1. ASGTwicit

    How to always keep 'Welcome Deal' on Aliexpress

    I have a good product and a good way of marketing it, but I know the 'welcome deal' only lasts for 24 hours after account creation. I know i can also just make new accounts to keep the deal, but is there any other way around this? thanks :)
  2. D

    Chinese Dropshipping Suppliers

    Hello, I recently started dropshipping and started making a profit, but I wanted to increase my sales and recently I learned that I can work directly with Chinese suppliers outside of AliExpress. Does anyone know how I can find these suppliers? And how is the logistics done outside of aliexpress?
  3. D

    What is the best woocommerce aliexpress addons ?

    Hello Everyone. I am looking forwards to make my dropshipping compagny next year And like any successfull compagny i start to make my research before doing anything so i started to look for dropshipping addon for woocommerce and two come to my attention First one is dropified and second one...
  4. F

    Aliexpress buyer

    Hi guys Im looking for someone trusted that can buy me item from aliexpress and i will pay him back by crypto contact me ''it's little item'' Thanks
  5. F

    Aliexpress vcc!!

    Hi everyone I have litle problem ,I want to shop in Aliexpress but the problem is I don't have vcc to pay for items, I'm looking for vcc that works in Aliexpress that are tested by you ,I tried paywithmoon but they are not accepting it anymore ,could you guys suggest me idea that works with you...
  6. The Universe Legend

    Cashback from aliexpress

    Hey BHW, Is there anyway to get a cashback from aliexpress while purchasing, that gives a cashback for any product you buy in aliexpress not just the ones they suggest. I already tried igraal but the platform doesnt load in my profile, so any other option would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. antdiy

    I am an Ali Dropshipping expert and provide you all kinds of dropshipping help.

    I am a senior Ali dropshipping expert and very happy to join BHW. If you need any help about dropshipping & sourcing from china market, you can ask me and i will tell you everything i know. Thanks!
  8. D

    Looking for old Aliexpress Accounts, normal accounts, preferable in bulk

    As the title says. Accounts with 1 year or more, it doesn't necessarily have to be a seller's account, just normal ones are fine.
  9. wecreative

    [Exclusive Offer] Make Tons Of Money With A Complete eCommerce or Dropshipping Store ★ Starting from $250 ★

    If you want to build a high-performing eCommerce store, but have no idea where to start, how to find the right products, how to start earning, then WeCreative helps you. We had built top-profitable eCommerce stores that are selling thousands of products in a month. ASK FOR A SAMPLE? Why You...
  10. J

    withdraw money from aliexpress in 5 days

    anyone has a method to withdraw money from aliexpress in 5 days?
  11. L

    Question from wordpress expert

    I want to make wordpress ecommerce website which plugin is used to add automated products in my website and from where i will add the automated products aliexpress alibaba amazon can some one please clear my confusion Thank You
  12. IGNEWB

    [JV] My cheap US domestic shipping + Your connections to packages/suppliers (Ebay/Etsy/AliExpress/Alibaba)

    I currently have a system and business in place to send domestic packages for up to 90% off in the United States. I'm looking for someone who has connections or marketing capabilities to attract medium to large volume shipping clients. Some ideas are Etsy sellers, Ebay sellers, small businesses...
  13. AuraMarketing

    DMCA notice received on Shopify Store

    I've just received a DMCA takedown notice for images on 2 of the products. Shopify took down the products. The notice also asks for all sales made to calculate financial damages. I am dropshipping and the images were imported from Aliexpress using Oberlo/Dropified. My country: India I've made 0...
  14. GRQ Thomas

    [METHOD] Dropshipping made as easy as it can be

    Hey guys, Recently been trying to be more active on Blackhat since I'm liking this community - both for the intellect and the motive behind doing things. Nonetheless, I decided to post a method that's been working for me for the past 2 months with, in my opinion, pretty good results. It ain't...
  15. B

    Is there any aliexpress dropshipping importer

    Good day to all. Does anyone know for sure of any aliexpress dropshipping importer for ETSY. To import products directly from aliexpress to Etsy. Preferably one that has a free option. Happy Quarantine.
  16. M

    Buying on Alibaba

    hi, I am noob on Alibaba, and I am thinking of buying some item in bulk with a supplier there. I am wondering what kind of payments do they accept. On Aliexpress, we get buyer protection and if a seller is up to no good, I can get some recourse from AE. Does it work the same on Alibaba?
  17. See you vader

    How does Paypal Check for Tracking numbers ?

    When I get the tracking number from my suppliers, it works on some tracking websites like 17track and others not. Which website does Paypal use to check for the tracking ? And should I enter the tracking number to Paypal transaction even though it works on some website and some websites not ?
  18. See you vader

    Shipping an order to Puerto Rico ?

    Can't find someone to ship an order to Puerto Rico.. I need to enter the tracking number for a Paypal limitation asking for "Proof of fulfillment". What's to be done ? P.s : The order is to a PO Box.
  19. Heiko

    Dropshipping - Long Delivery Times

    Hi, Apart from the current situation that is going on right now, i can understand that shipping takes longer than usual, but i tried dropshipping for the first time in 2016 and had the same problem which caused me to quit dropshipping, because i could not figure out a solution. Basically...
  20. miniblicher

    Wocommerce plugin for Aliexpress

    Hi BHW I would like to hear you opinion on what dropshipping plugin you think is the best for woocommerce? Iam thinking about using Woodropship. I think it looks like a good plugin that can be set up automatically. Looking forward to hear you opinion on a good dropship pluging for Aliexpress...
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