1. T

    [wp-o-matic plugin] Max item to create not respected !

    Hi everybody, Sorry for my bad english. I have a problem with the option "Max items to create on each fetch" in the plugin wp-o-matic. Before changing, and because I like this plugin, I would like to know if you can resolve this big problem. In fact, the number i put on the field is not...
  2. H

    insert excerpt in wp-o-matic possible?

    I just started Auto Blog on wordpress with wp-o-matic and a content locker,from past few hours i'm trying to figure out a way to insert Excerpt or "more tags" the line which breaks the post so the user has to open the post to read entire post or see all the images of the post. I was able to...
  3. K

    Help with WP-o-Matic translations

    Hello and thank you for many good advices, this is my frist post on this great forum. I've got 1 question, about a week or two ago I readed topic about translations with WP-o-Matic. One guy modified a source that this plugin can translate a article from source to for ex. english - spanish -...
  4. A

    My Autoblogging Plan : Improvements And Suggestions?

    So, After Using 4 years of my life on IM I Dont earn ANYTHING, well i made 7000$ on youtube + cpa in 2010, but making 0 right now. But now i'm back, and i want to start autoblogging. And my Plan to start off with is like this.. AUTOBLOGS SETUP: Find 5 diffrent niches with market samurai : What...
  5. R

    Wordpress Autoblog Journal

    Hello all. I have been reading here for a while and I figured it was time to take action. I am created an autoblog using wordpress and wp-o-matic. My goal is to get some kind of return. My first goal is to reach $1 per day. Here are the steps I have taken so far: -Bought my domain...
  6. wejee

    Really DuMB WP-O-Matic ???

    OK, I have a really dumb WP-O-Matic question.... how do I access it from my WP dashboard?? I installed it, activated it, then went off to find RSS feeds. Now that I have a list of feeds, I can't figure out how to get to WP-O-Matic on my blog to use it. :confused: Thanks for helping me out...
  7. S

    Autoblogging content plugins

    Hi, there is some alternative to wp-o-matic plugin that autopublish the full content of the posts feeds? There is some way to get content of a classifieds portal without rss? Thanks
  8. postcd

    WP-o-matic rewriting

    Hi, in WP-o-matic there i can rewrite and relink words in posts im creating. But im not successfull when added combination above. The original source link and text is still there. What to add in the fields exactly? Can anyone please write guide for regular expressions how to add them...
  9. nikhil88

    get your yahoo pipes to work with wp-o-matic

    good day members heres how to get yahoo pipes working with wp-o-matic 1.set up the campaign as usual 2.go to your MySQL data base and browse the 'campaign_table' 3.edit the feed url by removing "amp;" part for example this is what the feed in the table will look like...
  10. N

    WP-O-MATIC help!

    Ok, I've got my first autoblog set up. Excerpt style. However, I can not get a clickable "Go to Source" link at the bottom of the excerpt. I have tried a couple things I have read in my search, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help? Also, I am trying to find a way to put adsense in the...
  11. M

    Newbie's Autoblog - what do you think?

    Hey guys, I just launched my first autoblog after 3 days of hard work. I used wp-o-matic for content and I get the feeds via yahoo pipe (I tell you it?s a life saver. It can filter the feeds which every way you want). I found all the tips and how-tos from this forum. Big thanks to Ernest Here...
  12. N

    $5 for whomever helps me with a problem!

    I will paypal $5 to the first person that gives me a solution to my problem. I set up a Wordpress blog (version 2.7.1), installed the WP-O-MATIC plugin, Wordpress recognizes it, I click activate plugin, and a small box is located in the top right corner of the screen that says, "Click HERE to...
  13. N

    Noob question about WP-O-MATIC

    I have added the WP-O-MATIC plugin, and it shows up in Wordpress. I think click activate plugin. Now it shows a box in the upper corner of the screen that says "Click Here to Setup and configure WP-O-MATIC". I click there and it just reloads the same screen with no setup options or anything...
  14. Cindy

    Anybody else's WP-O-Matic not posting on it's own?

    I've got like 4 or so feeds in wp-o-matic, but I'm noticing that although it works fine when I tell it to fetch stuff, it doesn't seem to be posting anything new when I go to check it on a daily basis? Anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it?
  15. Cindy

    404's on my blog, please help! - WP-O-Matic

    Hi, I've never used wp-o-matic before but I seem to have everything set up ok, as it fetched post from different feeds and they look great on my homepage. However, when I click the link to go to the page of ANY post I get a 404 error? What is this? I only have wp-o-matic and platinum seo setup...
  16. fakeplastictrees

    WP-O-Matic:Help Please!

    So I installed WP correctly, set up the cronjob, added 3 feeds from go*ogle's blog search for my selected keywords, and....nothing. I even set it to fetch every 1 minute, just so something shows up, but while it says it fetches the feed it doesn't create any posts! I get no error message...
  17. R

    Please Help: WP-o-matic doens't auto fetch for my autoblogs

    I have a few WP autoblogs and wp-o-matic installed. I initiated the first fetch about a week ago and then when I came to check the blog, it hasn't fetched any new feeds. My cache directory exists inside the wp-o-matic directory, so that's definitely not the problem. Can anyone help?
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