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  1. GiovyChannel

    MCN Youtube Partnership Program in 2023?

    Soo guys i'm know only now in 2023 there are some MCN (like bbtv and others many years ago) and also recently youtube change the requirements, but it's still too much for me. Do you know some MCN with a Zero or a few requirements to be accepted?
  2. D

    I need a partner in my YouTube channel

    Hey! I have started a YouTube channel about heels 10 months ago and the channel got viral and now I have 152k subs. One short hitted 20 millions views and many shorts passed one million views. I'm looking for a partner who can make content for the channel. We can do fashion videos or heels...
  3. bookingsjgoode

    What should I do? (Youtube)

    Okay so here's the deal, I'm a recording artist and years agoin 2016 I made a in the Entertainment (rap) niche channel. I totally abandoned going to the channel because I started to make music so I created a new channel. Fast forward to 2021.... The channel currently has 20.4k in watch time &...
  4. C


    So basically the YouTube Rules dosen't allow users to upload videos contening artificial voice/text to speech , because it's considered as a "SPAM" . But I heard about this website "CONTENT SAMURAI" , where you can make a slideshow video with some text and an artificial voiceover . The voice...
  5. C


    So basically I checked one my old youtube channels ( lost monetization due to low watchtime ) . I was very surprised when I saw that I’m earning money like 0,60$ per week whereas my watchtime it’s under 400 000 hours and I can’t apply for monetisation . Do you think it’s because of youtube...
  6. TheKingSlayer

    [METHOD] Monetize your YouTube acc free of cost - Insider Trick

  7. Tatu kh

    I have a Youtube Channel that has about 3k Suscriber.

    Hello BHW, I have a youtube channel that has about 3k Subscriber. The channel is about anime. I applied for adsense yesterday. I know it will get declined because I have copyright content in my channel. I do want to keep this channel. Should I hire a Good Video editor, An anime script weighter...
  8. Heiko

    Company wants to manage my YT Account (Thoughts?)

    Hey So i recently got an offer from someone that tells me that he wants to manage my Youtube Account (over 200k Subs). He tells me he manges my youtube account, will upload videos to my account and link my account to his other channels with some crossover promotion everyday and i would get a...
  9. Nonilol

    YouTube Monetization suspended out of nowhere

    So apparently, YouTube checks re-checks their partners from time to time. A couple weeks ago, I woke up to see one of my channels had its monetization disabled. The whole thing was pretty strange as I have never had a strike or anything and they did not send me a notification or email - it was...
  10. acerola

    Getting the Verified Badge on Youtube

    Hey everyone! Youtube pretty much says that you need 100k followers in order to get verified. I'm still on 30k subs and that little (v/) icon would really help on my advertising through comment positioning (organic traffic babyy). I was just wondering if there are any alternate ways of...
  11. GiovyChannel

    How to be accepted to a network? new TOS? new requirements?is the end for re-upload method?

    hi guys, i have problem to be partner with a new channels. i have channel with 80 and another with 100 subs with 10k and 22k views total on this channel i upload copyrighted content (but many videos don't have copyright, nothing soo i guess if i deleted videos with copyright issue i have on...
  12. rojus555

    Any good Network that may accept sex channel?

    My channel is not about sex at all, I mean I have some videos that contain the word "ass" for example but the content is 100% mine, with 0% copyright. The problem is that some Network just dont accept this kind of channels unless its a gaming channel for example. My channel is about "Top 5" and...
  13. theD2

    Can i Enable Monetization on Youtube with this stats ?

    my youtube ac. is 18 months old i have 9 videos total 10 subs total views 5000+ 0 copyright strike 0 community guidelines strike can i enable my account for monetization. ??? because from now im gonna upload daily one video related to my study tutorial.
  14. P

    Youtube partner questions

    I was approved for Youtube partnership very easy and i don`t know why.Is this normal? I have a one year old Youtube channel with 0 videos,0 views,0subs. I`ve uploaded 5 screencasted videos of me playing Clash Royale and activated monetization. Later, i applied for Adsense with this channel and i...
  15. Shqipenet

    Own Youtube MCN

    Hi Guys, Im running for a few years a MCN on YT im working together with artists from the former Yuguslavia and now I want to expand for new niches, If you have a YT Channel with over 1k subsriber and you use your own Content hit me a up via PM and we can discuss further things. *Yes I have...
  16. Shqipenet

    Youtube MCN

    Hi Guys, Im running for a few years a MCN on YT im working together with artists from the former Yuguslavia and now I want to expand for new niches, If you have a YT Channel with over 1k subsriber and you use your own Content hit me a up via PM and we can discuss further things. *Yes I have...
  17. eunicemartinez_21

    Is this normal: Almost 20k views $0 earnings?

    My friend and I started a youtube channel about certain game uploading highlights and replays. I have a youtube partner account and we love playing this certain game and that's when the idea comes to me, why not try to make money out of it. Now we already have a total of 50 videos in our yt...
  18. eunicemartinez_21

    For those who are Youtube Partner, please give me some insight

    So I have a youtube partner account. My account got accepted a few months ago but I haven't really touched it or to make money out of it. Now I love playing a certain game and I like to upload tournament videos on that partner account and monetize it. But I am kinda wondering if I will be...
  19. 2

    Maker Vs Fullscreen Vs Adsense (10 million total views)

    I am finally out of my horrible 2 year contract with Machinima and I don't want to make the same mistake again. I know there are other topics about this and I read most, but a lot of them are old with conflicting advice. I would like some recent advice, and hopefully you guys can help me on this...
  20. B

    Terminated YouTube Account, What happens to the earnings? HELP PLS.

    So we all know that YT changed the way how they report earnings. and it will only show up in AdSense when finalized. My problem is. One of my YT account has been terminated for misleading content. and 3 of my other accounts which is clean and no violation at all were terminated with it. as they...
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