security problem

  1. Gamboloyd

    Domain Security Breach Help

    Good morning all. I have found today lots of bogus/fake pages on my domain being listed in webmaster tools and on a "G" search that are not mine. They are not listed on my c-panel and all the links appear dead but can anyone explain what this is and how I can prevent it in future please, as...
  2. N

    Learn how to secure all your internet activities with Double VPN

    This guide is for people who are into heavy online marketing and need to secure their traffic. Especially for people who have Xrumer, Scrapebox, regular SEO tools, or people who are sending a lot of emails. :D For those of you who want more security while doing your online ventures...
  3. onlinemarketnow

    Scrapebox Security Warning

    I made a post about scrapebox and how to use it the safe way. Again people, use scrapebox with an antivirus software. When you find sites that have viruses, please share the list so others can have it. Here is the BIG downfall to scrapebox where security is concerned. If you are NOT careful...
  4. livapetr

    CPA Double submit problem.

    Hi. We all know that if you want to cheat on your CPA network and make submissions from your PC, from same IP several times. You'll get BANNED. (let's pretend we don't know about proxies and all that stuff). Now. If we don't cheat and drive traffic so as to make some conversions. For example...
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