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    Dec 16, 2009
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    As the title says, looking for someone who really knows WPMU. You will have full access to everything here : http://premium.wpmudev dot org.

    We have the ability to mass create, post, and manage 10,000's of blogs with the severs to handle it. We also know how to rank them all.

    I want to keep the majority of the profit avenues for a NDA agreement to the right partner, but one easy one is a clone of edublogs dot com clone for the mortgage industry. The company I am with is the leading producer of leads for multiple large companies (Including LendingTree) that has 1,000's of LO's. It has been confirmed that the companies not only want their LO's sites to be enhanced, but for them to have personal blogs. So this will be a easy membership revenue. Same goes for partners they have in real estate and insurance.

    Also, if you help build it, you have full access to use it. So you could have unlimited free blogs (Auto blogging ok), use of blogroll links, and etc. And we will have variations of this on 100's of sites.

    Creative thinking, and knowledge in any type of WP bots, and thoughts of internet world domination are a plus :)

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    php devloper with wordpress,joomla
    i can do this please PM me