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  1. dieuetlefer

    Tinder bot work but shadowban

    Hello I'm able to make some tinder account (an infinity) and on any other app (if you have some idea I'm here) But I need to bypass the shadowbanning, good proxy, good images, speed requests... For all that are able to make that, send me a message here or on my telegram for business association...
  2. NobleGuyHere

    Twitter bot gone forever

    sounds like Elon did it and no more bots
  3. S

    Instagram Bot with PHP CLI

    Hey guys, I need advice I recently found this video that shows the use of an instagram account creator bot. You can create accounts by adding a profile picture, a bio and it allows you to follow a specific user with the generated accounts. I would like to be able to recreate this bot can you...
  4. K

    Buy DeviantArt Bot

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a Bot that add views and Favorites on my projects. Please let me know if someone can provide me a bot like that.
  5. P

    Im Looking For SOme Bots

    I Need Either A All In One Social Media And Music Streaming Bot Or Mulitple Bots ..... I Need Bots For Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, Itunes Sale Bot, Audiomack, Beatstars, Instagram Bot Requests Account Creator , Following system, like system, custom comment system, intelligent...
  6. R

    New here, Is there a bot/program out there that can help with youtube comments?

    Say sending the same comment more than once at one time. Anyone know a program that would be good for that? Thanks.
  7. Y

    Twitter bot

    Hello guys, we are searching for a Twitter bot that would target accounts, hashtags, geolocation and send dm scripts to our new followers. Or at least something similar to this. Any suggestions?
  8. noellarkin

    Site Account Creation and being 'grandfathered in'

    For those of you who are seasoned botters, of course botting and account creation has been getting more and more expensive over time, whether it's the cost of proxies or recaptcha solving when you start botting a site do you try to make as many accounts as possible as early as...
  9. W

    Traffic bot generator

    Hello! I need a chaturbate bot, that can increase traffic in model room, Approx 500 - 1000 people. It can be real reg. users + guest users (like annonymous) All users need to unique proxy IP. Also I need a admin panel for easy use Please write your offers
  10. Minnehaha

    Bot expert needed to reverse engineer competitors bot system

    Need someone to make a bot that can identify difficult CMS footprints and perform tasks to such CMSs automatically such as fill out forms and create uploads. Please DM me for more information. Will pay top dollar for an expert to make these and will pay for any references or additional help...
  11. J

    Amazon upvotes bot

    Hi, I'm looking for an Amazon upvote bot with these features: - bulk account creator - view and add to wish list, gift list - upvote comments, reviews
  12. M

    Bot for mass account creation and page clicks on popular site

    I'm looking for a bot or (clickfarm service) to make to create thousands of accounts that can click and favorite pages of the site. Details to be discussed in private. Please be reasonable in budget.
  13. BradyX

    Looking for a Bot Developer to Send Bulk Messages on SEOClerk

    Hello I am looking for a bot developer who can send bulk messages on SEOClerk Needless to say, the bot should be smart enough so that it doesn't get detected. Payment after product is tested and delivered.
  14. Luksa998

    Help with tinder bot?

    I need someone to help me with tinder bot, i have no experience with tinder, but i have exp with instagram botting. I will pay, that isnt problem. I want to learn how to create new accounts on tinder without ban, shadowban :) Thank you in advance
  15. ATuringtest

    upvoting via Reddit API - bad idea ?

    Just looking for feedback from other botters on Reddit. Is it better to go through a headless selenium session to up vote, comment etc or is it safe via api ? What do you think is safe via api and not safe. Or just forget api becasue its the easist way Reddit can identify you botting ?
  16. Rosalíaa

    Instagram Unfollow/Like Bot

    Hey guys, I have a question. :oops: Do any of you know a cheap instagram bot which automatically unfollow, follow or like pics? I found some, but they don't work. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks :*
  17. Susanta Lohar

    What to do with 500 computers?

    I've 500-1000 Virtual Machine from aws. what should I do to make most money out of it?
  18. J

    I need bot

    I need some one to create a bot that can comment and share to social networks
  19. J

    How can I create activity for my all emails to be not blocked for unactivity (created by bot)

    Hello all, I create a bot where I create outlooks email with a unique private IP address for each account, the creation it's ok, but in 10days / 15 days my email is blocked because this isn't activity (or only 1 email was received to activate an account create on application). What's your...
  20. drin101

    alternative to jarvee

    whats a good alternative to jarvee or also an instagram bot it doesnt have to be for every social media