1. MadsDK

    The best way to preserve an expired domain's backlinks without restoring the linked pages?

    Hello, you lovely people. I have just bought a domain with 600 RDs, but with many links pointing to "" etc. What is the best way to preserve these links without manually re-creating all the pages? Would a redirect to the front page be effective enough or...
  2. S

    redirect visitors to a specific link once every 24 hours

    hi I want to redirect visitors to a specific link once every 24 hours how?
  3. David719

    [HELP] Problem with google cache

    Hello everyone, We have a problem with google cache - I saw 2 types of situation: 1) Everything is working 2) Problem with redirects - check for example this url - (delete this...
  4. georgetoons

    Tricky SEO redirect Question I need help with!

    Hi SEO geniuses, Okay so I have been managing one of my customers site since 2012 and over the years a lot of bad/spam backlinks where added by i dont know who that point to the https version of the website. At the moment i have done a 301 redirect from http to https. Now my question is if I...
  5. Norman_drey

    Back button redirect

    Is there any script or plugin I can redirect user to a specific page when they hit back button? (WordPress)
  6. Jinxer

    62 FREE redirect backlinks DA26-DA95

    Hey folks, found this list of redirect backlinks from nice DA sites. Suggest to use it for Tier 2 / Tier 3 backlinks to reinforce them (and to help indexing):
  7. castoro

    How to FULLY edit the category pages for a good SILO structure

    Hi guys I would like to create a website in which every post is about a certain aspect of a city. for the structure of the site I imagine it like a classic silo: Homepage Categories Subcategories (or maybe tags) Posts The link structure should then be:
  8. alex270

    How to Cloak Payment Gateway(Stripe/Paypal/Razorpay) Checkout?

    Hi I am an SMM seller, and I hope you are aware that popular card payment gateways (Paypal, Stripe, and Razorpay) do not accept the SMM business model, so I need to conceal(Cloak) my SMM business from the payment gateways mentioned above. Example: Site A: This is the SMM website that I need a...
  9. alex270

    SMM Business Card Payment Gateway Redirect Trick Option

    Hi I'm looking for a programmer or ready-made script that has experience with payment gateway redirects, bridges, cloaking, and funnel website methods. [Or] if you have a better solution that has worked in the past. Am SMM seller, hope you know popular card payment...
  10. tazarbm

    What do I do with 404 URLs?

    Hey, guys! I just ran a site audit for a domain that I had sitting around because it'll be due for renewal soon and I need to decide whether I'll keep it or let it expire. And I was going to let it expire, but for some weird-ass reason one of the long tail keywords (the domain is currently an...
  11. W

    Seo problem: Website with desktop and mobile version (subdomain)

    Hello, I have a problem with my website. I use a desktop version and a mobile version (subdomain with m. / eg: for better usability. If a mobile user gets to the desktop page, I redirect him to the mobile version. If a desktop user accesses the mobile version, I redirect him to...
  12. liquardo

    Best tool for handling many redirections? (outside WordPress)

    I have a smaller WP site and I want to "cut/paste" some articles to my more established site, then 301 redirect those to the similar URL's and everything else to the root domain. Example: > >
  13. HiQ

    Dears Your opinion is very important

    Hello, SEO experts If I have a domain K.c0m It has backlinks from highrank.c0m by ahrefs DR 50 UR 32 traffic 0, for example. direct backlink with keyword: free thickets and I redirect the domain for my item with 301 redirect 301 redirect > moneysite.c0m/catalog/free_tickets I...
  14. Terimouse

    Do networks know source website ?

    Hello, Can CPA networks know from which website they've been redirected if there is no Google widget on the page ? And do they track it? Cheers
  15. HiQ

    backlinks and the 301 redirect

    hello all before some days i have domain with high "spam rate" after research in bhw to find the right solution. i think it is better to post my links as 301 so I registered a private domain and started converting some 301 links subdomain,301domain,com/mydomain,com 301 to www,mydomain,com...
  16. TheCherry

    Can I purchase expired domains with traffic and do 301 redirect to my own website?

    Hey, I hope I am using the right sub-forum for my question. Can I purchase expired domains with traffic and do 301 redirect to my own website? It's legit way to receive more traffic in my website? Thanks,
  17. B

    301 Redirect Issues (DNS?)

    Im trying to do a 301 redirect from to in Cloudflare. Keep in mind, is not currently hosted, we just got access to this domain recently. I've created a page rule on which shows the following: from:* to:$1 I think i may...
  18. sinner82

    Do cookies can pass CORS (domain change) ?

    Hello BHW! Recently I made small project which went viral, however it uses googe translate to end user and being on google embed till final order. I''m getting visitors and see them on my affiliate dashboard as "clicks", but after like 1000+ targeted visitors I got zero sales, what I think...
  19. A

    Is this the correct way to redirect?

    I redirect website A to B and the traffic did get passed for a month But now I want to redirect to website C, should I redirect from A -> B -> C or B -> A -> C
  20. Castamir

    OUTREACH301 - This is the SEO Secret Nobody Told You About

    Redirects are literally magic wands in the world of SEO. And they INSANELY useful in many numbers of ways. The 301 redirect, which tells search engines such as Google that content has moved permanently, is one of particular importance. This redirect method can help make site redesigns more...
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