Blocked website on social media? Workaround Tutorial

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    Yesterday I was sitting around doing what I usually do (jerking off and stuff haha) and I receive an email from Pinterest that they have blocked my website on Pinterest.

    Say what?

    They're vague about the reason (spam, fraudulent activity, gaming the system), but I know that the reason is because my website sells social media followers/likes etc.

    My "marketing method" for this website and Pinterest was to simply create a Pinterest account, post each of my 15 pages on Pinterest, and then send likes and repins to those 15 pins, and followers to the profile. That's it. And the profile has been up and running that way for almost 2 years now. There was no spamming going on or anything like that.

    Well, after Pinterest blocked my site yesterday, I did a neat redirection thing, and then changed the website URLs my pins lead to, and now people can visit my website through my pins again ;)

    Then I decided to write an article about how I did it (to fuck with Pinterest, and to help others). The same method can be used to get around Twitter blocked links and Facebook blocked links and any other site.

    Here is my tutorial:

    It took me a few hours to write it. I hope you guys like it, and I hope it helps some of you with your social media promotion.

    Note: the only thing I didn't manage to do perfectly is have the image that appears on the blogger before the redirect be clear. If you check it out, you'll notice there's like an opacity on the image before the redirect happens. I checked CSS, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. If anyone can figure our why that opacity happens, let me know please.

    Note: Admins, I posted this here because I think it's a really good post that will help the community. But if you don't think so, then remove this thread.

    Note: The method is black/gray hat, but I've had other bloggers with similar redirects and blogger never removed any such blogs I have. So I'm comfortable it will last.

    Thank You!