINESS IN ONE WEEK I will create a Shopify E-commerce Dropshipping Store on any niche (sports, home&garden, camping, gadgets, etc). When we build your Shopify Store, you get all the ingredients you need to start your own business. You...
  4. MgicalaEarner

    [Shopify Expert] Please help to edit this

    I am trying from last 2 hours how to edit this bar , i can't find this in customize theme and not able to find in edit codes. Please if someone can help me out it will be appreciated
  5. Xaliu

    Shopify Customizations

    What I need is to code the bikini products I have on my Shopify shop to be 2 parts instead of 1 piece and that it will calculate the top and the bottom in 2 different inventories so I can manage it and get out of stock on each size separately. If you can do this. PM mee ASAP!
  6. Historyonfire

    Hire Shopify Developer to Duplicate a Site

    Hello, I am looking to recreate a site in Shopify (the original site is also in shopify.) It is a fairly simple one page presale site. Preferably I'd like it done in some sort of page builder as I'd need to make a lot of tweaks afterwards to make it suit my needs. Recreating the website word...
  7. Pratham394

    Google news site with shopify store on subdomain

    Hey, I am going to make a google news website (will apply to Google news after making enough posts) thing is, the domain I am going to be using already has a shopify store on shop (.) domain . com would it be a problem in getting the approval? I am an avid reader of news in this niche and my...
  8. SocialNed

    Need a Shopify Dev to help with 2 Super Easy Code Edits $10

    I have a Shopify store using the Venture theme. I currently have two issues that I need to rectify. 1. I need to create a subcollection within a collection for my homepage menu. 2. I need to remove buttons on the homepage slideshow This should take 10 minutes max for someone who knows what...
  9. SMMnet

    Follow Along My Shopify Journey... 6+ Years Marketing Experience Going From $100/month to $10,000/month

    Intro Surprisingly enough, I have never blogged about my previous successful Shopify Journeys. This thread will not be like most so if I were you, I'd get a Shopify site set up and follow along with this if you don't have much experience. I am going to share every single aspect of what I do...
  10. I

    I have spent 100$ till now with facebook Ads what should i do

    I have spent 100$ till now (1 sale) im thinking to wait a little more till 200$ and then to decide to go to the next porduct that do you think
  11. chrayka

    Anyone tried this Social proof app Notic ?

    Hello guys , i found this social proof app here is their website : and im wonderring if anyone here is working with them , i've been using other apps on my websites but you know they are a little bit pricy but this one has good prices , please if anyone can help me ASAP .
  12. J

    Dropshipping digital products ( Windows & Antiviruses)

    Hey guys, so I came across a lot of suppliers for Microsft products mainly office and windows and few antiviruses ( Norton, Kaspersky etc) the price is incredible and the products already work, few have been sold on platforms like Rakuten and everyone is happy ( I personally tried few and no...
  13. W

    Payment Gateway urgent help.

    Hi guys basically i run a clothing drop shipping business based in the UK using shopify that has been consistent making 10k a month with highs of 30k a month last year. Recently I've received a-lot of chargebacks due to covid shipping delays, a bug with oberlo that desyncd products and wasn't...
  14. W

    Hello Everyone! I am new here BHW.

    Hello Everyone! I am new here BHW. I am wordpress ,shopify developer and Short video ads expert. If you need any help or service then please feel free to have a chat with me. Regards Webdivinepro :)
  15. R

    Klarna account in Sweden From Unsupported Countries ?

    Hey guys, Hope you doing well everyone Anyone experience with opening Klarna account for Sweden, from an unsupported country? We have ecom store in Sweden, we do quite good numbers but our weakness is Klarna since Klarna is the primary payment method in Sweden we would like to connect this...
  16. Krizzzly

    [Successful Journey] to living wage with eCommerce Branding

    *edit: I reposted this so I can put the appropriate tags on this to make it easier to find. I was also inspired to put successful Journey because of @Bloooop. Hey guys, I want to start this journey not only to improve my marketing and copy but also because eCommerce intrigues me. I'm also...
  17. diamondhands

    [FREE] Random tips to increase your eComm sales today, or just finally create your own store already...

    Hey all! I thought that I will give you some of my own tips, scripts, & templates that I use for all of my dropshipping stores. They're not "rocket-science" or anything like that, but every-time I create a new store the first thing I do is I implement these things to increase my AOV, make my...
  18. K

    [Journey] Growing my store with Social Media

    Hello everyone, I'm very happy that i have found this forum, searching for new niches gave me a new idea i'm now working on, there's lots of knowledge i can implement and i decided to create this journey so i can motivate myself and hopefully some of you. I used to own a small ecommerce which...
  19. V

    Shopify payment gateways for North Macedonia

    Hi all, i'm planing to open a shopify store from North Macedonia but Paypal and Stripe are not supported in my country are there any other alternatives i can use?
  20. Intexam

    Please recommend an elegant and modern theme for single product

    The store will have only 1 item to sell. Also it will be monthly subscription based. Which theme would you recommend and which plugin/app for monthly subscription?