1. AdaEllington Provides Non-Bot Services For All Social Medias & More | Free Trial Funds Available

    provides Non-Bot Services. Increase Sales & Engagement ABOUT US At ElixAds, our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to reach their marketing goals through strategic and data-driven advertising solutions. We believe in the power of effective advertising to drive brand awareness...
  2. joewhite66

    What are some effective strategies for growing a business using Pinterest?

    I'm looking to grow my e-commerce business using Pinterest. What are some effective strategies or tips for leveraging Pinterest to increase: visibility engagement Product Promotion Traffic and Conversions Best Practices sales for an online store? Are there any cooperation or partnership...
  3. T

    Looking to buy Aged/old Pinterest accounts

    if you know a website or someone who sells it let me know
  4. drums

    Free Pinterest pin templates

    Hello, where can I find free pin templates for Pinterest that I can use in Canva like this?
  5. zeus0071

    [Journey] First Making Money Journey

    So i ve been lurking here for a while and asking questions from time to time till recently i decided to actually move my ass and start doing something....i started working on two niches the 1st one is meme niche an the 2nd is about motivational , mental health and self improvement quotes for the...
  6. Scorpion Ghost

    [Giveaway] Get 25 Pinterest Repins

    I'm giving away 25 Pinterest Repins The giveaway is available for everyone. One delivery per person. For those interested, reply to this thread, and send me a message with your Pinterest pin link.
  7. King of the Pirates

    Business Pinterest Account For Sale | Active 6.3M Monthly Views | Real 3.3K Followers | Fashion Niche | Freebies Inside

    Hello there, Looking for your next cashcow journey? Well, this business pinterest account totally fits to you. This account is in fashion & beauty niche. It has a high engagement and monthly views rate and a large following of potential customers. You can use it to promote affiliate products or...
  8. techbeastzz

    Pinterest account

    How can I make money from this Pinterest account
  9. M

    PINTEREST.COM accounts

    PINTEREST.COM accounts ------- Description Accounts registered automatically. Confirmed by mail, rambler mail included. Gender - MIX. The profile is not filled out (on your request, it is possible to complite the profile individually). Accounts are registered with mobile proxies of different...
  10. T

    How do i add pinterest tag to clickbank so it tracks the sales

    I know there's no direct integration between CB and pinterest but is there any other way to actually connect them? i want to track where the sales are coming from. Suggest me some ways Thank you
  11. przemo123

    Strategy & tactics for Pinterest in 2023

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted here last time. I'm coming back with a question about Pinterest. Soon, I want to start running a fresh Pinterest account and want to ask you about your strategies, tactics and tips for growing the account in 2023? I'm talking about the regular, calm...
  12. T

    Has Anyone Tried Pinterest ads for Clickbank products? If yes, what's your experience with it and did you find it to be profitable?

    Thinking of starting pinterest ads for clickbank as they are relatively cheaper than google and FB
  13. Pleksa

    Making money on Pinterest?

    Hi guys so I was wondering how viable making money on Pinterest, I have an account with 500k monthly views which is OK, but It's just for art so it doesn't really produce any money, but whats important is that I really liked building the account up, so I was wondering if making more Pinterest...
  14. E

    Selling PLR eBooks with Facebook and Pinterest Ads. Any advice?

    Hi BHW, I have been trying to sell PLR eBooks on Shopify using Facebook and Pinterest ads for about a week now. So far no sales and I have spent about $100. Any suggestions for different ad platforms or eBook niches? The price i've been trying to sell at is $6.
  15. pinseller

    About pinterest

    Hey guys hope you are doing well. I'm new this amazing BHW forum. can you tell me which platform right now exist to sell high engage pinterest accounts? I tried playerup right now they now working properly. So can you suggest guys. I tried fb but also not working?
  16. d11

    150-220k of organic monthly views in pinterest

    I am getting 150-220k views per month on average, is it a big amount for pinterest and also is it monetizable (car niche)?
  17. blackhatterjames

    Method Of Sorting Pins By Repins

    Is there any method of sorting searched pins by most repins/date/likes etc.?
  18. A

    Is there something like ReviveOld posts for Pinterest?

    Hello, Has anyone figured out how to share old and new posts automatically from WordPress?
  19. mrsmilyy

    Can i post more than 10 videos per day without having problems ? (fb, tiktok, yt, insta, Twitter, pinterest, linkedin)

    Hy everyone, Can i post more than 10 videos per day without having problems ? (fb, tiktok, yt, insta, Twitter, pinterest, linkedin) What is the maximum numbers of videos to post in theses socials media without being like spammer and risking put down audience ? THANK you
  20. W3dCode

    Journey to 100.000 monthly views on Pinterest

    Hello :) This is my first journey ever and I hope updating this regularly could help me to stay motivated. First of all: who am I I'm a 19-year-old computer science student with the goal of using my programming skills to make a couple of bucks online. I never really made money online except...
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