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  1. S

    Hey guys

    Hey guys i came across this forum by accident as i am really interested in seo, i run a youtube channel with 25k subs and make around 500-1000 dollars a month so i have some experience in this space, always willing to learn more and expand my knowledge to other ways of making money online, and...
  2. mackwu

    Aging Youtube account videos not getting views?

    I made two different types of videos, one video was posted on a new channel I created and the other was posted on a purchased aging account, but after 24 hours, both my videos got 0 views, did I do something wrong?
  3. Nishida

    karaoke lyrics songs on YouTube

    Hi, can i make money by making karaoke lyrics songs on YouTube?

    2000$/day blackhat UPDATE- Channel demonetized

    hi everyone, I recently started 2 youtube channels with uploading VIdeos in the finance niche(Make money online). Similar to videos from "Whiteboard Crypto" "Graham Steppan" and "The swedish investor". I talked about the 2000$/day blackhat idea in this discussion...
  5. 7

    How Can i get traffic for YouTube Cuz i have high cpm and rpm

    I need some méthode or tricks to get traffic usa and Germany if you have any Idea answer me
  6. Zikoone

    Youtube adsense

    what's the solution ... thanks <3 !
  7. heisenbergg


    Hi everyone. I just found out about BHW and it gives me so much motivation to make money online. From 2016 to 2017, I had a YouTube channel that made me 150–350 dollars a month posting random videos (lyrics, trendy news, reuploading prank videos with translation subtitles....) Long story short...

    DON'T SKIP PLEASE (I need Help)

    Good day everyone here seeing this post, I'm writing this tears in my eyes and a broken heart because iv writing something like this for not too long and nobody cares about it. It's so painful to come from a country that is not doing well. I'm from Nigeria and here things are not the way they...
  9. M0805

    How to monetize a YouTube STREAMER HIGHLIGHTS channel?

    Hello guys. I started this YouTube Channel About months ago... And reach 4k watch time and almost hit 1k subs. But the problem is I can not monetize that type of content. So is there any other methods for monetizing. I stop uploading videos because when I found out that, but my channel still...
  10. M0805

    Youtube algorithm S*CKS!

    I don't what kind of drugs YouTube use but their algorithm is fucking confuse! - From 10000 getting views to almost 1000 views.
  11. madakalark

    Successful youtube career

    Dear BHT Members, Thanks for sharing many useful stuff for beginners. Now i was owned by 3 channels with 90K sub each before i was nothing . Now i want grow more with 30 channels & 10 Staff members it will cost around 1000$/M. I have ew questions that required help from BHT friends. Daily...
  12. syphaxmail

    I am looking for permanent subscriber and views to monetize my client youtube channel

    Hi, I am looking for permanent subscribers and views to meet youtube channel monetization requirement. Niche is cooking and language is Arabic and English. I prefer Jr VIP proposals Thanks
  13. S

    Youtube view bots

    Hello guys I found a way to generate views on youtube and I would like to share it. Monetized account are great, generating hours for youtube monetize is also great for this method. I have some results to share + Guide Goals 1 Youtube account either monetization available (To generate ads...
  14. Nyok Jr

    F***C you YouTube....!

    YouTube is madness I swear .. When you see the amount of money you could potentially be making but Google Says f!!!!ing otherwise!
  15. S

    Using Others Instagram or Youtube Videos as Content and Monetize it?

    Recently I read a post from bhw which explains: How to earn $5,000+ per month from Adsense without an Adsense Accounts Basicly creating a site for youtubers and monetizing it from their adsense acc and sharing the Income... so I decided to try this method with some tweaks and Send a few DM to...
  16. Md Masudul Hasan

    I got youtube monetization after 12 months try.

    Hello Youtubers. Have a wonderful day. Hope you are well. It was my plan to learn youtube SEO. I was trying for the last 12 months. At 13 months finally one of my video went to popular and I had earnt 150000 minutes plus and previously was 120000 minutes in stock. Finally it went to very much...
  17. AlexenderCyrus

    How to Grow my personal Youtube Channel?

    I want to learn youtube business and earn money from it! Should I start now or its an old idea!
  18. Fam

    [Quest] Approve new adsense and sell,......Repeat !

    Hello friends I have a youtube channel with average community posts likes 2k-3k, My plan is to make a website with adsense and get the Adsense approved and then sell that approved Adsense and then get approved a new adsense and again sell and Repeat ................ Is it possible ?
  19. madakalark

    Youtube money earning... Wrong calculation

    Hi Gurus, i have a problem with youtube revenue, one of my YT account from last 3 days i was getting 100$ revenue for 1 L Viwes. From yesterday & Today i got 80K Views but my revenue is very less with 10 $ . Does anyone know the reason why , my revenue decreasing.
  20. madakalark

    Got monetization 4 channels

    Hi gurus., I have question. Recently I got monetization for 4 channel's. For these 4 channel's I gave one adsence account. Now, if anyone of my account got terminated will my adsence get effected or remaning channel's will get effected. Can anyone pls clarity me. Thanks in advance