xrumer advice

  1. N

    help me in email activation in xrumer ?

    hey there yesterday i purchased a new version of xrumer standard. when i start a new project it unable to generate new email id it says "unable to create email account on your IP" what should i done please help how hrefer works explain me
  2. B

    Im New Please Read

    Hello i have been looking around for a free program that does the same thing as xrumer-however while i was searching i came across a post of this forum site, that other people that have xrumer can lend that program to them not sure how that would work, but if someone would be kind enough to let...
  3. D

    XRUMER 12 tips and tricks from current users?

    Hey, in the past I was a hardcore XRUMER user, black hat all the way. I was not what I would call a power user but I knew how to get it to perform what I wanted. So today I bought it once again to check out the version 12 update, my reasons for purchase are (believe it or not) far more white...
  4. S

    Xrumer Plunge - Review type Info Needed

    Almost ready to pull the trigger on my own copy of Xrumer. If anyone has experience with the real application and would like to share it would be appreciated. I've run scrapebox and SENuke on my ISP, multiple instances in fact and they said nothing. Is Xrumer different or do I NEED a VPS or...
  5. H

    Xrumer Partner Wanted

    I am looking for a Partner to join me in a new backlink service. The website is built A free Wordpress Plugin is built The service is ready to take on Paypal Subscriptions The clients can submit links from the plugin or our website What I need is an Xrumer Specialist to take over the server...
  6. N

    xrumer Hosting vs Xrumer at Home

    I have read many about xrumer that people looking for hosting to host xrumer rather using from your home internet. Why is that? Is it would be better to run xrumer on hosting rather from your local PC at home with your internet IF your internet have 20MBPS unlimited up and 3mbps down...
  7. pintonbd

    Any one here bought Xrumer via Western Union ? pls share your experience

    Hi, I am from Bangladesh , which Paypal doesn't allow , our policy doesn't allow western union for capital outflow, so its not possible to use western union to send money from Bangladesh. But My friends in UK can pay via western union on behalf of me. I want to buy Xrumer via western union ...
  8. N

    Learn how to secure all your internet activities with Double VPN

    This guide is for people who are into heavy online marketing and need to secure their traffic. Especially for people who have Xrumer, Scrapebox, regular SEO tools, or people who are sending a lot of emails. :D For those of you who want more security while doing your online ventures...
  9. sfidirectory

    $12 for xrumer blast?

    Hi everyone, 2 days from now I will have $12 in cleared funds on Fiverr and want to use it to test out some xrumer blasts on my site. I would rather get the blast done from a reputable member from BHW instead. What I am wanting is: Using my keywords, I want my site blasted to sites that have...
  10. 99lives

    Xrumer and Broadband Speed

    Hi guys: I have read that you need a MEGA-SUPER-SERVER to get the most out of xrumer. That's fine, cause I plan to hosted locally. I can reset my IP and a powerful PC is pretty cheap today. But I have also heard that you need a powerful connection. and there's my problem. The best thing I can...
  11. M

    WTH - Experienced Xrumer Teacher

    Please PM me with info what you can teach me (covering tracks, linking strategies, teaching xrumer new tricks etc.), what you can share (link lists, AI files etc.) and how much do you want for it. I will need to see proof of your skills, so please no beginners or users running xrumer on default...
  12. 99lives

    Some Xrumer Questions (pre-sales)

    I have been working as an SEO for the past 6 years. I am into BH now (wow, this forum rocks!) and I would like to try Xrumer. I'm a little confused, so if somebody could point me in the right direction, that would be great. How long is the learning curve? SEO is an important part of my...
  13. C

    Advice for Xrumer and CPA

    Hey guys, hoping to get some advice here. I've been getting good traffic by posting my movie site link blog comments and last night a light bulb came on in my head, why not use my xrumer to post to movie review blogs? So I ran hrefer with like 384 keywords and got a truck load of links. But...
  14. oni3350

    Hrefer Giving Me The Sh#$s! Yes I Have Updated Engines.ini Too!!

    I just got Xrumer set up on my Dedi, and im having a hell of a time getting Hrefer to work, with Google and even other Search Engines also. Incase you missed it in the title, YES I HAVE ALREADY UPDATED MY ENGINES.INI FILE, it looks like this: [Google] Hostname=http://[GOOGLEHOST]...
  15. J

    Which Kind of Hosting Will You Get For Xrumer?

    As above, 1. Which hosting company would you recommend for using Xrumer? Your consideration should be based only on reliability, uptime and totally no-hassle usage (cos some hosting reject such spammers) 2. Would you use VPS or dedicated server and WHY? 3. Is Xrumer really that...
  16. agentk007

    I need xRumer Advice - Anyone?

    Hi I provide xrumer services and am having more work than what my ISP can handle at times, so I am wondering what others would recommend to help make my software more powerful. Someone suggested that I'd rent a dedicated server type machine and run it off of there. Any ideas how that would...
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