Learn how to secure all your internet activities with Double VPN

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    This guide is for people who are into heavy online marketing and need to secure their traffic. Especially for people who have Xrumer, Scrapebox, regular SEO tools, or people who are sending a lot of emails. :D

    For those of you who want more security while doing your online ventures, follow this guide:

    After doing some testing we found out that the best way to be secured online is by using VPN connections. But here is the catch.

    We did one test and noticed that while doing a blast with a certain tool, the VPN server we were connected to dropped the connection thus leaving our activities public. :eek:

    We were doing a vpn using your regular setup via windows and not a third party application that uses something like open vpn.

    So, we came up with the idea of "DOUBLE VPN." ;)

    What is double VPN?

    Well, if you are using 1 vpn connection via your windows software, that is single vpn.

    But, if you use that in conjunction with another vpn, more like a router vpn, then you are 200% more secure than relying on 1 vpn connection.

    To make things simple for you, look at it this way:

    1. Do your first vpn using your router connection. This will be your hardware vpn. It will be tied in directly to your router/firewall.
    2. Do your second vpn connection using your windows internet connection settings, or a vpn software. This will be your software vpn.
    3. You can take things up a little bit more secure by using proxies after the 2nd layer of vpn. The proxies will be going over your 2nd vpn connection and not your 1st one. The only time this changes is if your 2nd vpn drops, then it switches to the router vpn connection.

    4. If you want super security then you can install a VPS software (on your server or desktop machine), then install windows (or linux) in the VPS. After you are done, you setup the VPS to use a third layer of vpn. Then do all your activities using this vps with it's own vpn.


    So what are the benefits? SECURITY :)

    If your windows vpn breaks a connection, you still have your router vpn left so you are still secured. Also, if you took it a step further by adding the proxies, then you are still protected. Because, you have proxies over vpn and not proxies over your regular isp connection.

    Proxies over your regular ISP connections is NOT 100% secure. Do not make that mistake.

    For people who use scrapebox and xrumer, this is a must that you learn how to use this setup. Some proxies leak out your isp information. So it is better that they leak out your vpn ip, rather than your business or home ip address.

    What would be some concerns?


    But you can try to find providers that have fast servers or setup your own server for the 1st vpn layer. The 1st layer is the most important with security and speed.

    Hope this helps you. :cool:
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