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Are Chaturbate Fake Tokens A Legit Thing?

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    Nov 7, 2017
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    I am need of a bot for a webcam site named Chaturbate. I need registered colored users(that have tokens) for my room so it will count to put me on the first page. I will be able to have a better chance on CB this way and it is widely known other models use it as well, mainly studios.

    I have done a lot of research and basically found out how it is possible, but would make it so much easier if someone else could do it for me. You may have a different way of doing it but if you think you can do it this way, please comment.

    I am looking for 50 to 150 light blue users to put in my room. For this you will have to make this many accounts and then buy tokens for them (best to use cheapest available option) or generate fake tokens(idk how this is done or if it is true). Then I shall need each account to have a proxy so that they are not able to get chain banned. Lastly a bot that can login to all these accounts and direct them to my room or link on Chaturbate.

    I have the technology and the broadband to handle all this. And, also advancing to the best of the best.

    Before I pay for this from you, I will expect a demo. This needs to be reusable as well. Name your price. Comment below and I will reply.

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    Do you expect someone to front $500-$1.5k in credits (the smallest amount what you can purchase is $10) plus proxy costs to provide you a demo?

    Btw you won't be able to reply, only VIP members can reply in this section.
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