Any one here bought Xrumer via Western Union ? pls share your experience

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    I am from Bangladesh , which Paypal doesn't allow , our policy doesn't allow western union for capital outflow, so its not possible to use western union to send money from Bangladesh. But My friends in UK can pay via western union on behalf of me. I want to buy Xrumer via western union . Need some advice from experienced users who bought xrumer via WU.

    1. Where to send the money ? which country ? any beneficiary name ? Any Address available ?

    2. If my friend in UK send me fund via Western Union [From UK to Bangladesh] with my name ,address and Tracking number and i send the tracking number [the unique number by which i am able to get the fund from my country via WU]to Xrumer admin or botmaster , can they cash the money from their country [may be russia ] ? it can reduce the risk of trade . :D

    pls share your experience who bought Xrumer via Western Union .