1. fc-dh

    [question] Plugin/tool import text file articles into wordpress MU

    Hi Is there a plugin that can import lots of articles that are on txt file, i have tried wp-robot but that sadly doesn't work on WPMU :( I am doing it now by hand but i have over 500 txt files, so you see that is going too be a hell of a job Thanks Dave
  2. K

    Got Ideas for our SEO CMS kickstarter?

    Hello so I am looking for ideas to help get our marketing off the ground for a kickstater "MedusaCMS" we just launched built around making lots of sites on different domains and administering them from a single control panel. Obviously we overcame the WPMU issue and also have a lightweight...
  3. C

    Manage Wordpress without footprint

    What's the best solution for Manage Wordpress without footprint ? - Xmarkpro, I bought it but it's complicated to use and the support is bad but seems don't leave footprint - ManageWP - Sick Network but looks like it leaves footprint to Google - WPMU ...
  4. EnlightenedOne

    Need a freelancer for Wordpress: Multisite, Buddypress, WPMU - Forum.

    I want to clone wordpress.com but with my own themes, plugins and all of that so that my clients can build their own websites. The idea here will be that anyone can register and "make a website" for free but I will up-sell domains, use of essential plugins and so on. Buddypress and a forum...
  5. M1ndfluX

    Any GOOD wpmu spammers out there???

    Hey all. I need a tool that will auto create blogs and posts on wpmu sites. Something like LFE. Any suggestions?
  6. S

    WordPress MultiSite Expert -

    As the title says, looking for someone who really knows WPMU. You will have full access to everything here : http://premium.wpmudev dot org. We have the ability to mass create, post, and manage 10,000's of blogs with the severs to handle it. We also know how to rank them all. I want to...
  7. H

    wp, wpmu

    I am looking for software to manage wpmu and wp blogs. Management accounts registered wp wpmu, wpmu need resestracji sites with lists. Someone can advise something?, Would have been nice if it was for free. thanks
  8. gettinthere

    Wordpress 3.0 multisite and SEO

    Just wondering does using WP as a control for several blogs have a negative impact on SEO (mapped to domains - not using subdomains). Also any other negatives you have encountered. Thanks
  9. donjuan

    Any good Guides on using Wordpress Multisite for autoblogging

    Ive got over 100 WordPress sites most of them hybrid autoblogs and need some way of managing them all efficiently in terms of upgrading, plugins etc. I cant remember where I read it but it seems that the new wordpress multisite can be used for this. Can someone point me to a good guide on...
  10. L

    I am buying WPMU lists for using with LFE

    Hello, i would like to buy WPMU lists for using with Link Farm Evolution, i'm not gonna spam them to death, will build not more then 4-5 blogs per month. im looking for as much as possible WPMU sites you can get, and i need good success rate. let me know your prices and amount Thanks,
  11. M1ndfluX

    Fast wordpress installer?

    Hey guys... I am just a few minutes away to loose it here... Trying to install WPMU on my headhost server IN a directory but is just not going to work... My server doesnt have fantastico or something so installin wp is a time consuming thing... I know there is a fast WP installer around but...
  12. R

    Does A Plugin Like This Exist?

    Just wondered if any members know of a WP plugin that will take a new blog post and submit it to other wordpress blogs/wpmu blogs either a snippet of full automatically. So basically like auto social poster but posts to other blogs instead of bookmarking sites.
  13. N

    Multiple Subdomain Autoblog Critique

    @Moderator: Feel free to delete this thread if you find it useless or breaks the rules in any shape or form. I need some advice/comments on this site I recently made using WPMU: The sites have: Been Online ~ 1 month Daily Uniques ~ 15 visitors The marketing method I am using is...
  14. T

    Free Blogs on your WPMU site.

    This is by far the eaist way to make your wpmu site more active. It is really hard to gain access to the LFE remote repository, and many sites get rejected. I unlike the creators of LFE am willing to take any type of WPMU site. Once it works post it here. This is totally free and only you can...
  15. 3

    Create Your Own Autoblogs with WP-robot!

    suspended for now.
  16. N

    Autoblogging with WordpressMU?

    Hi BHW! I recently registered myself at BlackHatWorld, because I have a few questions regarding autoblogs, I've read a lot of topics before I registered though. I've bought a nice domain a few weeks ago and configured the DNS to my dedicated server (Debian 5.0, Quad Xeon 2,8Ghz, 8GB DDR)...
  17. D

    WPMU sites List

    Does anyone have big list of WPMU sites?
  18. O

    Fastest uou've got top 5 on google? Me, 72 hours.

    I did this and I thought it was impressive, but I realized I didn't have anything else to compare it to. What's the fastest you were able to get in the top 5 of big "g"? I did it using wpmu backlinks.
  19. greyhatdude

    Twitter Wordpress Plugin Problems

    I am having trouble authenticating / logging in to twitter with these plugins running on wpmu.None of them can access twitter but I can log in directly into Twitter with all of my accounts. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it because they're installed on wpmu? The plugins and widgets seem to...
  20. S

    Autoblog coach

    Hi, i need autoblog coach, my situation is: .-I have 20 domains .-This domains are related with keywords searches in his niche .-Only 4 niches all in spanish .-Objetives: 1.-Get 1st positions in searchs results 2.-1st page results saturation with the domains, i have domain "domain.com" and...
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