1. Crazy Lucifer

    What should I do with this blog? (This is one of my many blogs)

    HI guys! So this blog has 48 posts. All are handwritten and free from plagiarism. They are evergreen as well. The site ranks decently on Bing. But on google, it stopped ranking after 25th of April. What might be the reason? Its hosted on a free domain on blogspot. My other blog I started 2...
  2. designer style

    Do google Adsense give priority in approvement to blogger sites or no?

    Do google Adsense give priority in approvement to blogger sites or no?
  3. syconet

    Blogspot Domain with1 page & high DA

    Hello, I'm seeing some blogs with 1 page and high DA in some link profile. There is no redirection to those domain, though high number of backlink. Do you think such backlink will help the main site?
  4. jerseymason

    Blogspot with ChatGPT journey

    Hi Guys, so this is my first thread, with a low knowledge about hosting and etc so today decided to created a blogger an post some article by ChatGPT. #FirstDay - Making a blog with free premium template from net - Posting 10 article about making money, SEO, IT, and coding Sorry for the bad...
  5. hercai

    Can Adsense be taken to the site with extension?

    Hello, can we get Adsense approval when we apply for Adsense with the site we created with the "" domain that Blogger provides us free of charge without a custom domain? Has your Adsense application been approved for your sites with a domain before? I would be very...
  6. javadth

    what's is the best blogging platform to rank in Indonesia ?

    HI I want to create a blog and rank it in Indonesia. its language is also Indonesian I was thinking about WordPress or Blogspot, but do you know any other platform that can rank better in Indonesia?
  7. javadth

    API or bot to send posts to blogspot ??

    HI is there any bot or API tool to send posts to Blogspot blogs??
  8. jeanfrank

    How about publishing content on blogspot?

    Hi, guys I hope everything is going well with you guys. I saw some threads that the advantage of Blogspot has declined, someone said we should create a website with WordPress or buy a hosting plan. But I'm confused that the Blogspot belongs to Google, if we publish the content on it, Google...
  9. jeanfrank

    The authority of blogspot has decreased now?

    Hi, guys Did you try the Google blogspot? CUZ I found you were discussing other web 2.0 platforms. Does that mean the blogspot can not drive more traffics to our websites? Or may you recommend great platforms to publish the micro blog expect for the Medium? Thanks in advance
  10. V

    Should i index labels pages on my blog?

    hello everyone, i want to ask "do i need to index my labels page?" (I use blogspot) Is if I index the page label will be good for seo or even worse? Will if I index my label page will there be duplicate content? I need your help
  11. jem001

    I'm so proud of myself! basically made $15 on the intranet for entire 2021

    I can't believe I made it! Made lots of money on blogging! Thanks google!
  12. H

    Backlink & Blogspot

    Hello to everyone. I was checking the status of my site on ahrefs. I saw that my website got backlinks from a lot of blogspots. What is this ? What is the purpose and is it harmful?
  13. r8guitar

    Indexing Web 2.0 Links

    Hello Everyone! In link building I have noticed lately that it is very difficult to index web2.0 and in my case Blogspot. Since I mostly use blogger accounts for creating blogs on Blogspot. Do you have any suggestion to index them, which is not indexer because I tried to index them, and they...
  14. S

    BlogSpot Image Backlinks - HELPPPPPPP

    I have seen a lot of blog spots giving backlinks to money sites through images uploaded from the same money site. These Blogspots usually have just rubbish content in bulk quantity but just giving backlinks by embedding images in it originally uploaded from money sites. I am sure someone or many...
  15. nifras

    lots of blogspot linked to my domain does it will take down my site ?

    Hi guys, I am getting lots of links from the Blogspot site they copy my content and link to the original content image. so my question is it will affect my site ranking?
  16. H

    How are people putting their site URL on Blogspot dot com blogs

    I was using Ahrefs to perform a link analysis of my site and that of my competitors. I noticed something weird about by competitor. They have hundreds of backlinks coming from blogspot subdomains (example: something dot blogspot dot com). I followed a few of those URLs and found that those links...
  17. olo555

    Best software for submmiting articles on blogspot blogs?

    Hi, i have questions somebody know, good software for submmiting articles on multiple blogspot blogs?
  18. Ricardo R

    Bots are visiting my Blogspot blog. How to stop them?

    As in the stats in Blogger show high numbers but actually there are very less visitors as the site is very new. How to stop these scrappers and bots on Blogspot? Thanks in advance.
  19. Ricardo R

    For those of you who think Blogspots dont rank. Here is something that I found. 70,000 traffic as per SEMRush. The site started in February 2020.
  20. Ricardo R

    So I have found a weak blog and am thinking of reverse engineering it. The blog's name is available on Blogspot as subdomain but I need some advice...

    So the thing is I was doing some keyword research for my client on a niche. While doing so, I found a really weak blog which doesn't have much links but has some great content ideas and I checked its traffic, it is 8000+. The thing is I want to reverse engineer it. (I know kinds blackhat). So...
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