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  1. Mr H

    Any trick For google ads video campaign!??

    how to get more views through google ads using shot method on lower cpc people get views by playing tricks with google ads any trick for 2021!??
  2. wolfofcraigslist

    Playstore Reviews

    Can anyone recommend a Playstore review vendor?
  3. F

    Why can't I verify GMB listings through Email, Phone, etc.

    Whenever I go to verify my GMB listings, the only option there is always the damn postcards. They never show up and are hard to get because we are a home service business with no physical address. I have read the other ways of verifying a GMB listing, however, those options are not available to...
  4. B

    Need google review (British Columbia Accounts, local IPs only)

    It could be a long term deal if you can provide google review with absolutely genuine account. Preference: Account should be local guide or have posted at least 3+ reviews PM me with your quote and details.
  5. Spider King

    i need domain with adsence account and pin verify must

    i am looking who can give me domain with adsence account and pin verify must Plz contact me
  6. alishakapoor

    How to competitor analysis for Google my business page

    What are the pointer which we need to look at? Thanks!
  7. SEO-TechGuide

    Is pay per click PPC right for Business in 2020?

    Pay Per Click in 2020 is expected to be higher as the number of small, medium and large PPC management service providers arises in the digital world. These PPC ads can be shown on websites, blogs, and youtube channels and here the advertisers pay only when the ads are Clicked. So for those...
  8. Renfield-Files

    Google Answers + Local SEO

    If you colaborate as a local guide you know how much Google ask you about its own demanded informations. Turns out local guide help you a lot with keywords searchings. What Google ASK you It is what you will easily rank. Google now ask even about adult niches if related to places. After all...
  9. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Common Mistakes in Shopify/Dropshipping Business!

    Common Mistakes in Shopify/Dropshipping Business! -------------- Here's my earlier posts related to ecom/dropshipping just incase you need more help! Post 1- Post 2-...
  10. Shubhankar Paranjape

    How to add $25k in Revenue per month without any effort!

    How to add $25k in Revenue per month without any effort! Source:Unknown -------------- Here's my earlier posts related to ecom/dropshipping just incase you need more help! Post 1- Post 2-...
  11. See Gre

    Are you F****d by fake competitors GMBs?

    There are tons of GMBs online which are fake and there is no real business at that place. These fake GMBs are ruining many genuine business. Lot of traffic is diverted to these GMBs. Are you a business owner and is your business suffering from such GMBs?
  12. LatestPhoneZone

    I'm yet to receive my Google my Business pin

    Hello guys! I need a suggestion on what to do next. I applied for Google My Business for the past 2 months and was told that my verification pin will reach my address within 14 days. This is the second month and I'm yet to get the pin. What do you guys suggest I do?
  13. See Gre

    Google reviews deleted

    Due to some bug many people are facing issue of deletion of Google reviews from their business page. How many Google reviews are deleted from your GMB's? Are reviews fake or genuine?
  14. See Gre

    Google Local Guide Reviews Blessing to your Business

    Google is giving badges to the people who are contributing on Google Maps. Google Business page can be ranked higher if Google Local Guide reviews are on your Google Business Page. Now Google is asking Google Local Guide to make their favorite places list and Google will rank the business in a...
  15. See Gre

    updation by BIG G

    Google updated the Google Local Guide points policy that can help local business in local SEO. Each local guide can make his own list of businesses he likes and each list will give him 10 points. New! Earn Local Guides points for amazing lists Lists on Google Maps are the easiest way to share...
  16. Delboy2424

    GMB: ‘Their website mentions X’ where does this pull from?

    Have seen some results in the local snack pack where ranking is due to the keyword being mentioned.... GMB shows this by stating, ‘their website mentions KW’ Does anyone know where does google pull this from, the GMB business description or from a volume of content posts?
  17. T

    GMB expert Needed / ranking help needed

    Hi I had a listing ranked no 1 on google for the past 3 years suddenly had a massive drop in rank no info was changed on the listing that may cause this and experts who can help or any insight welcomed pls help Thanks
  18. CliveTheSnail

    WTB Google Business Reviews - CANADA

    Hi everyone! New to forums, not sure if this is an option or allowed, if not please delete! Looking to buy Google Business Reviews, for a Canadian business. Is there ANY way to buy reviews from the Canadian city my company provides local services in so they look even more legit? I need to bury...
  19. LordSwarovski

    Make money by finding us the people at the required locations

    We are the company that is verifying Google locals for various businesses across the US. We have a network of affiliates that work for us, by searching for the peoples in specific areas and offering them to verify the Google Local on their location. We pay $65 per verified local. Most of our...
  20. Joshgnh

    Yelp reviews and google maps business address

    Hello. Trying to set up a local business. I need a good Yelp reviewer and somebody who can provide with an address for google maps. Thank you!