1. tomwilpro

    1-12 months Aged PVA phone and email verified Instagram twitter and pinterest Accounts - Manually grown no automation or bots used + pro

    Aged PVA phone and email verified Instagram Accounts - Manually grown no automation or bots used + profile image/ bio + with content with followers ✅ Each account has a profile image, bio and a load of posts and followers. None of these have ever been used for any promotional content and not...
  2. PinnerMe | Convert all your WordPress posts to attractive Pins on Pinterest with one click and drive more traffic.

    FAQ Q. Do you provide trial membership? A. Yes, we provide a trial membership for 7 days. Q. How many Pins that can I generate with my membership? A. We have a monthly limit on each membership, but you can upgrade at any time you want. Q. How many websites can I use with Pinner? A. We made...
  3. Starblazer

    I posted 200 pins in a day and my Pinterest account suspended for spam

    All my pins are manually created and are posted in multiple boards. I have seen some accounts with over 18k pins in single board without any issues. This is also an old account and I've posted pins several times earlier. So, it's not like I created this account only to spam. Currently, I'm...
  4. googlebis

    Why pinterest's reach is so weird?

    This question is for guys who have experience with pinterest... some pins get no reach whatsoever, and they just stay that way. and some pins get 200-1k reach very quickly and then they just die and get no more reach!! this is so strange. and i don't think if it's about copyright issues...
  5. dank_chocolate

    Is it easy to beat Pinterest Pages?

    I have a simple question for y'all. Was just causally researching on a niche and I stumbled upon 100's of keywords in 'that' niche where there are only pinterest pages ranking and nothing else. Hardly do I see another site ranking there. There's one ranking which is like 10 years old, nothing...
  6. Nessuno

    Tool to Automate Pins Creation?

    Hi there, Is there a tool that can help automate the pin creation? Similar to what Tailwind create is doing. You put your article title + some subtitle or info and it generates 5/10 pins. Looking for an alternative. Thanks!
  7. googlebis

    Any plugin that shows how many shares/saves on other people's pins on pinterest?

    Any plugin that shows how many shares/saves on other people's pins on pinterest?
  8. PinnerMe

    Is it possible to convert all my WP posts to Pins at once?

    Hello, I want to share my experience using an app called PINNER, I checked this app for the first time last month, and since then, I got a good result. It generates Pins from your WordPress content with one click in 25 different optimized templates and at once. Bulk generating helped me share...
  9. T

    Get them (P)interested in your products

    Combine SEO and a visual platform, and you get... Pinterest! That’s exactly what makes Pinterest stand out: It combines the power of search with visual content. When used correctly, Pinterest can be a hell of an advertising channel. And according to the company, they deliver a 2.3x lower cost...
  10. everydayimhustling

    [HIRING] Pinterest Ads Expert

    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who has successfully ran Pinterest ads campaigns and can teach me advanced techniques. If you can show me your past success with the platform and explain what exactly you did to achieve it I can pay you for your time. I want to save time and not run...
  11. T

    The Beginners Guide to Pinterest SEO

    In this blog post, you’ll learn how to use Pinterest SEO in your favor and get your brand noticed by relevant audiences. Source:
  12. M0805

    Pinterest marketing

    Hi BHW I have a question about Pinterest is good for youtube marketing? I watch many videos about Pinterest marketing they say it's good for gain views. Is there any good method for gaining views and subs on Youtube?
  13. gbadge

    Set a site which mainly gets traffic from Pinterest for affiliate

    Can I setup a website to promote etsy products in 2021? I mean set a site which mainly gets traffic from pinterest, not from SEO. I write blog posts with etsy affiliate links to promote products, and then pin the blog link on Pinterest, will it work? Etsy Affiliate ToS says social sharing...
  14. S

    Does anyone have a pinterest business account?

    I want a Pinterest business account with some monthly viewers. Niche is not a problem. If anyone has it then please PM me.
  15. J

    Do you use Pinterest for ads?

    I've been working with Instagram and Facebook over the past 4 years and wanted to look more for other platforms and opportunities. Have you ever had experience with Pinterest Ads?
  16. M

    Problem with Pinterest FollowLiker

    Hello, i saw a Youtube Video from Matthew Sabia where i showed a free Traffic-Method with PinterestFollowLiker... He is just pinning his product and put his dropshipping store link in it. I followed his instructions but FollowLiker gives me Problems. I set it all up but always if i press...
  17. S

    I need help or an answer

    Hello guys, I have a Pinterest account with +20k subscribers. Everything is going great when one day my stats literally collapsed. I'll try to put a screenshot here. I changed nothing to my routine, I've never made any blackhat strategies or fake subcribers, I've built everything "organic"...
  18. Mozirra

    What The *** is Pinterest?!

    Hi For some of my keywords this Pinterest is taking all results for first Google page. First Link Pinterest. Second Link Pinterest. And ...
  19. MehtaM

    Does the country of account creation and use matter?

    If I want to have American audience but the account is created in different country and is being used from there too then do I get audience from USA or shall I use a proxy/VPN? Also, if I want to promote CPA offer then should I use direct links in pins or have a pre-lander on custom domain and...
  20. L

    Google is adding ig videos

    What’s y’all’s take on it? Will backlinks be used for greater use regarding ig? Article showing google is testing tik tok/ig videos I have noticed a lot of copying lately! Tik tok long videos—-> YouTube YouTube shorts —-> tik tok Instagram reels—-> tik tok Instagram guides ——> pinterest...