1. ASGTwicit

    Can I integrate a Twitter bot into my blog?

    as the title suggests. Can I advertise blog posts/affiliate products with Twitter bots, is this still viable? thanks :)
  2. samkalt

    Free Unlimited Blog or Text Posting Sites on the web

    I need free unlimited blog or text posting sites on the web as list, also something like guest posting where i can post unlimited contact something like that. (It's be great if it has API) the reason why i need because i want to setup 100% blogging automation with no limits. [[[It be okay if...
  3. ASGTwicit

    3 Great Websites to Repost Your Blog Posts to Gain Extra Links and Reach

    After I write a blog on my website, I repost it to these three websites to gain extra backlinks and reach for my affiliate related posts. Some of these reposts actually rank higher in search than the ones on my website. you may already use these but just wanted to share my process...
  4. speedie

    Is profitable autoblogging still a thing here?

    Hey guys, When autoblogging first entered the industry, it was kinda fancy buzzword and people have been doing a ton of automation shit left and right. Yeah, I experimented it for six months non-stop on a music blog; but got swamped with other projects. Too much work, so I ditched it. Just...
  5. OptiBoost Media


    ►OptiBoost Media Providing ►DO FOLLOW AND NO FOLLOW BLOG COMMENTS◄ ✅HIGH DA SITES✅MANUAL SUBMISSION ▶️ STARTING FROM $10✅ Order Now Email: [email protected] Skype: OptiBoost Media | live:.cid.461af4f22ee496bb Telegram: @OptiBoostMedia
  6. ASGTwicit

    Issues Related to AdSense Not Finding HTML in My Header - HALP!

    So I'm using an adsense alternative called Galaksion. I paste the domain verification html code into my site header (squarespace) and when I click the verification button i get this error 'Error getting domain main page tags' Any clues of ideas as to why this is happening? I'm definitely...
  7. ASGTwicit

    Good alternatives to online ads, like Google AdSense and Adsterra?

    So for some reason google isn't accepting my website for ads and I'm getting huge complaints about malware when using Adsterra. Are there any high cpm adsense websites online that are good? I've already trying to get Galaksion to work but they cant find the html in my header :(
  8. A

    Searching for the TOP Guest Post Seller - KZ, Gambling

    Hello darlings!!! I am the head of the linkbuilding team at a gambling/bookmaker company. My team and I are interested in quality, trusted and cheap sites to host my regular guest posts with a do follow link to them. My needs: GEO - Kazakhstan. DR from 20/30 through Ahrefs From 300 organic...
  9. instagramheart

    Is the data from my Google Search Console any good?

    I have been blogging on my second website for about a year. This is data from my Google Search Console. Is this good? Also, I have been trying Adsense for about 6 months and getting rejected every time. Should I keep on writing on my second website, because my first one tanked.
  10. korosho

    Seeking Advice for Running a Full SEO Shopify Store with Zero-Difficulty Product Keywords

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of setting up a Shopify store that focuses on a very specific niche, and I'm looking for some strategic advice on how to effectively run a full SEO campaign. My goal is to leverage product keywords that have zero difficulty to gain a competitive edge in the...
  11. P

    what kind of backlink is this ?

    Hi Guys, i want ask what kind of backlink is this ? why they only put url in the blog ? and how come the DR quite high also but the got 0 backlink. and how to created this ?
  12. S

    Gossip/news site security and legal aspects.

    Hello BHW! This my first post here. I am planning to build a site that has information, news and "gossips" about my niche in my own language. I am have invested in this scene decent amount of my time and I think have alot of knowledge that many dont know and the readers could be interested. My...
  13. Walsingham

    Beginner Question: Blog Date Updates

    Hi all - when updating old content on my blog for freshness, is it generally better to update the posting date as well, or to stick to the old one? For context, I have a post entitled somethingsomething 2023 Edition - and am updating it for 2024, so I'm curious as to whether the original...
  14. T

    How to monetize a MMA theme IG

    Hello, I have a IG theme page about MMA / fighting sports with 50k subs How to monetize ? Plus, do you think a could developp another social media(or even a blog) ? Thanks you
  15. Random007

    Semantic SEO Could Outrank Within A Short Time.

    See there are giants and spending tons of dollars to get ranked. But only with the help of on-page article optimization, I ranked this new domain. Domain age: 3 months, but the on-page process is two months old...
  16. M

    Adsterra Very Terrible CPM

    Please I need ads network alternatives for the past few days my cpm has been bad I want to change Adsterra
  17. Screenshot_3.png


  18. CriminalGoblin

    My mouth fell off!!

    Did that title get your attention? Ight good. What SEO strategies and tactics would you recommend I do for a blog? I already know a few so lesser known or obscure ones are definitely encouraged if you have them. Also definitely PM me if youd like to discuss the blog and my ideas for it further...
  19. Lumix Lab

    I want to start a blogging website.

    How can I start a blogging site with automation AI. I previously wanted to create a blog Chanel. But now AI made everything easy and not so time consuming. Can you guys help me with some advice what new strategy I can adopt as a AI blogger.
  20. D

    Can you recommend free blogging directories?

    I've tried blogarama but it's not free have to pay to be on front page.
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