youtube + adscence

  1. Alex0808

    We've determined that your channel is no longer eligible for monetisation.

    So im demonetized ?
  2. Tatu kh

    Content from suspended youtube account

    Uploading Content from suspended youtube account. WIll that still be count as reused content
  3. kiriguy

    YouTube Monetization

    Anyone have any suggestions for a new youtube channel for mothers who just had babies (music, merch to buy, creative things for the babies to do with their mothers). I already made the videos and will continue do so. Looking to find a way to make money through these videos and get subcribers...
  4. Alex0808

    My monetised 45k channel and your content

    Content should be like these channels : I hope you got the idea We will share...
  5. Nedronproo

    Girls youtube channel (Help)

    Hello guys first sorry for my anglich I have a youtube channel about girls dancing a get a lot of views i have just 2 videos 500k views on each and i have 2.5k followers in just 1 mounth now i want monitaze this channel but i dont know what to do i want to make some money from it can someone...
  6. King9

    Yet Another YouTube Journey

    Introduction Hows it going everyone, as you can tell my name is King9, or at least that is what I go by. I have been doing IM for a little while now, since ~ 2012 to be exact. I have been involved in countless methods over the years (Basically every method posted on BHW haha) finding most of my...
  7. madakalark

    Youtube images HD background

    Hi guys, I have started a new youtube channel, in this channel I will be doing amazon product review top 5 products with my own voice and commentary. Can anybody halp me by providing me some HD background images or videos non copyright ©. Else let me know where can i find . & Will my...
  8. Siberider

    Need help to monetized my youtube channel fast

    I'm noob can anyone gv me an option please
  9. K

    Instagram Verification Badge

    Is there anyone who is cutting discounts right now for Instagram Badges since there is a recession going on right now?... Usual price is 5k? Lets cut a deal for 2K right now
  10. B

    Tik Tok collection Monetization

    Is it possible to monetize tik tok video collection on Youtube??
  11. madakalark

    Youtube + Google ads

    Hi youtube masters, I have approved youtube channel with 2k sub. How I got approved : one viral video naturally... God knows. My question : I want to increase my subscribers and need to increase views for my new videos.can I take Google ads, If I take Google ads anything will Happen to my...
  12. Akib Saleh

    Need help making money with Youtube

    Hi, I have intermediate skills in Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Filmora. I want to make money with youtube and AdSense. Can you guys help me with proper guidelines or can provide links to helpful tutorial? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards
  13. Alex0808

    Question on reused content yt

    Background : I was recording the Holi celebration but I saw there a guy with a big camera, he is the owner of a studio in my village, I asked him why he is recording. He said he will create a yt channel and post it on YouTube. Quest : If I take the video from his PC and upload it on my...
  14. I

    Find videos for your Youtube Channel.

    Hello, Would you mind sharing where you get your videos for your monetized youtube channels?? Do you just edit already existing videos on youtube or what exactly? Thank you!
  15. N

    Facebook Ads for youtube

    To promote the YouTube channel what is the best ways & tricks? Is Facebook advertisement good for this?
  16. madakalark

    Youtube. Urgent help

    Hi guys, My youtube Chennal got 10 copyright strike, and it showing like in 7 day Chennal will get terminates, if u want to appel, pls appeal. Here all. My videos are my own commentary and own video. My Chennal is related to TV series review. How can i remove copyright strike I have only 7...
  17. K

    Youtube View Panels

    Does anyone know of a reputable YouTube Panel that supplies you tube views at $0.90 Per 1000 views? Please help me. Thank you
  18. madakalark

    Mu channel got demonitorised....

    Guys, Today morning my Chennal got demonitorised... But still adds we're displaying.. What's wrong with this.....
  19. Alex0808

    Posting reused content and monetising only my own Please pm me the answer if you don't want to share it publicaly :-D
  20. N

    Gaming Channel Without voice over

    Hoping to start gaming channel. But i 'm not going to adding voice while playing it. Is this is getting negative impact for my videos?