My Autoblogging Plan : Improvements And Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by anhilation, Aug 15, 2011.

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    So, After Using 4 years of my life on IM I Dont earn ANYTHING, well i made 7000$ on youtube + cpa in 2010, but making 0 right now.
    But now i'm back, and i want to start autoblogging. And my Plan to start off with is like this..


    Find 5 diffrent niches with market samurai : What kind of keywords Should i go for with autoblogging, micro niches? or big niches and what about competetion?

    buy 5 domains for my autoblogs.

    Install wordpress. Plugins: easy-wp-seo, WP-o-Matic. Suggestions for other plugins or themes that would be awesome for an autoblog?


    Promote my blogs with tweetattacks, manually do linkwheels on web 2.0 properties, get backlinks with scrapebox, Promotional methods suggestions?


    Install adsense on the page, promote cb and cpa offers, maybe
    put some software on the page that are required to go through a
    cpa content lock to access. Any Monetization Suggestions?

    Make A 15 second timed Opt-in pop-up (on site overlay pop-up) offering a free niche product, with a upsale, downsale after email submission And Building a niche targeted list.
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    I would do amazon autoblogs with adsense.

    Go for evergreen niches.

    Twitter can be great traffic if you follow the right people in the right niches.

    Now a days Google is so freaky about what it wants. I think social traffic is the way to go.

    Use twitter feed to add your autoblog feeds and pump it out to as many Twitter accounts as you can. BUT make sure they are aged and related to your niche. make it post every hour for 3 posts, and then make sure there are also feeds going to your twitter accounts that are related,but not pushing a product. Make it informational about that blog. Ex. if the blog is about acne. then pipe in a feed about acne news.

    It takes time to get this worked out , But it can make money.

    Good Luck