1. Bozuyuk

    What are your thoughts about the stock market?

    how do you evaluate your investments, what do you think about the stock market?
  2. C

    Smart Contract Trading Bot Dextools

    I see with each coin on dextools in the order book on the right side the yellow symbol for bots/smart contracts, which continuously execute different numbers of buy/sell orders. where can you integrate such a bot into your own token or where can you find a provider for it?
  3. bestspinner

    Better Alternative to Bitcoin

    if there is a better alternative to bitcoin, what do you think it is? what is that coin? must be decentralized, secure, limited, and impossible to ban. but faster and have more feature etc...
  4. K

    Hi , I need help on a token project I’m working on … anyone interested ?

    I need marketing ideas and how to make a project get the most attention and investors .
  5. D

    Looking for phone and email verified discord tokens

    Needing them in mass amounts.
  6. kptpiotr

    [JV] Need marketing expert who can reach devs of Telegram DeFi projects + my DeFi marketing services

    Hi! I am a crypto enthusiast + programmer. Made many bots for Telegram and automation. I am into crypto since 2017. I have participated in a few smaller crypto token projects - but I noticed now everybody can set up his own token and sell it on Pancakeswap! So I decided to give services to those...
  7. eaglehunter

    Looking to hire an experienced BSC token Dev

    Hello, as the title suggests, we are looking to hire someone who has a big experience in BSC tokens and can deploy a token for us on the BSC blockchain. Let me know :) Only experienced devs please
  8. SocialManager

    [JV] Experienced Partners Needed For Established Crypto Project

    I have recently taken over a crypto project that is pretty established but had terrible management and was going to fail. I need to put together a team that will help me revive the project. We have very little money, and not a huge community, but we have a product coming in January that is...
  9. R4v3nbl4ck

    How about 100,000,000% APY? Snowbank DAO

    Snowbank DAO is yet another fork of Olympus DAO, but on Avalanche. It launched a couple of days ago so the current rewards are insane: 1,2% every 8 hours, 20% every 5 days or 100,000,000% per year. Of course, the APY is not gonna be like that forever. It will go lower and lower until it...
  10. R4v3nbl4ck

    Don't be too late, one of the best opportunities right now is CRO is one of the biggest exchanges in the world and they have been doing some massive marketing lately, including an ad with Matt Damon. Their mobile app has even surpassed Tik Tok in the Play Store. Their own token, CRO, is performing really well but it's still only worth $0.3 now...
  11. T

    Recovering money from token scam

    Recently I bought this token: 0xa033a49731b431cf009d4d72b4fbf0c15d8a501d The ticker was called VRA. Did some research (obv not enough..) and saw VRA was Verasity and it was established had lots of sites and was doing well. I bought it using BSC network. Value went up, was ok...till i tried...
  12. R4v3nbl4ck

    I think it might be a good idea to get some Safemoon before it's too late

    As some of you may remember, I bought Safemoon in april and made some profits. However, I'm still HODLing and here's why. When Safemoon was created, it was your typical shitcoin. BSC token, anonymous main dev, huge total supply, tokenomics, reflections, burns, no use case, and so on. Nothing...
  13. R4v3nbl4ck

    High risk, high reward DeFi with 8000% APY

    OlympusDAO is an experimental DeFi platform where you can currently earn about 8000% APY by simply staking its token called OHM. It's a legit project similar to Terra/LUNA and you can read how it works here: Obviously the APY won't be 8000%...
  14. R4v3nbl4ck

    Just found a new gem (not a shitcoin)

    Brokoli Network is a new, enviromentally friendly DeFi network aiming to offer a carbon-neutral metaverse that includes play to earn and NFTs. It's a legit company based in Estonia and the team, whitepaper (called greenpaper) and roadmap look really good. Its token is called BRKL and right now...
  15. R4v3nbl4ck

    This token is probably going to skyrocket

    As most of you probably know, gaming tokens like AXS can be extremely profitable. If you wish you bought AXS early, there might be a similar opportunity: GODS, the token from Gods Unchained. Its presale starts on october 13th on Coinlist, so if you are interested make sure to sign up and...
  16. S

    Dextools Trending Bot (+ Coingecko/CoinMarketCap Fast Track)

    Hi I am looking for a bot that can guarantee tokens I am launching will be trending on dextools "hot pairs" list for a good amount of time. If you can prove/guarantee you can do this I have the funds ready immediately and would like to work with you consistently to get our tokens trending. We...
  17. V

    Crypto Dilemma !

    Hi Is crypto market back on track ? I started few months ago and then came the big crash, so just stopped tracking anything and left everything where it was. Please suggest few coins to get into now.
  18. Muhatrima

    what do you think about this token ?

    Sonar Ping is among the newly listed coins on Coinmarketcap and it is a utility token rather than a memecoin, which I like the idea behind it. but as the team refused to mention any other pre-existing competitors, and i am sure there should always be, so are there any other pre-existing...
  19. eaglehunter

    Looking for someone who can create a token (BNB)

    As the title suggests, i am looking for someone who can create a meme coin or some token using bnb, then deploy is and burn LP and whatever those technical terms are if you can do, please contact me
  20. eaglehunter

    Looking for a new token Dev/ Experienced Token Marketer

    Hello As you might know me here on BHW for my marketplace thread to add targeted and real telegram members to telegram groups, I have been using this service to grow groups of new tokens for pre-launch and launch of a coin. I can even do mass shill messages to targeted members. What I am...
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